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  1. Glen, your newsletter says that Obama made a “geography” mistake showing the US, Canada, & Mexico as all one country. Maybe not. Please read this:

    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070826204208AALYuER and this


    Perhaps this is why they do NOTHING about the borders. There are more of these articles on the Internet as well. I’m pretty sure this is already a done deal. I believe it’s once a year the Presidents of the U.S., Mexico and Canada have a “meeting.” Why? Could it be because we are ALREADY all one country – actually not a country but a “section” of the New World Order One World government. Maybe one of your researchers can dig into this a little deeper, because I’m pretty sure that we have already been sold out and are already living under the New World Order. Otherwise, why are we using International Law in OUR courts? Why are some judges also actually using Sharia Law in certain cases? For example, one rape victim was told by a U.S. judge to “Just get over it.” The Constitution is hanging by a thread, as you know, mostly just for the “illusion” factor, to keep Americans under the illusion that we are still a “Constitutional Republic.” We are not. If we are, why does it feel like we are living under Communism? I believe because we ARE living under Communism. They just keep CALLING it a “Democracy.” A Democracy is for the “good of the whole.” A Republic is for the rights of INDIVIDUALS, as I’m sure you are well aware, but most people are not. Most people believe that America is SUPPOSED to be a Democracy, and many have never even heard of a “Republic” and have no clue what it is.

  2. I have tried to email me@glen beck it will not go through so hope this gets to him.In the “modern” and “evolved” era of a country founded on a premiss of equality; one coveted for it’s image of freedom and justice, I think we like to convince ourselves that prejudices based on race, gender, or upbringing are socially outdated. The time of segregated busses and women being unallowed to have high-paying jobs has long passed. This is the 21st century, after all, and as a culture we have adapted to the point of discrimination, regardless of the sort, being somewhat of a taboo…Right?

    A…… Restaurant nested in the urban city of ……Arizona has been dubbed a hostile work environment for many of it’s employees, who have allegedly been under harsh discrimination as well as being sexually harassed for years. Stories include managers offering promotions to select female employees in exchange for sex, and employees being written up and even terminated for refusing. “It’s just the way things are here. You get used to it.” Said one waitress, who shared stories of her restaurant’s general manager rubbing his foot between her legs. Another woman employed at the same location was sexually harassed by cooks, who “made thrusting movements behind her, and barked like a dog saying ‘I am a Mexican pit bull”. Worse yet, when these employees went to their incorporate managers, hoping for justice, they were brushed aside and their stories were covered up in order to protect those being accused.

    Does it need to be said that this is wrong? That things like this cannot and will not be tolerated? The general manager is protecting illegal documented people.And allowing them to lead in these activity’s with no remorse or consequences.Three women have stood up to defend their rights, and maybe in heart, the rights of women anywhere where this kind of injustice is still being sanctioned.

    There is a lot of proof we have got a New York lawyer involved please any questions please contact Robert at i

  3. Funny how everything from the Pres. down through the levels of government. Including sentinel and mini sentinal are hand in hand with the U.N’s global agenda. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

  4. I need to reach you, Glenn, about the “Boy in the Moon”, the protagonist in my story of courage, faith and bringing light to others. It is the perfect corollary to your “Man in the Moon” theme, and would extend your messages to the young children in attendance. Please let me know how I can send this 10-minute read to you!


  5. Glenn Beck, I would like to introduce you to my friend David Conn. He was the first person to alert the FBI about the Jim Jones cult starting in the 1960s. Now, in his 80s and he warns people on the radio about Obama’s evil policies.

  6. Glen,

    Please search (what is the purpose of Air Force Project Cloverleaf and what is the purpose of Chem Trails. This information would make a very interesting week of programs.

    This is directly related to the Airforce HAARP program and military weapons.

    Feel free to contact me for questions.

    Keep up the good programming.

  7. My dog had a similar problem vet said if dog gets worse have to put down her down I gave my 55 lb bassett 11 yrs old 6 CALCIFIED WAFERS DAILEY & 1 tablespoon of Carlsons cod liver dailey – she was walking so poorly she had almost no ability walk in her hind legs I took her to vet thinking she had a stroke but it was a degenerative disease. In 2 weeks walking much better. in almost 4 weeks she ran across kitchen floor to get piece of meat I dropped I subcribe to HEALTH ALERT NEWS LETTER DR.Bruce West FOUNDER HEALTH/IMMUNE SYSTEMS INC in Oct 2017 /Volume 29, issue 10 Page 6 HIS dog BARON had slipped patella tendon severe pain started treating his dog 4 CALCIFOOD WAFERS 2 BIOST tablets & powder contents of 1 LIGAPLEX II capsule directly onto his food After 3 months jumping & pain-free. Four months ago I had to put down my big dog GINGER -LAB SHARPEI most wonderful dog I ever had. May GODS BLESSINGS be on VICTOR, YOU & YOUR FAMILY & THE BLAZE Thank YOU for speaking the TRUTH & HONORING GOD– PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL NOR AM I PRESCRIBING TREATMENT——————–THESE PRODUCTS ARE ON:—–AMAZON

  8. I heard Glen say on The Blaze this morning that he once smothered a puppy on air, because he had promised to do this if something did not happen by a certain time. I did not catch all of it, was in another room. I must know, did the man actually smother a puppy? Dont care if it sounds stupid. I want to know. thanks.

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