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Comcast is one of the largest cable tv, internet and phone providers in the USA. Comcast just made a deal to buy a majority of NBC. Comcast has largely re-branded their services as Xfinity

Comcast’s major competitors are Spectrum, DirecTV, Dish Network, and AT&T Uverse.

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Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Customer Service Phone: 1-800-266-2278

Outages and Service Down Call: 1-800-266-2278

Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

Email Address: info@comcast.com

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Comcast Customer Service
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  1. Comcast Customer Service Complaint 12/26/12

    I signed up for comcast and told them i need service at my physical address and be billed at my mailing. after 2 months of service i hadnt recieved a bill. i called over and over again. they finally shut me off. i called them to see why. they said because they didnt recieve money from me. then they said theyve been billing to my physical address. now i have collection agencies calling me for for payments. f you comcast! it was your f up! i shouldnt owe you anything! i going to dish!!

  2. I wish the lions game was being broadcast in english instead of Spanish. And that I had sound on all the channels- seems to be sporadic. Called customer service but knowing my call is important to you just isn’t the reponse I’m looking for.

  3. Four hours TODAY alone with THREE of the four hours on CHAT with what must be outsourced and NOT AMERICAN WORKERS- ENGLISH SPEAKERS who THREATEN to disconnect you if you ask for a model number of a device you are being sent as the “fix” to your issue.

    Three hours in chat with four agents who are abusive and mean.

    Screenshots galore and an HOUR to “order” a Digital device to get a digital signal – AN HOUR and the guy Eric who lied to me about the digital device he is going to send me that I NOW have to CANCEL – a DTA is NOT a digital anything… moronic people

    Phillipines, not America is where I finally found out most of these people are from and their grasp of English and their rudeness is NOT something I’d want representing MY company.

  4. Terrible customer service! All I need is to arrange for a technician to come to my house to move the cable jack, and I have been on hold for nearly an hour. When I can find someone to speak to, they’re only interested in trying to sell me more services. Completely unacceptable.

  5. Comcast should hire “technical support’ people who actually understand common computer terms and networking concepts and who speak and understand English (as a first language).

    They have outsourced their technical support to Costa Rico to non-English speakers who do not understand common computer and network terms, and do not know how to proceed if the answer to a question in their script is not answered EXACTLY as written in the script.

  6. i have to add my voice to the list of dissatisfied customers. comcast has a monopoly, ergo our hands are tied. their prices are outrageous and what i would not give to actually talk to a human being. they advertise 24/7, yet when you call, one gets the automated system telling the actual hours. if i could get another system into my place, in a heartbeat,i would stop comcast and bring the dish, 2 soup cans, 3 guys holding up holograms, anything but the uber expensive, unreliable comcast. as a senior with a fixed income, they do absolutely nothing to help with their outrageous pricing, i am at a point where i want and will report them to aarp.

  7. OMG!!! After waiting on the phone for 20 min’s I finally get a person, in the middle of telling her why I was calling we were disconnected – AAAHHH! I totally agree with Rose from 8.28.12. Comcast service SUCKS!! Its unfortunate they are the only internet service available in my neighborhood. My WIFI does not work all the time, more times than not, it’s down. Which means I am forced to plug my laptop in for internet service, but my mobile devices do not work … and I pay how much?? Way TOO MUCH$$$$$ Because they own the market in our neighborhood and have us handcuffed! Does that give them the right to ROB us?!?!



  9. I have been having problems with comcast service since I got it. I wast suppose to get the triple play package they signed me up for cable and phone only for $75.99 + Tax I called the next day and told them this is not thE corect package I can not use my internet service.. The person on the phone said no problem I can fix that over the phone so I said ok.. Ha Ha Ha this person told me for $129.99 I can set you up with the triple play ,, I informed this person that I was suppose to have this package yesterday for $99.00 but he said I have to charge you the full rate because the tech has a different code for service than I do.. I asked to speak to a supervisor this person was no help either.. Comcast you service sucks! 8-28-2017 my service has been out since 1:30 AM I called I was told maybe service will be restored by 5:00AM my service has been acting up for months blank screen dotted pictures on the screen but they still want that payment on time.. Very bad service and reception CUSTOMER SERVICE A PACK OF ILL MANERED FOOLS! I will be moving on to a new service at the end of my 6 months… as I said before COMCAST YOUR SERVICE SUCKS! I expect comcast will be out of business soon thank goodness for that!

  10. Comcast is absolute garbage. I honestly do not know how they are still in business with terrible reviews and after my experience this past weekend with moving. Techs are RUDE, supervisors are RUDE and they are way over-priced. My fiance and I have NEVER been late on a payment and we always have issues. When we first moved into our new home last year they sent us 2 cable boxes that were actually assigned to someone else and we didnt know it for about a month so we finally contacted them and they wanted to INCONVENIENCE US to make US drive to their local shop and drop off the cable boxes and on top of that charge us for our correct box even though they were the ones that messed up! How dare they when THEY made the mistake and they wanted us to pay for it?! GET OUT OF HERE! FINALLY after being on the phone for 45 minutes on hold and talking to people that had no clue what to do we got thru to someone who sent out a tech to fix the problem because there was NO WAY in hell I would ever pay for someone else’s careless mistake! After all of this they still have crappy service and we moved again and I could write a whole 4 pages of all the stuff we have been thru just this past weekend with comcast. I would never ever in a million years recommend this cable company to anybody and I will not be a customer anymore! BEWARE!

  11. I have just bought a new television that only accepts HDMI cable. My little satellite box only has coaxial in and out. Do you supply any special converter cables, male coaxial to male HDMI?

  12. I have been receiving automated calls from Comcast for 4 hours every 10 to 15 minutes. I called customer service 5 times and all of the non-english speaking people assured me they have stopped, that 1 hour ago, since then I have received 7 more. I am now on hold AGAIN and have been for 30 minutes now. This is the worst customer service and will be cancelling my TRIPLE PAY package when they get on the phone, hope with someone that speaks and understands english…..


  13. Comcast has the worst customer service.. I got charged excessive and when I asked for explaination they keep hunging up the phone on me not once but twice after being hold on forever and even after I asked to speak to a manager.. Is ridiculous they are not getting my money screw them..

  14. I am so mad Comcast send my bill too a create company. My cable was off because l was in the hospital. Comcast send people out too my home too pick up the boxes.i am not 2 months just one I was going too pay my bill on the 7-18-12 it $296. I don’t feel that right because I was sick. You did not give me a changes too pay my bill. I told the man that i want my cable. I was sick i will cut back on. That show me that you can’t give time too pay my bill. I will bring the boxes i want use Comcast any more. I will pay my bill.

  15. This is the worse service ever!!!!!!! The worse HELP, Prices, everything about Comcast really needs to be improved they might have more good comments then BAD!!!

  16. Worst possible service I have ever had. They dont read this they could care less. NO reception servive but just plain old cable service billing is horrible. Got married 25 years ago..Cable was in wife’s name …after 25 years of paying in my name …they still wont change billing nane unless we both drive 1 hour to their office with id to change….Knock..Knock is anyone alive there? Call me doubt I WILL GET A CALL OR ACTION….BUT THEY DONT MIND ADDING A “Sports Package” will no authorazation…Now to the Ga PSC

  17. Worst Customer Service in the whole country…..They really need to take a look at there customer service skills….

  18. we have cable from them, they just suck. for a less than intelligent comment. They have no customer service qualities and they do not pretend to. They have a money driven system. We are hoping to change all service in next month.

  19. I have been stationed or lived in third world countries and have received better service. I’d rather go without and will discontinue this Comcast “service” as soon as I can return their box. The only reason they are still in business is because they have a monopoly in many areas. It’s a shame.

  20. i just want to know how much per minute a call to the phillippines whould cost me. if it is reasonable i will switch to xfinity. my mother who’s number is under contract to comcast has the router with my intenet connection on her router..she will not allow me to plug in vonage because she says xfinity would not allow it, why not. plesase tell me why thia is not possible.


  21. I’ve been trying to get Comcast to give me information on why my cable service has been down since before 0700. I was able to contact a customer service agent after 30 minutes of pushing options on my phone then waiting on hold for about 15 minutes, when I finally got through I was told that there is an “outage in the area”. This fellow at a call center did not know the nature of the outage, could not estimate the duration, and generally was unhelpful. He said that he didn’t know when the problem started because he had only gotten to work at 0700 and it was out at that time. Not once did he say he was sorry that we were experiencing a problem! A second call took about 40 minutes to reach another unhelpful customer service agent who had the standard response that there was an outage in the area and had no other information to give. This agent did say we would be getting a credit for the outage. I noted that I had never gotten a credit for any of the numerous outages I had experienced in the past, and I believe this is simply a ploy to get me off the phone.

    Here’s the deal. A company the size and with the wealth that Comcast has, needs to better train their call center personnel, and needs to give them the tools and information needed to better service the customers! Shame shame on you Comcast.


  23. Your comany is the worse Company to deal with I am as of 8:55am still waiting to be service . I have been ignored and lied on by your company.I intend on doind more than just writting this blog. This needs an Eye on your side broadcast… I want Rick Germnao to call me…. I will except nothing less……

  24. Comcast is absolutely infuriating. My husband and I are extremely knowledgeable in customer service,he himself is an operations manager for a very large call center. We have a complete understanding of professionalism and what it takes to please your customers….COMCAST you have no clue how to do this. We have had COMCAST cable for over a year now and have had a technician out on about six different occasions in that time. HALF of those occasions the technician was VERY late, and one guy managed to track mud throughout my new home. When we do receive cable services the sound and picture are choppy half the time for the past few months. Two techs have been out in two months and still there is a problem…hmmm??? I am very tired of coming home to find my shows have all recorded nothing but black!!! Who got kicked off? How did that happen? She said what? Yes, those are all questions that are important to me (maybe not to you but it is to me, and I pay for the service!)and due to COMCAST’s poor service I will not know the answers. So last night I come home to find once again I have all blank recordings and no shows. So I call customer service to schedule a technician and they proceed to tell me they CANNOT help me AT ALL. Their “policy” has changed and only the account holder can access the account. WELL, I set up the account personally and put it in my husbands name as Mrs. Tim Birken (I usually do this with no issues), this was over a year ago. Since then I have called personally and scheduled tech service with no real problems other than incompetent representatives. However this time I was told my husband would have to call even though the account is under my phone number and contact information as Mrs. Tim Birken. I realize privacy is important but this is RIDICULOUS. My husband works 12 hour days at the call center he runs, he has no time to call the incompetents at comcast. I handle the household issues and would have never given them my husbands name if I knew it was going to happen like this. I use Mrs. Tim Birken as a proud wife for all of my business transactions, never had a problem….in fact it has made most transactions easier. So now since my husband is unavailable (works 10am-11pm) I have to wait who knows how many more days of missing all of our shows while continuing to grow genuine hatred for COMCAST. COMCAST you are losing a customer because not one of your OUTSOURCED reps could help me or even give me a solution. I CANNOT EVEN CANCEL THE DANG ACCOUNT!!!! I have personally contacted them the entire time and every time we have done business with them, for them to have a policy change that cuts me out of my own account is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Especially with out any notification. If I share the account with my husband, have the same name, all of the required info from address to social security number for both my husband and I then I expect service….and certainly not to be treated like a housewife who wont be allowed “access” to her HUSBAND’S account. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? I hate you COMCAST. I hate that you have made me use the word hate for something so frivolous. Now you are disrupting my disposition! I sincerely wish your company goes under and all of your OUTSOURCED reps go back to picking fruit or cleaning houses. ESPECAILLY Edgar employee number MOE(P/T)1207 I could not even understand his English well enough to tell whether he said ‘T’ or ‘P’!!!! See what kind of nansty person your company has turned my usual happy disposition into?!?!? This is not over, I have recorded the dates and times of the services I requested and services that were provided to me over the past year…but can not be provided now because of some “policy”. These issues will be pursued until our problem has been addressed and we have been compensated for the service we pay for and DO NOT GET. I do not pay you people over $200 a month for BLANK CHANNELS, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I have names and employee numbers, dates and times as well as legal representation. I expect this issue to be addressed and will pursue it rigorously.

  25. Comcast sucks,no audio for an hour and a half already,can’t watch American Idol or be able to vote.Your cable is not worth the money,and you must not hire very good people who know how to fix Audio problems.

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