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Senator Joe Lieberman is best known as the Democratic candidate for Vice President in 2000. More than that, he is a national leader who works across Party lines to find common ground, who speaks his conscience, and who gets things done for Connecticut and the country.

Senator Joe Lieberman
State: Connecticut
Party: Independent

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2 Replies to “Contact Senator Joe Lieberman”

  1. Dear Senator Leiberman,

    I wrote to Barach O’bama about questions one of which his spending. Since he had my E mail his staff writes every day sometimes lo times begging for money. I wrote nicely that my husband is dying and I am on disability Yet his staff won’t tell him. He keeps begging even though he spends trillions. As I said he knows my husband is dying yet he still begs and won’t stop. His wife was upset because someone said something about her posterior being too big. So what. They have trillions and trillions I tried nicely to explain we are poor and sick. My husband had a liver transplant and now he is scared in his somach reagon and needs a liver transplant that is if he survives to live that long. YET O”bama wants my money. I could even send you a copy of all his staffs E mails begging me (the poor and the sick for even more money) I don’t mean to be rude but this seems simple enough to understand yet they keep bothering me. I wrote to his staff over and over to leave us alone/ then he somehow got my other E mail address with my Hebrew name. Please tell him to leave the poor sick dying and elderly Americans alone. After all he could always get trillions more from China but leave poor Americans alone especially dying ones. I wonder if he just does not understand re: would love to see his transcrips because the truth is he and his staff are being rotten E mailing every day begging and begging for money. I have too much stress for his nonsense. TY

    I wrote to senator leiberman because he is kind intelligent has empathy etc.

  2. Dear Senator,

    As a Catholic I view this mandate as the single gravest threat to freedom of religion. What we have is one group of people imposing their views on a religious group because they feel they are correct. The problem of forcing a religious group to espouse something they feel is morally wrong is simply the State imposing it’s morality on the Catholic people.

    This is ONEROUS and the single gravest threat to American livery I’ve seen in my life.

    Please help us to defeat this tragic ruling.

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