Connecticut Valley Arms CVA


Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
5988 Peachtree Corners East
Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: (770) 449-4687
Fax: (770) 242-8546

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21 Replies to “Connecticut Valley Arms CVA”

  1. Trying to find out what size bullet I need for a 50cal muzzle loader my wife got. It’s a cva sharpshooter s.n. number ends with 95. Have no idea what size to get or what kind.

  2. Trying to find out what diameter the fiber optics are in my optima sights. They need replacing but there are several diameters to choose from.


  3. I just bought a CVA Acurra MG. What is the difference between the Accura V2 and the Accura MG models as for as shooting distance. My Accura MG came with the medium Dura Scope mount, will the 3x9x50 leupold scope work, or should I go with larger mounts. Thanks

  4. I happened across your post and saw no reply. First, I presume this is a .50 cal O/U

    I have 3 of these. I recommend that you use between 70 and 90 (maybe 95) grains of black powder under a patched round ball for best accuracy. These are 1 in 66″ rate of twist barrels hence they are too slow for sabots. I’ve shot a few sabots at close ranges but never really attempted to check accuracy. The round ball loads that I’ve suggested above are “deadly accurate”.

  5. My child won a scout .243 at a NWTF banquet dinner, we have taken it out to shoot one time. First round through the gun the brass is sweled so bad that it will not extract from the barrel, I went to the CVA web sight looking for a warranty / product registration page and was not able to find one. I like the gun and want to get it fixed for my daughter… do I get this process started?

  6. I just bought a CVA over/under(two shot) 30 cal MZL. I would like to know what loads I should us, how many grains of powder are suggested, and can I use Sabots?

  7. Worst customer service I’ve ever had. They sent me the wrong hammer spur for my CVA Wolf and when calling to get a replacement for the right one the arrogant rep. on the phone said he’d send the same one out to me and said “hope it works have a good day” and hung up.

  8. Have been trying to contact them both via e-mail and via phone in regards to the recall on 1995 and 1996 muzzleloaders. Seems that they blow up? However, cannot get a return e-mail, and not answer on the phone no matter how many times I listen to the voice message. Very disappointing.

  9. I tried to contact them about a wrong screw that came with my kit. No reply I can’t find a replacement screw the right length.

  10. Called all day about optima v2 recently purchased but no one ever answered for CVA. Would hear recording about 30 min before just hanging up.

  11. I have discovered a shot gun that I would like some information ::as it lists conneticutt valley arms inc, then norcross GA then made in Italy and it has engraving has F Pedrertti stamped on receiver with serial #0196378 it needs to be field stripped and cleaned it folds nearly in half and it says full choke 12 gauge I would appreciate any help diagrams and advice as to have it restored. There is a screw head that I am not sure is a pin or a screw. I havecleaned the barrell and it ‘s shiny some rusting outside. I want to clean it up and the wooden stock all needs work. I think it might have been carried in a rucksack in viet nam. chuck

  12. Greetings – I plan to purchase a CVA Elite Stalker Rifle CR4510SM 35 Whelan Rifle for deer hunting and I have read several articles which state that certain bullets do not shoot well out of this rifle such as the Hornady bullets. Which deer hunting brand and type of bullets would you recommend for this rifle that would pattern very well. Thanks – Bill Cobb

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