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  1. I subscribed on line and when I received an email confirmation I noticed that I was signed up to auto renew every year. I did not want this feature and would like to have it removed from my account. Ron Gagnon

  2. I resunscribed Consumer Reports for another year. I continue to receive “Bills”

    letting me know that I needed to resubscribe. Since I am 100% certain that I signed

    up for another year, I would like for you to do the following two things for me.

    #1 – Check and make sure that I have resubscribed for another year.

    #2 – Please quit sending me bills letting me know that I need to subscribe when

    I don’t need to.


  3. I ordered a subscription originally for 10 issues at $20.00. I received Jul12 and Aug12 issues almost back-to-back. Received the bill with a bonus to upgrade to 15 issues for $26.00. I sent in a check on 7/22/12 (ck.#2283) for $26.00 for the 15 issue bonus subscription. Since then, I continue to get bills (late notices)AND MY SUSCRIPTION HAS STOPPED!.I called my bank, they said check #2283 was cashed on 7/31/12!. WHAT’S UP!

  4. I am a new subscriber to Consumer Reports and upon reading my first issue relative to vitamins, don’t you think that genetics have a great deal to do to one’s longevity and health? I will be 90 this Christmas and in spite of the usual ailments that go along with old age, I am still driving, do my own housework, bake, cook, and garden. I do take the two medication for the ailments, one for HBP and one for cholesterol, however I am not faithful in doing so. I’ve always eaten the wrong foods and love sweets and though I take vitamins however, it does not stop the aging process which most people fail to realize–creams, foods, exercise, vitamins, etc. notwithstanding there is an end to the road of life.

  5. 8/15/2017 I agree with most of the above comments. I have received so many requests to renew that at this time I don’t know if I have renewed my subscription or not! The bad part of this situation is I only have one more issue coming.

  6. I have been charge twice in the same month, but have not received a magazine for years. I don’t know how long they have been charging me.

    You would think a quality organization like CR would do better and make customer service easier.

  7. I received a card telling me that my Consumers Report subscription is coming due and will be renewed on June 23,2017. If I do nothing, my subscription will be automatically renewed at $ 20 on my last card sent last year and will automatically charged to my credit card.???? A little confusion….my Discover card was billed on June 24 for $ 20.I now received a mailing asking me to renew at $26 and to respond by 8/23/12 ??? Also, last year a gave my daughter, Holly a subscription for an extra $ 10. No message on the card received from you about her subcription being renewed.??? Please get back to me as to what I have to do. I tried sending you an e-mail regarding this problem, however I changed my address from to Please mark your records so that you can reach me. Thank you for the help.

  8. i just called customer service for reader’s digest because i haven’t recvd the joke’s issue. the woman could not find the last issue june/july 2017 in her records. she said, “if you tell me what issue name and month i can look it up.” the woman put me on hold for atleast 15 min. and came back saying the same thing… i then asked her why i recvd a request for renewal yesterday when my subscription actually ends in sept. she again said, i still can’t find which month is the joke’s issue.” i told her, it is the last issue.” i couldn’t get it resolved after about 20 min. so i said why can’t your computer find this answer and she said the same thing,”blah.” oh well, i guess/sure about this that i won’t recv the joke’s issue.”

  9. I received one issue this year and that was a miracle as they still had it going to an address from 5 years ago. Did I mention they have my money?

  10. I quite agree with the gentleman who wrote on 7/9/12 about the number of renewal notices one receives so many months in advance. Basically, it’s a solicitation for the use of our money far in advance of when it is due. If a company wants my money that far in advance of the payment date, they should pay me interest!

    It’s not just CR that uses this practice; all magazine subscriptions are handled in the same manner.

    However, I do agree that given CR’s reputation, this practice should be dropped.

  11. I’m always surprised that CR collects the subscriptions like the worst telemarketers. Notices start to arrive many months before the expiration date, without listing the date of renewal. I hate to compare an organisation I respect and want to support to the boy crying wolf, but I end up by tossing out each CR envelope. If I knew when my renewal is due, I would pay quickly and on time, to avoid increasing your costs. But if CR has hired an outside business to collect subscriptions, it’s time to drop them. They are tarnishing your image.

  12. I have a subscription through Zinio. Can I still access the web site to look up reports on items? Or do I need a separate account?

  13. PLEASE EVALUATE THE HEALTH ALARM INDUSTRY (alarms which seniors living alone can activate if they need help). As I looked at the numerous companies, I found what I began thinking of as the “Wild West”. It is very difficult to compare these companies. This, I am sure, is intentional. There are MANY factors to consider when buying a service. The only company I found which seemed to offer a good deal on everything turned out to be a fake! There are a few comparison reviews. But most seem to be sponsored by one company, which selects comparisons with other companies which will make it look good. There a couple that seem legitimate. But those do not evaluate enough companies. One dispassionate reviewer, who evaluated about 10 companies said, “it’s the wild west out there!” – the same label I had been using for this industry. Although I need such an alarm – I am alone & ill – I ended up too confused to purchase anything.

    This is a life and death issue for seniors. Soon this market will be flooded with baby boomers. This industry is preying on sick people who no longer think as clearly as they once did and on their frantic, guilty-feeling children. PLEASE BRING SOME SANITY TO THIS INDUSTRY ASAP.

    Anna Jane Stone

  14. I’m interested in why it costs me the same to subscribe to Readers Digest electronically as it does by USPS mail. Readers Digest saves considerable paper, printing and postage by sending the magazine electronically.

    Due to prices, I’m leaning strongly toward not renewing my subscription at all! If RD wants to keep me as a subscriber, it would be helpful to pass along lower rates since you are avoiding printing and mailing costs through much lower cost electronic media, rather than rewarding Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others with hugh profits.

    I’d be more than willing to receive Readers Digest electronically, but at a marked price reduction over print version.

    Ron Knapp

  15. All I want to do is correct a incorrect address and I cannot get a site to do this. What a dreadful customer service. I am not getting my magazine because it is going to 11 Broman Place- not the correct address. Please correct this. Jarvis Hunt

  16. 5/25/12 I’ve received 2 past due notices after our $26.00 check cleared our bank in March 2017 for a 15 month subscription (through june ’13). Have written you 2 times -BUTguess I’ll have to try your 800 numbers for this fo be corrected. Sounds like many others are having the same problems with CR duplicate billings!!!


  17. I have written to Consumer Reports magazine customer service TWICE regarding an error with my magazine subscription. My first letter never got a reply. The second letter got a reply but DID NOT correct the error. It’s almost as if they didn’t even read my letter. I will not be renewing my subscription.

  18. 800-333-0663 Consumer Reports customer service does not exist! They critique all others yet don’ bother to notice that own rates an “F”. They don’t read if you send them a letter and they won’t help you on the phone. Stay away from subscriptions, people. You’ll just end up banging your head against a wall!! If you must, get it at the market.

  19. Luckily I found this website with a phone number! I too, have been receiving past due notices for payment – even though my bank account was debited for the payment in January of 2017! Since they don’t include contact numbers on their bill, I couldn’t call them and wrote to them on the PAST DUE notices instead. Still kept getting them. When I found this number, I called and was told that Consumer Reports is not set up to handle electronic payments! Seriously? A company this big does not accept electronic payments in this digital age? They said my bank would have to send a check. I don’t understand this at all, especially since I’ve ALWAYS paid my subscription this way.


  20. Well, I had a good experience this morning when calling Consumer Reports. I had received a late notice of payment in the mail last week. This morning I phoned to verify they had received my check that was sent last week and sure enough, they had. I phoned 1-800-333-0663 and received prompt, couteous service. I haven’t tried signing online, so have no experience with the website yet. Hopefully, it will be a good experience.


  21. Consumer reports is either a scam or the most mismanaged organization imaginable. Last week I subscribed to the On-Line version, paid my fee by credit card (it went through and was paid by the credit card company). The next time I tried to go on the site (a few minutes ago) to research vacuum cleaners (mine broke and I need to get a new one tomorrow) I logged in ok, the Website Welcomed me (using my correct first name), but the minute I tried to research a product the website informed me I am not a subscriber and shut me out. The only Customer Service I can find on the site is automated and does not provide for my question/complaint,. also, the Website does not provide a telephone number. So I researched on line and found a telephone number for Consumer Reports Customer Service: it turns out to be only for print subscribers and is totally automated and has no option to cover my problem. Come the morning I will somehow communicate with them and cancel; I will also call the credit card company a report them (although I know that credit card companies don’t consider anything to be a “fraud” unless it involves a stolen card or stolen identity). I’ll report it as a billing dispute with a dishonest vendor who charged the card and then not only refused to deliver but denied that the customer had purchased the product. So having denied I made the purchase, how come they charged my card? Must have been that someone stole my identity or card so it turns out to be a fraud. In short– CONSUMER REPORTS ARE BAD PEOPLE, DON’T DEAL WITH THEM.

  22. Hello, there is a new way of energizing the water we all drink. It is called “Structured Water”. It has been described as 40,000 times more energetic than bottled water and grows plants more abundantly and vegetables with more nutrition. There are companies that sell devices to turn the water into structured water. They have sections of pipe with the technology to transform the water as it enters the house domestic water. Can Consumer Reports please research these different companies’ devices for transforming our house water into miracle water for our improved health? Thank you very much in advance!

  23. This is the first time I have logged on to this web site. I am amazed at these comments. I also have been getting invoices and second reminders that I have not paid my subscription. I paid by check on January 29th, 2017 and the check cleared my bank in early February. I am a retired bookkeeper and cannot imagine how a company this large can survive conducting their business this way. Let’s all search for another source of business information.

  24. 3/27/2017 I have tried to find change of address for cosummer magazine and can’t do so. I refuse to pay to have my address paid and when subscription out I will not renew. I have enjoyed the magazine and have recommended to others but like everything else in life changes have to be made. I have changed from Oh to Fl everyt six months but can’t get this particuler address change.

    , Thank You

  25. I am totally disgusted to find that you are a sponsor of Rush Limbaugh. As a past subscriber you should know that this particular sponsorship tarnishes you in a way that needs correction. I’m almost certain that the Webmaster will not publish this comment.

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