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Senator Harry Reid is the Current Senate Majority Leader. He is a prominent member of the Democratic Party and is the senior Senator from the state of Nevada.

Senator Harry Reid
State: Nevada
Party: Democrat

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46 Replies to “Contact Senator Harry Reid”

  1. Senator Reid,


    This country DOES NOT want the Obama not care act !!!

    Why can’t you see this poll after poll that shows that !!!

    Stop shoving that so called health care plan down our throats,

    We do Not want it !!! Are you that stupid to see that !!

    Start representing the people or resign Senator Reid, you just do not get it !!!!!

  2. Mr. Reid, you are a waste of oxygen and I pray that you and the rest of your libtard band of misfits get a very painful the of cancer and die very soon!

  3. Please listen to the people of this country. DEFUND OBAMACARE. We can not pay for this and we should have a choice about purchasing insurance. Our liberties are being taken from us.

    We need insurance reform, but we can not survive with OBAMACARE.

    Please LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE and DEFUND OBAMACARE. Let our country live again and thrive as our forefathers designed us to be able to do.

    Thank you.

  4. It is time for you to step down and let someone willing to stand up for what the majority of people in this country want and expect from our elected officials who are there to do what is best for this country. If you are unwilling to stand up and do what you’re there for, then step down. We need leadership and action, not cowardice and inaction. I am so ashamed of this Congress for the lunacy they’re created and perpetuating. It is total insanity and we are paying your salaries. Do the work required or go home and let someone with determination and intelligence, and caring for the citizens of this country, take your place. I am absolutely stunned by your inaction and inability to even try. Enough!

  5. Shame on you Reid. You’re suppose to represent “The People”. We the People want Gun Control. The only issue you’re concerned with is your political agenda. It’s time for you to step Down. You don’t have the guts to represent US.


  6. You, sir, are a coward (you remind me in mannerisms of Dickens’ Uriah Heep). Why don’t you and your fellow conspirators post on the internet how much money you receive from the NRA? You should feel deeply ashamed!

  7. Harry Reid you are a disgrace to our country. It is pitiful the way that you and so many are controlled like puppets by the Wayne LaPierres in this country. I am ashamed and embarrased that you should be speaking for the American people and if you had any guts at all you would bring this back to the table. Shame on you and all the people who oppose gun control.

  8. As speaker of the house you represent the people of America and more than half of us want to see an assault weapons ban as well as a required thorough check of everyone that wishes to purchase a fire arm. I realize that this puts you in a very difficult position but if it were to save just one young life it would be worth it. However, it is evident that many would be saved. God has placed you in a very important position in America and I can not help but conclude that He would help in your reelection.

  9. Senator Reid….get the matter of gun control back and get the votes to pass the bill. Our family and our children depend on you. I am a Democrat, and I will not vote for Democrats who run from an issue rather than WORK for us.

  10. Senate Majority Leader, Reid: You had a valuable opportunity to help stop the never-ending “fake fillibuster” obstructionism of hundreds of bills for the past 4 years FROM CONTINUING for the next 4 years! I am an American who, like millions and millions of others, wants to see a Senate that works for The United States and its PEOPLE. A “majority” vote should be able to pass bills, and the s-i-l-e-n-t fillibuster should be REMOVED as an option for any Senator(s)!

    I can’t imagine why you acted and spoke as you did. Your countrymen, women, and children need you, Senate Majority Leader Reid, to stand up for a Senate that is NOT totally controlled by the minority, day in and day out! The Senate is composed of 100 Senators. This silent fillibuster does NOT, in my opinion, allow these Senators to function the way in which the Constitution intended. The “abuse” you talked about is, after 4 years, already CRYSTAL clear! I am very disappointed in you, and I request that you reconsider and take a vote on the CORRECT bill. I am asking you to do the RIGHT thing for no one other than the American People! Thank you.

  11. I am deeply disappointed in you, Harry Reid. YOU CAVED IN TO SENATOR O’CONNELL.

    What in God’s earth is wrong with you. You are not a leader.

  12. Dear Senator Reid,

    I am deeply concerned that we cannot get filibuster reform! My goodness! Our country was on the brink of disaster in 2008 and we get a chance to stop its total destruction, but instead get 4 years of total inaction on anything whatsoever because we allow the minority party of lunatics to keep blocking everything for pure politics??????? This is insane.. I pray that you will use your power and insist on the talking filibuster or the 41 vote. Please! We are dying out here! No jobs. Everyone lost their 401ks, losing homes, everything costs more and more. This can’t go on. Please restore dignity to the senate. Everything is so wrong. The people are getting screwed by Citizens United, the Bankers got bailed out and continue corrupt practices while claiming that it’s all legal……. We need a fighting chance. We need that filibuster reform and it should be a talking filibuster and we need to overturn Citizens United!

    I worked at your fundraisers in the 80’s when you were just starting out and my partner at the time, Peter Arapis began working for you. I have all way followed your great career and been proud of all you have done for the democratic and progressive side. That is why I just cannot understand why you can’t take control and make things fair when you have the chance.

    Bonnie Bock

    Pittsburgh PA

  13. Dear Senator Reid, My name is Paul LaBonte, I am one of your constituents here in Nevada. Living in Boulder City. As a progressive Democrat I cannot for the life of me understand why you will not allow a vote on the proposed filabuster reform offered by the Senator from Oregon. Senator Reid, if you do not do this you are the reason nothing will get done. Why in the world are you waiting to act and why in the world don’t you just do this. It will not silence the minority at all it will just make them show the American people their arguments and create total transparency for Americans to finally see which party is really the problem. As one of your constituents I am begging you to get this done and to do it the way the majority have voted for. The framers never intended for the Minority to control the debate or to block legislation from bettering the country as a whole. Do not play games Mr. Senator, do the right thing and pass this proposal.

  14. Senator Reid

    Obama is complaining that the GOP won’t budge. How about Obama and the Senate

    budge? The senate has done NOTHING for the last two or three years except block

    everything the House has tried to do. You won’t even bring anything up for a vote, I think because you are afraid it might pass. The House has offered many solutions to

    our fiscal, you have offered nothing except more taxes and more spending. Don’t you get it yet, we are fed up with taxes and spending and regulations. You are destroying our

    country. It’s tim for the senate an Obama to budge. After all the whole premise of

    the democrats is to tax the wealthy……whichh will fund our government for eight or nine DAYS! It’s still class warfare for Obama and you are supporting it. Get your

    head out, Senator. Start doing your damned job!!

  15. Harry Ried you are scum. The congress is scum. The Obama is scum and an illegal at that. Obama only won because he flooded the country with illegal trash mexicans who were allowed to vote illegally. My country is no longer a country of the honest and brave. But a country that is full of crocks,trash lazy no good mexicans who are being allowed in to keep voting democrat so scum like you and Pelosi and Obama can keep on steeling our great great great grandkids inheratance and their lives. You and the demos are thieves,murderers and lackys of the devil. Because of you and the demos our country will soon not exist. We are broke and owe our worse enamey more money than can ever be paid. You ediots are stoopid,you are trash and the worse enameys of my country. The old saying Asolute power corrupts absolutely. You are living proof of that. We citizens want the budget fixed permanently. We want the rich to pay taxes and the illegal scum sent back to mexico,india and other countrys.

  16. I am not Mormon but it seems to ME that you are the disgrace not Gov. Romney Sen. Reid!!! You need to to clean-up

    your own backyard before you start judging someone elses. You and Nancy Pelosi can take a flying leap and….well, I’m sure you know the rest!!!

  17. I am embarrassed to be from the state of Nevada and have you as my senator. I would like to have more information about your land deals– if you have any guts you’ll divulge what millions you have gained by these illegal deals. I am not Morman but I hope to GOD that the Morman church tears you into the shreds that you deserve. By the way, you are disgusting to the legacy of Las Vegas High School. I know now why they called you Pinky–what a JOKE

  18. Hang it up Harry, and while doing so perhaps you and Nancy Pelosi should run away together, never to be seen again. You two are the lowest of lows……Obama/Michelle/Valerie should follow. I hear there is remarkable progress being made on Mars……perhaps the Martians would like your kind of politics.

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