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  1. good luck with that you will never get your money back… this company is horible altho i have never experianced the same thing as you my situation is like this consumers comonly violates not only the state law but company policy as well…. i bought a hous from my brother i had used the web site to change the service into my name filled out all the info that was required i never heared back from them untill a couple weeks later when they came out and turned my power off i then called them but of course it was friday and my power was not restored till monday and at that time they installed a new meeter so i figured no big deal right wrong after the new meeter was installed my bill went from about an average of $100 a month to $250 a month I could not undrestand this because i have a small house and have never had that kind of bill in my life so i called them and was told that was my bill pay it or they would shut off my power ( i called to ask them to test the new meeter that had been installed and was told that it had been tested and i quote was 100% acurate) at that time i filed a complaint with the mpsc and paid the minimum $100 deposit and told them that upon requist i would place any money they said i owed in an escrow account to secure payment till such time that the acuracy of the meeter could be proven…. at that time consumers came out and shut my power off again and i had to pay $550 to have it turned back on and they still have not tested my meeter thay just sent a reply back to the state stating that the usage was in line with all the past history but refused to supply me with a detailed account of that history and stated that it was high because of the hot weather when i had informed them that i had been out of town for 3 weeks in one of the months turning off my circuit breakers so no power could be used they just said pay my bill or they would shut it off again an that my meeter was acurate at that point i had checked with my brother about a history of the account his records indicate that never has this house had a bill that high in ten years including the last year before i bought the place from (I had lived here that last year but the service was still in his name and he recived the bill) so nothing has changed but the meeter in fact according to the bill the electric rate has gone down from the past year so i just dont understand how they can say the meeter is acurate and refuse to test it this company has a monopoly and i belive is intentonally stealing from people because they know they can get away with it… on a scale of 1-10 they recive a 0 from me not only in customer service but also in ethical buisness practice as well. at this time i am still looking for a company that can install a indapendent meetering device on my line to compare the readings if i can prove that this meeter is off by more than 1% or so i will be dragging them into court looking for some heafty damages and at this time have no choice but to keep paying a $3,000.00 a year bill for a house that has had an average $1,200.00 a year bill for the past 10 years verry disatisfied with this company!!!!!!

  2. Watch out people. One of their workers sold $1,240.00 . The guy hooked our Meter back up with the right tag. Consumers came out today and took off with our meter. This lady at consumers kept calling my man a liar. It Would be nice to get or money back or our power restored!

  3. We have lost power at TRW Automotive, located at 9475 Center Road, Fenton, MI 48430. I would like to know the cause and the estimated time of restoration as I have an entire shift (30 people) working overtime. At 2:45 AM I was told to expect power back by 9:00 AM, but I need better information as Ineed to tell pepole what to do and also contact our dayshift (40-50 people).

  4. I have water in my circuit breaker box! I traced it outside to the box containing my electric meter. It has wetness inside it. My service is underground otherwise so there is no weatherhead on the box.

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