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CNN is the worlds first 24 hour all news cable station. CNN and headline news pioneered the 24 hour television news cycle and put cable news on the map.

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  1. To whom this may concerned , due to the young boys in a cave. The best way to reach them a lot faster and shorter ( start at top). You drill from the top going vertical , and to make sure all the children wear life jackets .they all will hold on to the rope to keep them going in the right direction .

  2. Your idea of customer service is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with, and believe me, in my many years of my customer service, I recognize yours as pompous, unfriendly, ignorant, and completely useless. I will enjoy maligning you on social media and sharing with my family and friends NOT TO USE YOUR SERVICES….if you ever give service!

  3. Why are will going to Syria to fight does ‘nt make sence. What are will gaining from the fight.Or if will are Exsited to go to that Syria war. Let All the house senate & House representative send all there children to face Syria war first.If they are suceed. You can now invited there parent to join them to finish the fight. I will like the CCN to invited me to Blast All the congress .America still have there own problem which is not yet solved .Now they wanted to go fight someone else without know too woefully.

  4. On Monday night, Ms. Burnett asked an African American guest a question that lacked any thought, a component necessary of a newsperson. She asked an African American, “Did Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea set African Americans back a hundred years”?

    Ms. Burnett, a hundred years ago was 1913. Do you realize what African Americans were faced with during that time, beatings, lynchings, prejudice in all aspects of life and poverty so bad it is undescribrable. Yet, you would rather see us face those times again than to see Dennis Rodman go to North Korea.

    I write this knowing you do not have a clue of the African American experience and I should not be shocked.

  5. Watching or trying to watch the inauguration parade WILL YOU SHUT UP !!! WOLF AND GANG gabbing all the time – we would like to hear the music – you were all busy entertaining and impressing yourselves – very disappointed

  6. My daughter was murdered December 16th 2017. I need Nancy Grace please.My daughter was 41 years old with three girls. Please, please contact me. People have gone crazy!

  7. I just observed the most bias reporting I have ever seen and I am 70 years old. I tuned in to CNN to watch Romney Revealed and then Obama revealed. The story for Romney started many years ago accounting for youth through current time. Their were many negative people interviewed which was ok as long as it was objective. When the Obama story was told you started with him being President of the United States. I have seen the movie America 2016 and wanted to see how you handled a lot of the people in Obama’s life such as the left wing and even Communist mentors. Nothing was mentioned about his contriversal past. I had lately started to watch CNN because I thought they were trying to be fair and balanced. No more after this fiasco reporting. I am convinced you are now all in for Obama. I was so infuriated at the biasness that I am done with CNN and will tell anyone who will listen how bad you are. The timing of this report was planned to affect voters in the worst way. Equal time should be offered free to Romney. I was an Independant Voter but no more thanks to CNN bias.

  8. Piers Morgan seemed to be exceptionally crass and uncaring at his interview with Marion Jones. He drilled her as if he was enjoying her pain? She has already suffered the consequences of her poor decision making, why was it necessary to insist that she go through all of it again? She had sweetly and politely asked him to hurry with the negatives and to please go to some of the positives related to the case and her present comeback, but he refused and, after the break, continued to hone in on the prison experience, which we all know is hard for anyone, and how it affected her mother over and over. He even asked tidbit personals such as what exactly did you say to your young children about your offenses and being in prison? She kindly replied to each question but with much remorse and pain. He continued relentlessly; the one time I was greatly appreciated commercial breaks. Did he use her to take out his personal frustrations? And why her? I have not seen him be this cruel to anyone else.

    Piers Morgan is not the one to carry the banner of Larry King. Piers is bringing shame to the former Larry King Show.

  9. Trump, along with many of the his supporters say he should get the nomination because he has the overwhelming

    majority of the vote. This might be true if there had only been 2 people running in the race, howeverit is not the case. The numbers below put this into perspective.

    Delegates Popular Vote

    Trump 755 37.00% 8,262,754

    Cruz Kasich 665 41.70% 9,306,528

    Crux, Kasich, Rubio 838 57.30% 12,790,007

    All Non- Trump 854 63.00% 14,061,441

    I think CNN commentators should point this out.

  10. Why aren’t you fair and balanced with your political news reporting? Where are the Benghazi reports that have been recently released? The American people deserve to know all the news from both parties. Hillary needs to be accountable for her actions, as well as everyone else. Hope you agree.

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