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Former Senator Blance Lincoln was Chairman of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, Senator Lincoln provided Arkansas a strong voice on issues important to rural communities. Lincoln played a key role in brokering the compromise that led to passage of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008. Also known as the ?farm bill,? this legislation provides more resources for nutrition, conservation, rural development, and renewable energy than ever before. The 2008 farm bill also maintains a safety net for our family farmers who produce traditional commodity crops so that they can compete in the global marketplace.

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2 Replies to “Contact Senator Blanche Lincoln”

  1. Dear Senator Blanche Lincoln,

    I am writing you with concerns over the tragic events that occured in Conn. I am hoping that this nation can pull together to try and sort out problems of this nature, which seem to only be growing in number. I know that we all are given the right to bear arms. However, I see no reason whatever for anyone to be able to own semi-automatics………none at all unless they are at war. I would like to ask you to try and begins motions to end the selling of these weapons.

    I also believe that sad though it be, we are in deep need of watch dogs at our schools. It hit home with the last shooting in that I know someone who’s grandchild of the age of 6 was killed during this horrific episode.

    This is going to be a tough job to figure how to make things safer for us all. The break down of the American family is a fact, single mothers are a fact.

    The first thing I believe that may begin things is to take away semi automatic weapons. There is much to be done.

    Please know that I understand how difficult your job is and appreciate your help.

  2. us seniors in elm springs needs help. the council has decided to have a trash pickup ?????? we have allways done a complete recycle, we don’t need a trash service , cant afford it on soc sec. they say its mandatory, no say ,no vote ?? is this america or mexico ??? i’ve been threatened today , take it , a citation , or jail . i’m 66 yrs old , a nam -vet disabled. what in the heck is this . we need quick help, i’ll not live in jail , very bad health. they may take our home also, cause we wont pay for trash pickup. this seems like germany dictatorship, and we are full true americans , no green cards here. the city is going bankrupt and want us to give our savings to them , 1 way or another. several on the council are very rich from prior years . we have no vote — no say , this is not the american way , help us .

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