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  1. I sent $29. fr payment on 3/21/18 For CR Consumer Reports On Health. Ive only received the first issue as far as I can remember. I moved in July and would like to receive the rest of my 16 issues.

  2. I am sending this a second time. I did not order your Mag. Stop sending me Invoices requesting payment . You have established account # 0310165204 as my account, I have no buiness transaction with you Stop mailing me these request for paymen

  3. I never ordered your magazine . You seem to have sent 1 here, now you are sending me Bills for $24. You have set up an account even I have no communication with you. The account number listed on this invoice is # 0310165204.

    Please stop the Dunning Invoices I do not owe you anything I never order your Magazine

  4. I have not received my Consumers Reports issues since March of 2018.

    I took out a five year subscription in 2014 and paid by check (# 9971 ) on February 01, 2014 in the amount of $99.00. The effective date of that subscription is 04/01/2014 – 03/31/2019.

    I still have a full year left on my subscription. What happened to my Consumer Reports issues?

  5. Do not bill my deceased wife’s credit card for a subscription I do not want please. I received a post card saying you would bill automatically the $35. for this subscription I do not want. This is the second time I have sent this e-mail and called. I plan on calling Monday as well. Please delete all our information from your computers.

  6. I have tried to drip consumer reports from my web subscription and they have a terrible customer service offer of please call back later. How many time later do I have to call back to get a live person to cancel. My next step will be the better business bureau!!! Do Not sign up for this service unless you want to pay for it the rest of your life!!!!

  7. I renewed my subscription to Consumer Reports in October. Included in the subscription renewal was an additional subscription that could be sent to someone for free. I asked in October for that free subscription to be sent to my son. So far he has not received it.

  8. Just got another request to renew, at a discounted price, but the request did not say if it was for the magazine or for the online service. And it came with automatic renewal, which I do not want and once had a very difficult time cancelling – with no refund. While I once liked this magazine, I have lost all trust in it because of its obscene subscription services. When it cleans this up — and it as shocking that after years of popular complaints it has not yet done so — I will consider resubscribing.

  9. I just extended my subscription. The receipt stated that it would begin in November; however I’m not sure when my present subscription expires and I don’t want to receive duplicate copies. Is this sufficient notification not to duplicate copies and to change the recorded date that my new subscription will begin?

  10. I subscribe to consumer reports via my kindle fire. I would like to access archived articles via internet. Please advise how to accomplish this. Consumer reports should stay out of politics. You guys goofed recommending affordable health care before the plan was vetted. Will you now print the problems, costs and headaches that real consumers are experiencing? Stay out of politics you will always alienate half of your readers.

  11. Why does CR keep sending me stupid threats about your online subscription saying that I have a limited time to subscribe. You send them every few weeks and I don’t appreciate receiving these repeated, stupid threats.

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