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  1. So my ex did the columbia house thing under my name and they found me many years later..calling and calling me all the time so I finally gave them the money just so they would quit calling me…then the jerks never reported it to the credit bureau!!! Pissed is beyond the words…so Im trying to get ahold of National credit solutions, llc po box 15779 ok city ok..number is 18003840585 and they wont answer….I have never used columbia house and I will never..They suck

  2. Called the 800-number provided earlier to get a Customer Service address since it is otherwise nowhere to be found. The agent that answered gave me to following: Member Service Ctr, PO Box 916400, Rantoul, IL 61866-6400. Mailing a credit dispute letter ASAP!!

  3. I am being billed $27.56 a month for DVD’s I do not order or accept from the directors selection, I do return them if I forget to decline the directors selection…I call the 800 number and it is always busy…WHY? I have returned 3 DVD’s that I did not order, and my account was only credited that amount of $27.56 once… WHY?

  4. I have 2 of the same movies”Black Rock”. I already paid for the first one that was billed to me in August of 2013. Now I get the same movie in the mail on September 6th 2013.. So I am returning the same movie in the box it came in. I believe I should have a credit in my account because of the billing. Columbia House has made a mistake . This movie was intended to be my free movie.

  5. I am a new member, 3 months, and am very fed up with Columbia House. I have emailed customer service a numerous amount of times and only get a reply email that they got my email and will get back to me. I placed a $60 order over a month and a half ago and have heard or seen nothing. My account page says the order is still processing.. It is ridiqulous. I have charges on my check account and I am getting nor response to my emails about them. pat

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