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Senator Elect Dan Coats pledges to cut taxes and limit spending, stop new energy taxes and to reduce the deficit through spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

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5 Replies to “Contact Senator Dan Coats”

  1. Dr. Sen. Dan Coats Im a regestered voter im total against any new gun and ammo bans this is all very wrong, it is just more control on all law abyding people. sincerley Donald Lamb

  2. I am very concerned with the reported support by Hillary for a treaty driven by the UN to limit or deny our Second Amendment rights. The Democrats are fighting gun rights. The President is opposed to guns. The only Constitutional defenders are the Republicans in the Senate, so we hope for and request your support. The president has walked all over a flacid Congress. It is time for the Congress to defend their perogratives while they still can.

  3. I have a negative comment regarding the Republican handling of the budget and trying to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and while continuing to give away billions to foreign countries. I hesitate to add it due to censorship by the webmaster.

  4. I was so upset when I watched the video of the people getting arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial – if you haven’t seen it, watch it. It’s appalling.

    I wrote Senator Lugar and Coats:

    I am not political in any fashion but when I see our freedoms taken away one at a time, I am VERY ALARMED. Being able to dance, sing, talk are all covered under our First amendment! Please watch the video PROTECT OUR FREEDOM Mr. Coats!

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