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Senator Harry Reid is the Current Senate Majority Leader. He is a prominent member of the Democratic Party and is the senior Senator from the state of Nevada.

Senator Harry Reid
State: Nevada
Party: Democrat

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46 Replies to “Contact Senator Harry Reid”

  1. Please Mr. Reid show us you full tax returns. Not just what you congress has deemed but 100% of all your retruns for the last 10 years.

  2. I think you are despicable to make the comments regarding Romney’s taxes knowing you cannot be sued for libel while speaking from the Senate Floor. You hold a noble, coveted and important political office requiring the utmost of intellect and integrity and well….need I say more. You don’t deserve it.

    You are doing the bidding of the OBAMA re-elect campaign and we the American People are not stupid. Those of us that are educated see RIGHT THROUGH YOU, AND Obama. Can’t wait to vote all of you bums OUT.

    That will be November 2nd. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

  3. Reid you said you heard that Romney didnt pay taxes. Since you have no proof of who said that….I can say ( with no Proof) you beat your wife. How does that feel? Stop using our tax dollars by spewing your filth in the Senate.


  5. I cannot believe the tax comments from you about Romney. It makes me think there still is nuclear fallout in the air in Nevada. Please Harry stay inside or use oxygen so your brain can clear up. I was an Obama backer (boy was that a mistake) because if he has you as one of his henchman God have mercy on our country.

  6. Senator Reid,

    Put aside the politics, put aside your job…… I have known many LDS (Mormons).

    You have lost your soul. How can you repeat gossip ( so you say) about another brother?

    I am not LDS but I know what you are doing and saying are dishonest. I vote for Romney.

    You need to retire and renew your faith.

  7. Harry you said that you heard Rommey has not paid any tax. Haven’t you heard that you believe nothing you hear nad only half you see or you are a fool. You keep harping for Romney to show his tax records. What about Obama showing his college records, grades, and thesis and his true birth certificate, why his social security number cam from northern US instead of where he was born. another thing is how did he get such a small loan on an under priced house in Chicago. what about his law Degree. Most all of these are sealed. Then we get to the gun runner problems where he excutes presidental privalge to prevent giving facts as to what happened and the last one he wants to let illigals stay in the country unless they commit a crime. Isn’t coming into the US illigally a crime. The last thing if they do come in between age 2 to 28 they can say they completed High School or got a GED with having to prove it to be let go.

    All this and you have the gall to say I heard Romney did not pay any taxes. How much have you paid on your sucking up benfets from us tax paying citizens

  8. I doubt if you or your staff actually read these comments, and probably don’t bother to listen to the voice mail; however, I am calling your office and writing this to express my outrage and utter contempt for your accusations regarding Romney’s not paying taxes. Someone needs to inform you that your actions are either a felony (giving out privileged information) or slanderous and you can be sued or at the least repremanded by the Senate for making false statements. Either way, it is a vile, despiciable act of a vile, despicable man who has crossed the line, stooping to the gutter in an attempt to win an election. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR NATION THAT OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES CANNOT CONDUCT A CIVIL AND FAIR ELECTION?? You disgrace the office you hold and I can only hope you will be held accountable for this disgusting display.

  9. Senator Reid – I urge you to schedule a floor vote on repealing Obamacare. I know you think this is an wonderful plan and you’ll do everything you can to keep it — but the American people do not want this plan and it is your responsibility to have an up/down vote on the floor of the Senate. You continue to stop progress in the Senate if it is not to your choosing — you are the problem. Do the right thing – do your job.

  10. With all due respect Senator, I think you took to many punches to your head, you have to be punch drunk. Your after Rommey (dog catcher comment). What I really want to know is when are you and this BS administration going to have a BUDGET. Get off your ass you donkey. Your party emblem is a donkey isn’t it. I’m 74, I’ve worked 53 years in various finance positions for 2 large Property & Casualty companies in Manhattan and I’m currently the Associate Director of Finance & Data Information for a small Catholic non-profit. In all my life I have never gone through a year without a mandatory budget. Get the smelling salts and wake up. As an American I’m sick and tired of BS artists & BS.

  11. I just listened to your speech on TV about your winning the Obamacare “affordable” healthcare. Well as a 77 yr old individual tell me what I have won. A medical panel that tells me I can or can not have the care I am paying for? Great, for you and your co-horts. If this healthcare plan is so wonderful WHY have you in the government voted to exempt yourselves. What is good for me should in every way be good for you. So stop touting your pleasure of the passage of this bill until I see that everyone of you in the senate, congress and Presidency have to commit to using the same plan as we the people.

  12. You just blocked a bill which would have stoped illegal aliens who are in the U.S. illegally,from getting $1000 for each child they claim as a dependent. Most of these children are not e ven in the U.S . The money is coming out of the taxpayers pockets. If you try do this as a U.S citizen and claim nephews and nieces living here in the U.S, the IRS will check up on you. This is insanity.

  13. i light a candle for your wife,put her name in my prayer,ansd say her name. may she find wellness aas my daughter-in-law who lives in Las Vegas has been through two bouts of cancer. h ave been. a Democrat voting since I lived up the street from Pres. Truman in Indep,Mo. Bless you Harry Reid.

  14. You are the most stupid piece of humanity. I am not a republican, but I am an educated citizen that understands the english language. I have yet to hear a republican even hint that they want to exclude women from health care. What they want is for the people who use contraception (which is that majority of us) to pay for our pleasure and not expect anyone else except their partner to contribute to the small cost – else cross their legs a or say NO! Get off your ass and present a budget to the Senate. Get off your ass and present the inumerable bills languishing on your desk to the Senate. Get off your ass and stop playing party politics. i.e. DO THE JOB WE ARE PAYING YOU TO DO!

  15. When Congress can legislate moral issues we have gone to far. How can government tell me that “I must” provide contraception for my employees????? This has crossed the line, what is next? Required injections for the mentally ill or feeble senior citizens? The horse has been let out of the barn and it will be a matter of time.

  16. Sen Reid,

    My grandfather once told me – It is better to be quiet and thought a fool than

    to open your mouth and prove it.

  17. I would like your attention to the va clinic in Laughlin, nv. they have only one doctor and he is unable to see all of the patients and we need a 2nd doctor so the vets can get the medical care they need. thank you and hope that you follow through with this. Jack

  18. Harry you should quit… are a liar and a coward……you are an jerk to state that obama care is good…….for you communist….not me jerk… should just die and blow away… violate the constitution because you nor your son understand to defend the constitution…you are an enemy to this country……you and the half black jerk. I bet everyone that opposes you on this site will have an audit from the IRS(jerk)

  19. Senator, you and the Democratic Party are risking a house and senate take over. I think it would incumbent upon the Democratic Party to grow a spine. If this ship does not change course, we will hit the ICEBERG. Now you sir can either start turning the wheel, and avoid this catastrophe or continue going in the same direction. This is a political gamble that could potentially ruin your whole political career. Do you sir want a 2010 repeat? I hope you are willing to compromise and support the Iran deal, and the great Senator from Vermont. We are at a turning point, there are 435 members in the house, and 100 of you in the Senate. So if you sir do not comply – we will not vote. If Hillary wins the Primary, we will not vote in the General election.

  20. i need help with my light bill the people in butts county ga. are saying there out of funds and you cant get help, how long are we going to have to suffer. there telling me to give up my home and thats not right .you all please help us .

  21. Harry you are a geriatric crooked moron who should be shot in the head, you have been crooked and useless your whole lying career, you and Pelosi need to leave soon so this country can move forward, in the world of chaos that’s coming true Americans are coming after you idiots first and you will suffer. I hope you like Hell because you barrack and nancy are all going there you fing reject. Nevada constituants must be stupid or your corrupt or both otherwise you would have been gone years ago. DIE FER DIE the Mob is now after your neck and it is going to happen soon.

  22. Harry it looks like you and some of your family is going to end up in jail for stealing public lands along I-15 and 170. No wonder you sent gravely armed troops to the Bundy ranch. He stands in your greedy way. Well my name is James Peyton and I live in. SW Vegas near Patrick and grand Canyon and I was one of the armed men ready to stand to the last man to protect the Bundys, and I mean to the last man. Who authorized the forces you used for your personnel army to attack the Bundys? Since it failed who is going to pay for your own personal army. I am proud to be a “Domestic Terroist” as you call people who stand up for the rights of free Americans.

    All Americans need to stand up to our big corrupt government when they start changing the laws to fit politicians needs. We need to arm up and stop the government when they pull these illegal deal and try putting their boots on the necks of the defensleds. So harry I would expect that you and your family will end up in jail and all of your land given back to the American people you stole it from.

    I no you do not have any honor and the Mormon Elders have had their eyes on you but an honorable man would kill himself to save face. Give me a call at and I will show you how to do it on your own. You better hurry because is going to throw under the bus and he is on borrowed time himself with a the lies catching up with him and impeachment just around the corner. Bye bye you thieving little jerk.

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