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  1. I am beyond disappointed and upset with the service I received from Coach! I first contacted a website live chat to question return of a purse with broken zipper after 2 months of limited use and was told the only option was to return the purse to have zipper repaired and get the same purse back after 6 weeks. When I said I wanted credit or exchange I was told it was not an option. I then called and spoke to a rep direct who told me that was not the case and I could exchange the purse for an alternate with the credit from purse I purchased or even have my account credited back if I chose, just go to any store and produce the purse and copy of my credit statement. I live in Lake Placid, drove to closest Coach outlet in Lake George, NY and they were closed for renovation, drove to next closest at Crossgates Mall in Albany and was greeted by a very direct salesperson who told me they would not even look at my receipt and they would not exchange, credit or do anything besides mail back to have zipper repaired. At that point I agreed, but do not want the purse back. I wanted credit to apply towards a different purse that will hopefully not break in 2 months. The purse and coach service has left me very disappointed. This was y first Coach very expensive purse and this was an extremely bad experience. Can this be fixed???????

  2. Hello, my name is sandra ingram and in October i called into the customer service to see if i could get a coach tag for a purse i bought at a consignment store. the purse did not have one on it and the store said sometimes they come in without the tag. i thought i could call and give you the id number and obtain the right tag for it but i never recieved the right one after 3 calls to customer service then on my last call the young man took the info and he sent me what they had which is not the right one for this purse and it doesn’t look right. if coach didn’t want to send me the right one they could have just told me . it took a month to get the wrong one but at least the young man sent something. if i have to pay for the right tag for this purse i will because i want to carry my bag but not with any tag on it ,i would like the right one. the bag # is H1076-F15132 dark brown with a wide dark brown stripe in the center trimmed in black I recieved the wrong one for the bag 11-30-2013, please let me know if i can purchase the right tag for my bag.

  3. Dear Coach customer service representative:

    I have been a fan of coach products for years, purchasing pocketbooks and accessories. Last week I purchased Coach Carson flat from Macys $129.99. The shoe looks beautiful; however it lacks comfort. My colleague purchased Aerosole Rebecca flat for $31.99 and there is no comparison in the comfort. The aerosole fairs 100% better in comfort.

    I know Coach prides itself in excellent craftmenship, style and quality that is why I need to express my concern.

    I wore the shoe several times before my colleague showed me her Aerosole Recbecca. I am extremely disappointed in the comfort.

  4. I am trying to get incontac with this company. Tryed emailing couldn’t get. I need to talk with a person, paid for a ticket two times. Need to get the cost for one ticket corrected. Is there a phone number ?

  5. I am cry satisfied with the products from Coach, they stand behind their products. I have had my watch and handbags repaired at no cost. I would highly recommend buying from Coach. Believe me I love luxury products and Coach treats their customers better than the company called Louis Vuitton ( a company that sells high priced handbags , but they don’t stand behind them).

  6. I purched a pair of men’s leather tennis shoes, white with tan lether trim around the bottom. The lether trim looked unusual and very smart which prompted me to buy them. I have only worn them less than five times and the stitching is coming undone and they are falling apart. Needless to say I am very diapointed. I am bringing this to your attention in hopes that I you would replace them with another pair. I have gotten many fine complements on them but I am ashamed to ware them with the stitching coming apart and the Coach name on the bottom of the soles. The last couple of comments were less than favorable and people,were surprised that they were Coach.

  7. Talked to Coach and said to take my bag to a free standing coach store which I did today (45minutes away). Said they would repair them for $90.00 plus shipping. I then called Coach and was told that was all they could do. This was my last Coach bag I would buy!!!

  8. I just want you to know what wonderful employees you have working for you! I shop quite often at the outlet store in Loveland, Co. and am always welcomed eagerly. I usually talk to Jess (I think she is either asst. manager or manager) and she is always cheerful and helpful. Another employee I have had the pleasure of dealing with is Josh. Please let them know of their outstanding customer service!!! Thank You!

  9. I am writing to inquire about having a Coach purse refurbished. It is a classic Coach purse that you don’t make anymore. Please tell me what to do or let me know so I can take it to the Shoe Repair and have him buff it and fix the metal that caused the strap to break.

  10. As I have read by others here regarding Coaches horrible customer service, coach refused to repair my fraying patent shoulder strap which began fraying after the first week of use. I too don’t understand their logic saying I can get 40% off a new full price bag- at least let me get my bag fixed or take the discount to a coach outlet store!!! I wish there was a better way to let the public know how horrible their customer service is to their clients. The lady in the store was very professional and told me they would absolute fix this for me. Too bad she is not the example for customer service for your company!!!!

  11. Spent over $300 on a coach purse. Zipper has come apart from the purse (the zipper itself is fine..its the stitching attaching the zipper to the purse ) in two places so to me that means poor quality. Paid another $20 to send for repair. Received letter back saying sorry we can’t repair so take this letter to any store and get 40% off next purchase. if you can make the purse why can’t you put in a new zipper? After spending over $300, Im told here’s 40% off your next purchase. Why would I pay for another one of your products and the same thing happens and you don’t stand behind your product? I’ll have to think about buying another one of your products..there’s many other companies making fine purses. I have many LV purses and I have not had any problems with any of them.

  12. I was in the Coach Men store in Milpitas (inside the great mall) last evening (6/6/15). Tried to buy a pair of men shoes. I was looking for a size 10. This oriental sale female did not pay much attention to my request. All she said was ” We do not have size 10″. Trying to get her manager’s (he is a white male) attention, Not successful at all. We had to ask for ” Is there any other store may carry the right size?” ” Could you please help in arranging it to ship over?” Then, She just disappeared. And came with another female to help us. She was not understand anything about this consequences. We had to start all over again. Finally, a pair of size 10 shoes ordered from Gilrory. She told us we have to pay Gilrory tax rate and She finished the ordering and We paid. Today, a person from Gilrory Coach called us directly and mentioned about us ordering a size 11 men shoes. He indicated that we have to pay Milpitas sales tax (Milpitas sales female told us that we pay Gilrory tax).

    MEN !!! IS IT THIS DIFFICULT TO BUY A PAIR OF SHOES FROM COACH STORE ??? STILL NO RESOLUTIONS !!! Customer is trying to spend money to Coach and could not !!! Is this a routine service way the Coach customer will get ???

  13. My sister bought me a COACH bag off of Ebay. I just wanted to authenticate whether or not it was real. I called the customer service line and they said they couldn’t authenticate it for me and I called a store and was told the same. So how do I find out?

  14. I am trying to find a website coach so this coach can help for me to have a store on the website my partners and myself are doing our best so please let me tell you something about our store what we want to sale on the website we’ll sketch portraits and do some scenery paintings we would even have art & crafts also we make dolls and Jewelry even write poem for someone special who you have in mind even we will have some Irish Recipes etc. The name of this business is called “Taste Of Variety At Janey & Friends” I guess I really don’t have any comments just I need a website to place our store I am hoping that a website coach will understand. If we had a website just maybe I’ll have a comment and so would my partners. Sincerely, Janey

  15. I have purchased many coach items. I have had a few problems but always had them resolved. (it takhes a lot of work) My last issue just convinced me never to buy coach again

    I will ebay all of then and move on their customer service sucks along with their products

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