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Former Senator Dodd was born May 27, 1944, in Willimantic, Connecticut, the fifth of six children. Senator Dodd lives in East Haddam with his wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, and their daughters Grace and Christina.


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6 Replies to “Contact Senator Chris Dodd”

  1. Senator this is Nabukenya Josephine the girl you meant in the congress i would like to communicate with you. I still treasure your work.

  2. Senator Christopher Dodd. I am aware of the MPAA rule that no child under 17 may without a parent watch an R rated movie. I have a problem with this. A parent should be able to say that it is alright for their child too see a movie and not have to accompany them. It makes no sense. If I can’t get your attention with this, how about the idea of lowering the rule to 16 years of age. 1 year difference in age isn’t at all that different. Please contact me at my email address. And I am 16 years of age. If you could please tell me why it wouldn’t be possible to lower the age requirement to 16, I would be much obliged.

  3. Sen. Dodd – I want you to be aware of how your Dodd-Frank bill is hurting home buyers and home owners. I just spoke to a client for whom I handled their purchase mortgage a couple years ago. They are interested in refinancing, but I can’t help them because my compensation is now fixed. I am not able to give them a lower interest rate because the loan now has to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the loan, including my compensation. Your bill now prohibits me from helping lower this family’s interest rate because I can’t price the loan to exclude my compensation. You obviously did not think about the negative impact this ridiculous legislation would have on the American people. It’s about time you retired.

  4. Dear Senator Dodd,

    This is a personal invitation for you to pledge a percentage of your earnings back into your company to close the wealth inequality gap growing in America. As you may know, there has recently been a great deal of public scrutiny on the discrepancy between executive level compensation and that of the average employee.

    As a businessperson, you are more than deserving of a generous compensation for all your efforts, there is no questioning that. The issue is that America, the nation that made your prosperity possible, is in economic crisis. Your executive status puts you in a unique position to make a difference. By simply pledging wealth back into your own company, you can help simulate the economy. This is not charity or a handout, you are investing in the well being of the nation which just makes sense for all of us.

    If you would like to make a pledge, please click the following link.


    CEO Pay Cut

  5. I agree with Sam, it’s because of career politicians like you that this country is suffering so much right now and our civil liberties are at risk.

  6. Dodd. You’re a corporate pawn, a bozo, and a hypocritical bore. Your bills champion the exact same things that you put Wikipedia and reddit down for. Why is abuse of power only abuse of power when it’s anyone but you?

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