Clinique Laboratories Inc. (The Estee Lauder Cos. Inc.)


Customer Service Contact Information For Clinique Laboratories Inc. (The Estee Lauder Cos. Inc.)

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  1. My family and I took a road trip to visit my sister and she has a lot of your and I loved them.products so I tried them. I went to 1 of your stores On our trip back. North Carolina I think. and the lady that I was seeing to buy some products was so rude t she didn’t care to help I was very dissatisfied and left the store with nothing. and I love your products I would have loved to be able to purchase some of it

    I hope u can help me with this. The part where it says the lady was so rude(to me) that some how did not get put in sorry.

  2. I bought Clinique product step123 and eye cream two weeks back from isetan KLCC . After few days I start having itchy on my eye area and face. Went to see doctor was told its due to the product i use. Clinique isetan policy is can only exchange to other item but no refund can I know why is it so. I bought RM 500 worth of product.



  3. Just letting everyone know… I have used both skin care and make-up products for 30 years and have always loved them. Within the past year, I have had difficulty with eye shadow from Clinique. The single color powder type was not glued in properly and it fell out and broke – 3 different packages. Last week, I purchased the lid smoothie 8 hr. eye color and the tube was not sealed properly at the bottom. The cream seeps out in large amounts at the bottom of the tube. I called CUSTOMER SERVICE at 866-707-2100 and they are replacing it for me after they receive the tube back (postage paid by Clinique). (Clinique makes a great product but recently seems to be putting it into poorly made containers.) Instead of throwing the product away (as I did with the previous 3 products), contact customer service and let them know what problem you experienced.

  4. You have changed the Clinique makeup I have used for years and now I get practically no coverage. The one I used was Repairwear antiaging makeup and yesterday they sold me Repairwear laser focus all smooth makeup. It is awful! Why, when products work, do you feel you have to change them. Now I have spent the money on something that does me no good.

  5. I’m disappointed that I cannot use an entire container of your blended face powder and blush. I use to be able to take the plastic top off and use the rest of the powder; now I cannot. I used a sharp kitchen utensil to get the plastic top off. There is still enough powder for several uses left in the container. You have designed many of your containers so that we cannot use all of the product…built in obsolescence it used to be called. I’ve been using Clinique at least 40 years; I still like the products, but I don’t like the fact that I cannot use each product in its entirety.

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