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Senator Charles Schumer
Office Address:
State: New York
Party: Democrat

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5 Replies to “Contact Senator Charles Schumer”

  1. All the money being spent on illegals in this country and Chuckie wants to streamline them and then the next wave so putz’s like him can get their vote!

  2. Mr. Schumer I read your comment over immigration and “The whole country demands reform” What planet are you living on sir? For decades this country has demanded a wall be built & never asked for amnesty. Maybe its good for democratic votes but not this country. As New Yorker and a tax payer I DO NOT WANT AMNESTY. How long have tax payers said to shore up welfare and put a term limit on it? Either you work for us or you work for illegals., take your pick. Keep talking about the illegals and the latinos sir an you are as unpatriotic as it gets and do not do the will of the people.

  3. HI, My name is Silvy , I am a community leader on long Island. My question is, I would like to attend the NYS Association of Black and Puerto Rican legislators Annual Caucus, which will be held on February 18,2012. What kind of transportation or carpull is available in Suffolk County New York to get us that want to get involved, to Albany.Please contact my office if possible.Thanks and keep working for us. God Bless You

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