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Comcast is one of the largest cable tv, internet and phone providers in the USA. Comcast just made a deal to buy a majority of NBC. Comcast has largely re-branded their services as Xfinity

Comcast’s major competitors are Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T Uverse.

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Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Customer Service Phone: 1-800-266-2278

Outages and Service Down Call: 1-800-266-2278

Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

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Comcast Customer Service
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  1. Your company comcast is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with. I have been treated with so much disrespect it makes me sick. All the headaces and aggrevation that my last 2 weeks has been is totally uncalled for. Each department doesnt know what the other one is talking about. Everything is half known. NOTHING is CONSISTANT!

    I dont know why its so hard just to get service. This is what i experienced so far because im sure there will be more heachaces to come.

    2 weeks ago i had a tech come to my house to install t.v. And internet. I actually moved which started this whole thing. We had to reschedule because the tech wanted to charge us over $500 in install fees. I wasnt physically present i had to work but theres was my 2teenagers in the house. So then i had to call n figure out what happend….nothing consistant there n no answers either. Consistant disconnect calls rude customer service n no answers. Then after hours of frustration somebody knew what they were doing and then told me that the tech that was over wasnt even going to install the right services that i requested from the beginning. Man i was livid!

    So then she was working really hard with me to help me out. But she was the 15th person that i talked too and she knew what she was doing. So i continued on with my conversation n cancelled my old order to replaced it. She found me n excellent deal. Tv on 5tv’s 1having HD and 25mpbs speed of internet for $50.00 she said that it was going to be the digital starter for 29.99 and the internet 20 for life as long as we kept comcast! I said sure it was for A yr. Then 65 plus the HD that was it. Then guess what CLICK! Disconnected! After all that. And of course nothing was recorded and of course when i called back no one knew what i was talking about nor any supervisor. No one could get me that same bundle.

    So i just placed anither order similar to what i had after calling back another 19 times. Its like i have to fish fir the right reps that know what there doing.geez.

    So here we go another install in a week. So the guy gets here 5mins before hes late with another incorrect order.go figure

    Anyway we never got service because he was afraid of my pet caged snake. As.soon as.he found out that there was a snake in the house he bolted out the door n called his supervisor. He then LIED and said that it wasnt secured which was a lie becuase it was in a locked cage. I offered to take my snake out of the house while he did his work but yet he made his mind up and called for another tech to come out. Yea right at this point i dont believe anything of what comcast tells me. I couldnt even understand him he had the thickest hatian accent ever! So here i am with still no service no follow up calls no tech that was promised to show up at my house. This is past frustration pissed off and livid. I dont know what else to do to just get the right service from your company. I dont know why im even choosing to stay. After 3 weeks of waiting with time taking off from work and over 10 hrs on the phone with your company this is what im getting…………NOTHING.

    Is this how you claim to say comcast has excellent service? Something better be done about this and quick because im also in school online do you understand by online it means i need internet. It means i need service. It also means im failing my classes because of your company not working properly together.

    Please resolve my issue asap because this experience is horrible and i will get to whomever i can to make this right. Im willing to give you this third n final chance to recover and get me my service that i request otherwise im leaving comcast and will report everything it to the BBB and to headquarters about my extreme horrible experience.

    Please just get me my service because its what you guys to everyday and i dont know why its so hard for for you guys this time.

  2. I have spent two days trying to complete an installation for a second home and it has been a HORRIBLE experience!!

    I really just wanted basic service for a cottage but they were not very open to selling a basic package. I actually hung up on a salesperson because he was so pushy, rude and offensive and had to call back hoping to get a nicer person!

    Then the real problems began. After another four hours (and two supervisors)on the phone over a two day period trying to get installation scheduled, I gave up. Even though I have been a Comcast customer for SIX years and have paid my $160 bill on time, every month without fail, they insisted on either running a credit check or a deposit. How insulting is that! In this day and age, I am not open to sharing my SS# unless absolutly necessary.

    Sorry to say that I now think Dish is now a better alternative at both locations.

  3. I manage two apartment buildings in Vancouver WA. Comcast has been “installing” their lines by running the unattached cable in front of the entry doors creating trip hazards. They also have 300 feet of cable laying on the ground! I have called, written, chatted and emailed this sorry excuse of a business. Always they promise me a tech will come out… I have yet to see any. Not one single return phone call or email. Comcast does not care about its customers unless you fail to pay…. I must now write and send a certified letter to the Comcast headquarters noticing them of a lawsuit. I doubt they will even care then. WORST “business” I have had to deal with in 30 years! What a joke I can’t wait for them to fail… NO BAILOUTS ALLOWED!

  4. I am so disapointed with Comcast. My services went out on 1/3/2017 and was repaired 2/25/2017. After several atempts to resolve and the tech not showing up and I lost a days pay, actually 2 days. The credit sould have been $100.70 instead they charged me to repair the proplem, did not give me the credit and charged me to repair the problem and charged me for phone services they do not provide.The customer service really sucks

  5. I recently returned from a dangerous war zone and got my service reconnected. My fiancé is still there and due to return any day now. She requested (after our service was reconnected) that we get another cable box for the bedroom. I didn’t want to start paying for it right away so I requested it to be delivered during the first week in February (just before she was due to return). I was assured that it would be mailed out. Four days after it was due to be there, I called customer service and they (after reading the notes that stated the box should have been at my house 4 days prior) assured me they would “Overnight” the new box and apologized for the mix up. To me “overnight” means that I would receive it the next day, but I understand that sometimes it takes an extra day due to weather or high volume. I called two days later and the customer service representative assured me (afar reading the two sets of notes under my account) that it would be there that day, normally between 3 or 4. At 10pm I gave up and went to bed. The next day I called and (after reading the 3 sets of notes and reviewing the tracking information for the new cable box) the customer service representative assured me that it would be there in another 2 days. For those keeping track that would be 9 days after the initial promise, 4 days after the second promise, and 3 days after the third promise. When I asked to speak with the manager she assured me that there was nothing they could do. When I explained to her that I knew the repair men carry extra boxes in their vehicles (as I was a cable guy many years back) she informed me that the only way they could come to my house (even if they were in the area or visiting my next door neighbor) is if I set up an appointment, which would have to be for the following day (at this point a Sunday, when they do not work).

    I understand that one cable box is not the end of the world, but that is not the point. A corporation with such a vast reach and large customer service department should be able to fulfill the small promises they make to their customers. Not only was I lied to once (that is easily considered an oversight and can be excused), but I was continuously misled with no offer for repercussions. Had they offered a simply upgrade to a DVR or a free week (not even a month) of HBO or to wave the $10 cable box rental fee for that month ($10!!! I would have been happy for the $10!!!) I would have been satisfied. Instead they told me that because I waved the survey at the beginning of the phone call I would not be able take the survey any longer.

    As a paying citizen, a long time loyal user of their services, and a veteran of foreign wars, I am deeply disappointed and I feel immensely disrespected.

  6. CHAT ID:

    Problem: Work Order to bury outside cable that was replaced on September 19, 2011 has not been completed as yet.

    Cyrstt > Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Cyrstt. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Richard > My Issue: Work Order to bury outside cable that was replaced on September 19, 2011 has not been completed as yet.

    Cyrstt > We are proud to offer the Comcast Customer Guarantee. It’s our promise to our customers to provide you the best customer experience and stand behind our products and services.

    Cyrstt > I hope your day is fine. I will be glad to assist you from here on.

    Richard > work order #

    Cyrstt > Thank you very much for the information.

    Cyrstt > Let me check on this for you.

    Cyrstt > Please give me a minute to pull up your account, would that be okay?

    Richard > ok

    Cyrstt > Thank you very much.

    Cyrstt > While pulling up your account, let me share with you one of our FREE services, It offers full television episodes, full-length feature films, trailers and video clips to both Comcast subscribers and non-subscribers. For you to experience this great entertainment site please visit,

    Cyrstt > Thank you very much for patiently waiting!

    Cyrstt > I have an account pulled up.

    Cyrstt > For security purposes, may I please have the full name, phone number listed on your account, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number?

    Richard >

    Cyrstt > Thank you very much for the information.

    Cyrstt > Richard, just to confirm, may I ask if a technician was able to come for the Drop Bury request?

    Richard > One showed up about September 21, attempted to complete the job and said he needed another tool. He said someone would be back soon to complete the job.

    Richard > I called a couple of times and was assured that someone would complete the job. The last time I called I was given the work order number

    Cyrstt > I do understand. Thank you for letting me know.

    Cyrstt > Richard, I have checked here and I see that the work order number was from last 11/08/11.

    Cyrstt > For this, what I will do is I will create a new ticket to process for the request.

    Richard > That is good, but new ticket or old ticket, is there a reasonable possibility that the job will be accomplished?

    Cyrstt > Absolutely! With the old ticket, it is already for last year and it was already closed, though.

    Cyrstt > This is the reason why it was not completed and no technician was able to come again.

    Richard > What time frame do you estimate for the final resolution of the problem?

    Cyrstt > I will now be creating a request for Drop bury request.

    Cyrstt > For this, I will submit the request and you will be receiving a confirmation call from us for the schedule of the order.

    Cyrstt > May I ask for the best contact number we can call you, please?

    Richard >

    Richard > Wife does not work and someone is home most of the time.

    Cyrstt > Thank you very much for the information.

    Cyrstt > I have that noted.

    Cyrstt > Richard, the request has been submitted as reference number: #

    Richard > It is unfortunate that I have had to invest a significant amount of my time to attempt to get your organization to do what they stated they would do initially!

    Cyrstt > My sincerest apologies to hear that.

    Cyrstt > I do understand.

    Cyrstt > I am glad to have resolved your concerns. Would there be anything else I can assist you with, Richard?

    Cyrstt > I will be glad to assist you further.

    Cyrstt > I want to ensure that your orders and concerns will be addressed. May I ask if you are still there?

    Richard > Hopefully the job will be done this time. Your customer satisfaction commercials have no meaning to me.

    Richard > thanks. I know you did your best to help me.

    Cyrstt > No problem.

    Cyrstt > It has been my pleasure serving you today with your cable concerns and I truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Cyrstt > It is with gratitude to have you on this chat and I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us today to resolve your concern. And if you ever need our assistance again, remember it is Our Guarantee to be available to answer questions at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Cyrstt > Enjoy the rest of your day and take care!

  7. I’ve been trying to get service to my new apartment for about three and a half weeks. Comcast has not been able to get the address for my apartment building corrected in their system all this time. I’ve called about 15 times so far (with 9 of those being the last 9 days). Still it’s not fixed. I’ve had multiple sales people tell me they are going to fix it and call me back. I’ve never heard from any of them. One problem I have with the way Comcast handles things is that I can never talk to the same person twice (I’ve tried), so I end up repeating my story over and over each time.

    In contrast, I called Verizon last night. They had the same problem with the address of my building, but they managed to fix it in 10 minutes and were then ready to install services. ONE CALL!!! Too bad they don’t (yet) offer Fios for my building or I would have completely switched over. I did get internet and phone services through Verizon. Guess for TV I’m stuck either getting a dish or trying to work things out with Comcast.

    I’m the first person to move into this building, but there will be 27 others. That’s 28 opportunities for Comcast to sell services, but only if they can get the building into the system.

  8. January 15, 2017 6:24PM

    Having no telephone or internet service, at 6:24PM I contacted Comcast at 804.743.1150 and spoke with Mat. After numerous attempts of resetting my modem Mat determined that he was unable to connect with the modem and it was defective. Mat decided to send me a replacement modem. Since the next day was the Martin Luther King holiday, he said the modem would be sent on Tuesday, January 17, by mail and I should receive it by eh end of the week. Mat provided an order ID number of 38130428. Mat said to contact Comcast upon receipt of the modem and they would activate it.

    January 22, 2017

    I called Comcast from my vehicle using my cell phone and talked with a man whose name I do not record. I explained I had contacted Comcast on January 15, and they were sending me a replacement modem which should have been received January 21. He checked my records and said a device was sent to me on January 7 and UPS noted it was delivered and left on my porch on January 11. I told him I was sure I had called Comcast on January 15 rather than January 7 – yet agreed to check the porch and bushes adjacent to the porch and call back if I could not locate the package.

    I called back and spoke with Mat – the same Mat who I spoke with on January 15. Mat received my records and discovered that the order the previous man had discussed with me was placed on January 7, 2011 not 2017. Mat confirmed I spoke with him on January 15, 2017, that the modem had been shipped, and asked that I wait a couple of days to see if it arrives.

    January 24, 2017 5:45PM

    I called and spoke with Michael. Michael said to wait until Friday, January 27 to see if the modem is received. He said Comcast would not initiate a trace until 10 business days after the modem was shipped.

    January 27, 2017 5:26PM – 5:45PM (19 minutes)

    I called Comcast and spoke with Sandra. I provided the order number of 38130428. After 10 minutes Sandra stated she was unable to locate the order. She did see an order for January 7, 2011. Sandra asked me what kind of modem I was supposed to receive. I told her the same type I currently have. I commented that Comcast provided my current modem and she should have a record of the type of modem I have and know what type to send me. After an additional wait Sandra commented that she had spoken with her supervisor and I would receive my modem Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. I asked if she could determine when my original order was shipped and she could not. She said they were going to do a UPS rush track order. I told her Mat stated the modem was being sent by U S Mail. She said they do not send modems by mail. I told Sandra I doubted I would receive the modem on Tuesday or Wednesday but I would wait and see.

    January 27, 2017 7:45PM

    Sandra called and told me I have to do an E911 verification before the modem could be shipped. She said the E 911 verification should have been done on January 15, prior to the modem being shipped. Sandra connected me with “Astonish” to verify changing my telephone service to Xfinity. I told the “Astonish” lady I already had Xfinity and asked why I had to confirm changing my service to a service I already had. She said I needed to talk to Comcast. I did not complete the transaction.

    January 27, 2017 8:27PM

    Sandra called me again asking if I completed the verification. I discussed with her my conversation with “Astonish”. I told Sandra that Mat and Michael had told me one thing and now she was telling me something else – I did not know who was right. She said she was following procedures for EMTA and the procedure was to go through the E911 verification in order to process the order or the modem could not be shipped. I told her I planned to escalate this issue with Comcast.

  9. I paid $500 dollars up front. The technician came to install 3 services; it turns out he never connected the cable and never put the battery in the modem; however, he asked to come in his free time and rewire my home, so services could be provided. What a lie. Then , to re-do services Comcast said they were coming for weeks-4 occurences staying home without pay-they never showed up! When you try to call the 25 minute messages hang up before you can speak with anyone. THE WORST BUSINESS IN AMERICA!

  10. I hate this service, Comcast is the worst cable ive ever had! I was just on hold for 1hour because I made payment arrangements for Feb 2, 2017 and it was taken out January 20, 2017 why is that?! I also was asking for a sup to get on the line and no one is availble? Wow someone need to contact me asap regarding this matter! Im out done by comcast!

  11. I live in south Florida and I have been getting very poor internet service for three weeks. I have been paralyzed with my work and have called at least 10 times. I had two no shows and finally someone showed up late for their scheduled appointment.

    I spoke to three people at the office of the President.

    The internet worked one day and that’s it. I called three more times and was told on two occasions, someone would contact me before the end of the workday. One of the calls was at the office of the President – they also promised someone would call me – no such luck.

    Nobody called and I am now doing emails on my cell phone. This is pathetic. I will be lobbying for a credit and if this does not get resolved, I vow to change to Uverse.


  12. I appreciate you do not remove the negative posts by my God, why with all these issues wouldn’t Comcast focus on a better customer service program. You are no longer the only option in town!

    When my cable guy leaves today I will post my issues. 3-4th visit, 30+ phone calls, no answers or results. 19 years as a customer and this is what I get. U-Verse here I come………….

  13. We have been waiting since Dec 28th to get our cable/internet/home phone set up. We have been told they are coming and then then don’t show up. This has happened 4 times in the last week and a half. 12/28/11, 1/3/12, 1/4/12 and today 1/6/12. We have called everyday to the call center and have been jerked around and lied to each time. The last call was on Tuesday 1/3/12 and finally got a supervisor. He guaranteed me they would be here today 1/6/12 and also guaranteed he would call me by 2:00 p.m. EST. Well we called at 2:05 p.m. today and he is not in today. And he GUARANTEED me. Now it’s 4:30 p.m. EST and no cable person. I am going to call corporate now. The biggest problem for us is they are the only game in town and we are stuck. Our jobs depend on internet since we work from the house. I have never be lied to and treated like this by any company. I work for IBM and even our customer service is superior to this!

  14. I was talking to customer service yesterday and they offerred to transfer me to the “you are considering disconnecting service” department. He suggested that I really pour it on thick so they will help me. WTF? Who needs cable for entertainment. Just call Comcast and you’re instantly tuned to the Twilight Zone.

    Hopefully, my internet is still up when I click on “Submit Comment” lol

  15. My sister and i moved into a house together 12-15-2011. I called comcast to have my servises moved over to the new house, they took a week and a half to get there. Then when they show up ( 2 guys) , they start drilling random holes, didnt ask where i wanted my tvs or the cable ?internet to be, had the internet totally on the wrong wall but offered to leave me extra wire to make it reach where i wanted it, an hour later they were supposedly ready to go, they hooked up the digital box to my 49 inch flat screen tv, and then plugged it into my surge protector strip and BAM!! Smoke coming from my tv, the digital box is going crazy and the dvd player that way plugged into the strip is now flashing. They had Blew up all my electronics. they claimed it was my electric that it was pushing out 220 instead of 110 like regular outlets. they took their lil machine all over our house and said ALL our outlets are doing this. which seemed strange,i have reptile heating pads and Christmas tree lights in these plugs, why wouldnt the electric melt that? so they called in their Boss who agreed with them. so my landlord called an electrician who came 12-21-2011 and found everything in proper order, Now the supervisor SHANE GAFFING told me if the electrical was found to be proper and right by a Licensed electrician that comcast would replace my tv and high definition dvd player. well i got the paper work and i called SHANE and he came out again and found that the electrician was right . but tried to propose a situation to the electrician to where the electrician would agree that it was the electric , but the electrician did NOT agree. so Shane left and said he would be back with me THAT DAY or the NEXT. that was 12-22-2011. I have called Shane Gaffing every single day and left messages, i still have no TV or DVD player, 1100$ worth of electrical equipment and they have refused to answer or be responsible for their mistakes. It is 1-3-2017. still nothing.

  16. You suck . We pay hundreds monthly for years only to get mediocre service at best. Impossible to reach but always willing to bill?



    I started service with promo package of $69.99 for 12mb internet and 100+ cable channels in september. 3 days AFTER the install I am told I owe $220, that the promo doesnt count in my area, that they increased my price from 70 to 120/mo, and that they reduced my service to 70 channels and only 6 mb internet.

    No call, no notice, just FU. They halved my service and doubled my price while making changes to my account without notifying me. So I cancelled service to go with another provider in October, yet am still getting bills for comcast and have still not gotten my refund on what I paid. 4 attempts to cancel service inthe 3 months after turning in my equipment and they still havent fixed it.

    This is the most screwed up company Ive ever dealt with. Never before have I seen this level of incompetence. I strongly suggest anyone considering using their services to run away.

  18. Guess what everyone. I just tried to get help with my internet that I have with comcast and they told me, wait for it……. We only provide internet service. Their is a company, “internet tech support” that can help you. Again wait for it…. They will CHARGE me, to help me. I guess the CEO had a friend that needed some business. Cause Comcast no longer provides support to their customers… THANKS COMCAST!! BY THE WAY, Lets stop using them. Seems like they are getting to big for their own good. A supervisor MARK also said what I shared with you above, about being charged for help.

  19. I am to the point where i want to change services because Comcast is very unprofessional and inconsiderate. I have been having an issue with my cable services for over a week. I have called and they have scheduled me 2 different times to come out and fix it but they never come, so today the tech was supposed to come out and fix it and now they are talking about they cant get another one out til Sunday which is Christmas. I then called in and asked to talk to a supervisor and the representative told me that they couldnt locate a supervisor for me to talk to. Comcast has really showed me that they dont care about there customers they are move concerned about getting peoples money. You guys need to really rethink your training procedures and policies. If I dont get a change by today ill be switching my services and contacting the BBB to give them my complaint and issues.

  20. Remember that Ed Rendel is a well paid consultant to Comcast. There’s probably a reason they are a monopoly in Philadelphia and can give such lousy service.

  21. Hey comcast service

    U make me frustration. U not let me open internet bills. I hate comcast service is stupid

    Ur bad business company is stink. Fu

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