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  1. This is BS . I am trying to get the OL subscription for 12 bucks as advertised.I tried filling out the form and you keep bouncing it back, saying that it is wrong. Then, you do not recognize my PW. I would expect an immediate phone call to enroll me. I hope you get witrh the program. John Franklin

  2. I have re-subscribed to consumer report and would like to go on line to check for juice extractors; however, i cannot get through due to an old e-mail (years ago address that I cannot remember) I now have a new e-mail address and pass word, could you please tell me how to enter under my new e-mail address and pass word.

  3. I ordered a CR car pricing guide for a 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited on 1/29/14. Unfortunately, the guide is useless for two reasons. (1) The options selection list was incomplete; it did not include three clear paint protection packages that we wanted to order. As such, the estimated invoice and MSRP costs were lower than anticipated. (2) We live in near Tuscaloosa, AL, and have bought Toyota cars and had our service work done at Tuscaloosa Toyota for 30+ years. Unfortunately, my car guide did not list this dealership as a possible purchase site; the closest site was 60+ miles away in Birmingham, AL. I have sent two emails to your customer service department to request your help in getting an accurate car estimate. None has arrived and my wife and since my wife and I want to order the car as soon as possible, we are very frustrated. Since we have not received a response, I am going to the my Visa representative at our Credit Union to NOT pay CR the $14.00 charge for the report since, in its present form, it will be useless when we try to negotiate a fair price on the Highlander. Please call me today or tomorrow at so we can resolved this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your earliest assistance. Maurice Mettee

  4. what a scam this company is. They refused to put a supervisor on the line and when I asked for a phone number for corporate headquarters they gave a bogus number. So I called back again and was once again given the run around as to why they couldn’t cancel my online subscription. But, when I once again asked for a number for corporate I was given the actual number and did reach a person who put me through to customer relations. I’m now waiting for a call back. These people do not want to be contacted.

  5. This company may have great reviews but they need to invest in a phone system, CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried 15 times to change me address through letters, emails etc. and to no avail still I do not receive the magazine I paid for, Fraud big time. I’ve called 9 different phone numbers and not one of them works. This has been going on for over a 7 months, sad! But you can bet your sweet ass they’ll be sending me 10 plus renewals when the time comes! Consumer Reports you suck!

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