Contact Senator Claire McCaskill


Senator Claire McCaskill
State: Missouri
Party: Democrat

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3 Replies to “Contact Senator Claire McCaskill”

  1. Senator McCaskill,

    I think the American public deserves so much better than what they are getting from our elected officials. If I did my job the way ALL our congress and represenatives are I’d be fired! We need a budget and to have ALL our officials quit acting like 2 year olds!! I believe there will be a huge turnover when terms end!

  2. She didn’t exactly answer my question but of all thr people I contacted,[and Obama is I think the only one I missed}, I did get a reply from her office. Now if I could figgure out how to foreward a message sent to me…………….Guess it’s back to the good old postal service. Not too speedy but it will get there.

  3. Senator McCaskill, I need your help. I am a 88 YO WW II Vet It took me 4 months to get all the paperwork for admission to the Warrensburg Vet home. My son called last week to find out where i was on the admission. The lady in charge of applications told him it would be at least 1 1/2 to 2 years.. I will not last that long. I have trouble getting around and getting meals. I don’t drive so someone has to get groceries for me. My wife passed away May 23, 2014. so don’t have anyone to do laundry and cleaning. For this large of backlog. They should have a larger facility for Vets of closer wars. Can you help me?

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