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  1. I sent a tablet in on May 3013, for repairs, it was told to me that it was shipped on 7-18-2013, have not received it to this day 1-27-2014. SO WHERE IS MY TABLET?. NO answer at the 516-775-8880#. NO return calls after information is left. SO I WANT TO KNOW AND I WANT TO KNOW NOW WHERE IS MY TABLET?

  2. How about answering your customer service phone? Very disappointed!!

    I cannot get my remote controller to work. Had many problems with it.

  3. I have been trying all day to contact the company about the problems with an MP3 player (MP828-8g). It does not hold charge for even 2 hours, I have had to reset it 3 times for no reason, camera does not work.

    On phone, I get “number has been disconnected or no longer in service”, or no answer

    On internet, NOTHING – website does not connect to ANYTHING!

  4. I received a Coby DVD player for Christmas ( 2010) and there was no remote in the box. I try to see about getting a remote for the DVD player, Model 224 but have no luck . None of the phone service works. I would like to talk with a human not a machine, which ask questions not related to the problem. I am more then willing to pay for it so my grand babies can use it. The DVD was purchase as a raffle at school. Now I found it in the closet which I put it away and waiting for help. Any help would be nice as I can not use the gift I raffle for.

  5. I have called both telephone numbers in my television

    manuel 1-800-727-3592 and 1-877-302-2629 and no one answer

    the message comes on and states the area code or numbers are

    no valid. The service is negative one

  6. coby sucks. i bought a tablet 3 months ago and it does not even turn on. then when you try to call someone nobody ever answers the phone.

  7. Sent my coby kyros back March 23, 2013. Have called relentlessly every week up until 4 weeks ago when the service number is not answered by a human. Only told to go to Coby online! E-mailed customer service…..Still no response!

  8. Sent my tablet in on may 17,2013 and haven’t receivedmy tablet yet. I’m starting to think this is a fraud.they took my money order 4 fixing the tablet and now I cannot get in touch with anyone all the numbers I call are busy or out of order. I’m getting ready to call my local Trouble shooter in my city because this is ridiculous is going on three months..

  9. where is my tablet ???? I returned a coby tablet on 5/3/13 it was received in savannah by Daniel at 10:20 on 05/03/13. after a 10 day waiting period I called the 877-302-2629 they had no information on my tablet. I have called every week on Tuesday or Thursday since. On July the 11th they ststed that they were sending me a replacement tablet. as of 10:56 o7/29 have received no replacement tablet and furthermore I get nothing but a busy from the 1-800-727-3592#. so again I ask where is my tablet???????????.jp

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  11. I bought tablet MID9742, serial and assemple numbers aren’t pointed out and the on-line storage is only 678 (general) instead of 1000 MB, in the shop where I bought it, I was told that the manufacture can change technical data without warning. Is it really so and you can change such an important thing as on-line memory without warning?

    The tablet MID9742 broke down less than after a month of use, the screen stopped reacte to touch and from the very beginning it took very long for the screen to orient.

  12. Impossible to get telephone help. The machine tells us hours they are “open” and thanks us for calling and ends the call, This happens during their “open” hours. Another telephone number called repeats five options over and over. None relate to what I need help for.

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