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2 Replies to “Contact Senator Bill Nelson”

  1. All of you who think there are republican and democrat sides making decisions are so sadly asleep. TREASON has been declared on Obama in the last three days. Impeachment is emminent. Both Obama and the military have declared congress to be “CEREMONIAL” and both now answer to the UN. Lame stream media isn’t talking about this…jerks all of them.

    WAKE UP!!! <3

  2. Please do not support the IRAN deal that John Kerry fell for. This is a bad deal for America and the Mid-East. Speak and stick for America first and let the rest of the world take care of themselves. Americans are fed up with spending our money on people and country’s that hate America, like Iran. Iran hates America and America leaders keep hoping Iran will change and love America, they will never love America. John Kerry and Obama are fools!

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