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Senator John Boozman, a successful businessman and life-long resident of Arkansas. Senator Elect Boozman was elected on November 2, 2010.

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4 Replies to “Contact Senator John Boozman”

  1. Please vote “NO” on the so-called immigration reform legislation as proposed by eight renegade, idiotic senators. There is a constitutionally-prescribed method to pass legislation, and gangs of eight ain’t in it. Period. You should insist the current immigration laws be first enforced and that our borders be secured. Any further amnesty will only encourage another multi-million trespassers to come on over.

  2. You really voted against our returning veterans? I wonder if you even ever served? What you did is DISGUSTING. You do not deserve to live in a free nation because you insult the men and women who defend it for you. I hope that wherever you go, from now and for as long as you live, you will be ostracized from society; branded as a sleazy ideologue who betrayed his nation. Shame on you

  3. Senator Boozeman,

    President Obama’s jobs bill should have been passed and yesterday you voted against the veterans. Shame on you. I will remember that you are not representing me, here in Van Buren.

  4. Senator Boozman – You should be ashamed of yourself for voting against the Veterans Jobs Corp Bill today – since you co-authored the bill we all know you were just PLAYING PARTY POLITICS. The young men and women who risk their lives for this country to keep us all safe deserve our help when they come back from war. How dare you turn your back on our veterans. You will be held accountable. We will remember this at the polls.


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