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  1. I signed up for consumer reports through the mail. I have received 2 magazines but am not able to use it online as I was never given a user name or password.

    Please supply with this info so I can use c/r on line.


  2. I have received only two copies of their publication since subscription and I hoped to contact them using e-mail but it seems you can’t. Will try to get some time off to use the phone to wonder what is going on with my subscription. Ken

  3. They make it very hard to just do a subscription online without auto renewal. Now I’m locked from canceling because my credit card is expired and it only gives me an option to renew. There is NO email. The customer agreement has a 1-800 number it says to call any time. But it is only answered during business hours. They are either incompetent or crooks. Easy to sign up, impossible to cancel. I think they are just another publishing dinosaur that needs to die off.


  5. Do not appreciate this years Buying Guide- no index for instance.

    I cannot find where you rated on-line security packages. What about Perfect Privacy ?

    I have subscribed for may years and find most recommendations valuable.

    Ronald Knarr

    Thanks to “Ken” above. I too find a lowering of quality in service as I have sent several letter to CR over the past year or so and have yet to get an answer mail, e-mail or phone call.

  6. I have enjoyed getting your magazine and I think you do a wonderful job of reviewing products. I take exception with your health letter which was shown to me by a doctor friend. Much of the information put forth must be “political acceptable” rather than the truth [Hint:Milk is not good for you and is certainly not a “health food”]. It makes me wonder why you would put your name on this junk.

  7. This is for Anthony Giorgianni,

    85% of purchases may not need an extended warranty but there are always exceptions. Not every one has a credit card so they pay with cash. I monthly with the bill to live in Docer Florida taking care of Mother full time. We experience at least 150 power outages a year. When electronics start up, even with a surge protector there is wear and tear on the equipment. Mother watches TV on satellite and I purchased a warranty which I pay monthly to insure that it works. I had to make 6 claims so far and am very satisfied with the warranty. Not being able to move her away we are planted here for the long run. Only 85% of Americans have a phone and here in Dover there is a dead zone where there is no signal for even a cell phone and no land lines. Verizon decided that it wasn’t economically feasible to install underground phone lines. Calling for support from a manufacturer would be very difficult since there isn’t even a pay phone within 50 square miles. What I am saying is not consummers have the option to call so warranties have a purpose in 15% of cases on some items.

  8. 11/12/2017 This is nuts. I am sick and tired of being harassed by Consumer Reports with renewal notices. I don’t have to renew for years. Why are you sending me these notices now? You are suppose to on the consumers side but let me tell you I don’t fell that you are on my side. Not to mention it is a darn waste of trees with all the paper you use. Maybe you should consider being a little more green. If you think I am outraged, I am. The only outfit worse than you is Newsweek, who sent me a renewal notice after the announced they were discontinuing the magazine. Mr. Guest please get your act together.

  9. Unfortunately, don’t recall gentleman’s name who assisted me. BUT he did an awesome job of helping me out. The hard part I had was in locating the correct number to reach where I wanted to get to on questions with my subscription.

    This (young?) man was so helpful I felt like he really cared about getting what I needed and went out of his way to be helpful.

    C>R> is my second bible and I stand by and quote it all the time to people I meet. Love it. I’ve used it for major purchases like cars; beds; etc.

    Thanks =0)

  10. I just got billed $30 (auto bill) when I intentionally CANCELLED the online subscription (well in advance) to make sure that I DID NOT get auto billed. I’ve been watching my bank statement like a hawk and what happens? $30 charge from Consumer Reports shows up! I am really ticked off right now because they either have shoddy accounting practices or intentionally are scamming people by billing them anyway regardless of whether or not they cancelled in enough time, thus reaping the financial reward from those who don’t notice that they’re being billed even though they cancelled in advance. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible! I am very disappointed in Consumer Reports customer performance. Now I have to watch them like a hawk to make sure I’m credited that amount back to my credit card.

  11. I just received the November copy of Consumer Reports and along with it a renewal form for myself and a gift subscription. Was the renewal form sent in error as I just sent in a check on Sept. 4th to renew the two subscription for next year. Is there a way I can contact the subscription dept. by email or do I have to send a request by snail mail to check. By the way my check was cashed and I have the canceled check.

  12. I am trying to change my mailing address, have tried several times with no access to do it on line. Next I’ll call, just hope the phone numbers are accurate as the information in the magazine is not.

  13. How can a company provide such important product information and have a screwed up renewal department. Uncle Sam is somewhere inside Consumer Reports.

  14. I wanted to end my monthly online subscription, which it turns out is automatically continued into, apparently, eternity. As the card Consumer Reports had been billing to was pulled by our bank due to a security breach and a new one was issued with different security information, I did not reply to the dunning notices, thinking this was as good a way of unsubscribing as any.

    Then I found that my new card had been blocked because CR had tried to bill to it and somehow this resulted not in their being told they couldn’t bill to it, as had been true for about nine months, but in my not being able to use the card while traveling. Visa’s fraud department then called my home to find out what of the charges that had been turned down were legit. Turns out CR had tried again to charge my card and when that was turned down, because they didn’t have the security information, Visa blocked the card until I got home and got their message.

    After real effort even finding a Customer Service number that didn’t require becoming a member (!, I was able to use one of those above and, after being given another number, since I was an online subscriber not a ‘magazine’ subscriber, I’ve registered a) that I am ending my subscription and b) that this way of doing business is unacceptable. So they’ve lost a subscriber. What they don’t seem to understand is that this bad business behavior makes me suspect that the rest of their operation is not, as it used to be, reliable, independent and consumer-friendly. After about 50 years of trusting them, they have broken trust and once you’ve lost someone’s trust you don’t get it back.

    You can go in and cancel auto renewal A FEW DAYS after subscribing or call them at 1 800 333-0663, but it is a pain. That is, you can’t just subscribe for a fixed period of, say, a year.

  15. I subscribed and was promised 2 free gifts, of which I haven’t received yet. It has been months. I got a bill from them with no phone number. So I had to look it up on the internet to see if I could find a number where they can be reached, which is what I am doing now. I will never deal with this lying company again.

  16. I am a subscriber and I just got anoter letter to renew. I paid them for a renewal, they cashed my checked and it cleared but they continue sending me renewals for me to pay. This is getting old. Don’t they know I am paid up? Do they keep such lousy books they don’t know or are they trying to get more money from me.

  17. Completely agree about the renewal notices. I’m on the phone now to tell them that if the send me ONE more notice that doesn’t say when my subscription expires I will NEVER renew again!

  18. I renewed my subscription online on 8/27 and on 9/25 received an invoice to renew. I checked my account online and they did have me as having renewed. Consumer Reports is always sending tickets, etc. because they need money, yet they’re wasting paper and postage by mailing renewal notices to subscribers who have already renewed. I really like the magazine, but they are really getting on my nerves.

  19. 9/17/12: I am so sick and tired of these renewal notices. I am still 6 months away from

    renewing. Like someone above said it tarnishes their reputation. I know when my subscription is up at this point I may not renew. The other complaint I have is these

    lottery tickets they keep sending. If I wanted to play the lottery, I would. If CR can’t afford to do the magazine subscription for what they charge then change the price. Stop with the lottery tickets.

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