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Senator John McCain has a remarkable record of leadership and experience that embodies his unwavering lifetime commitment to service. First elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona in 1982, John has led the fight for reforming Washington, eliminating wasteful government spending, and strengthening our nation’s armed forces.

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76 Replies to “Contact Senator John McCain”

  1. You disgust me. Why you are not giving us ammunition to destroy this president (small caps) is beyond me. Help us out here. This is the worst president we have had in the history of our world and still nothing, from you!! Get the Republican Party together and tell us what we can do!! That is your job!!!

  2. I am a postal employee and would like to get the record straight about what a postal employee pays for health insurance. It is true postal employeeys pay less of a premium for health insurance, however postal employees DO NOT get LOCALITY pay as all other federal employees get. I believe that would be about 22% more above base pay for living in NY.

  3. Senator John McCain,

    Why must you continue your barrage of heresy against this President??? YOU diminish your own stature by this constant show of pettiness. I, once, thought of you as man of great character, not a mere politician, but a ‘stateman’. Enough said.

  4. I need help from Senator McCain immediately since there is an ongoing problem

    on a cruise ship right now as I type this. My son needs intervention.

    Please contact me…. I left a message. I live in Tuson

  5. Dear Senator McCain:

    You are a Senator, a Decorated War hero, a Statesman, a former Presidential Candidate and a descendent of a high ranking military family. This thing you have gotten into with the “DOGS” is really childish and it diminishes your stature. Hopefully, this kind of playfullness will not be continued by you during the entire Presidential Election Season. You had your change and you muffed it, with your selection of Sara Pallin for your VP. There is nothing that President Obama could ever do that would be comparable to that totally rediculous decision. You had your chance, now try to get over it and be an adult. This great country deserves more mature conduct from it’s leaders. Grow up and be a man. Thankyou


  7. Dear Senator — I have a friend in Oklahoma who has a heart baby–in 14 months of life this little fella has gone through a heart transplant and multiple other surgeries and procedures. he is currently back in Ok ( his home state) but is in need of being transferred to Childrens Texas (houston). The battle always seems to nbe medicaid–I am confused by this–everytime he needs medical attention in a different state medicaid is an issue. Isnt medicaid a federal program? Why so much red tape for a 14 month old life to be saved? Please help us save this lil guys life and help us save many many others lives by fixing this program–

  8. Dear Senator McCain: With all this talk about revamping healthcare, I’m surprised that no one has addressed the fact that a huge majority of insurance companies do not cover ANYTHING to do with weight loss. With all the emphasis the First Lady is putting on fitness, you’d think there would be a push for insurance company to cover this very important health problem. As everyone knows, obesity is a major cause for many illness and even injuries. What can we do to change this?

  9. You and every other US Senator MUST vote NO on Senate bill 4646 which allows the federal government to tax transactions at every bank by 1%. This is just stupid and any congressperson or senator who votes for it is also stupid.

  10. As a former Marine, I just can’t figure out why such a prominent military man and a former POW constantly takes the role of a “war monger” and decidedly assumes that the American people want to be the protector of the world. You, of all people, should push for the United Nations to be the world’s protector and us, as a member of the U.N., only figure in as a voting member. We, as a nation, can no longer afford to be in every conflict around the world. Unless you are so beholding to those who manufacture wartime weapons, planes, ammunition, etc. We are disliked around the world BECAUSE of our presence there. How do you think WE, the American People, would accept a foreign mititary presence in this country? Do you think that factions here would constantly rebel and attack at every available chance?

  11. US Senator John McCain

    of Mrs Ketevan Dzidzishvili

    Dear Mr John McCain, as for me, as for all other citizens of Georgia is known, that you are very brave man and fought against Russian army. You are also considered a close friend of Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia. That’s why I’ve decided to ask you for help.

    As you are aware, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the Prosecutor’s Office carried out a lot of progressive changes to make their work transparent, fair and non-corrupt. Unfortunately I’ve recently found that these changes have affected only the Kancelaria and lower level of Ministry of Justice and Chief Prosecutor’s Office. But these changes haven’t affected the upper level of Chief Prosecutor’s Office and the General Inspectorate of Ministry of Justice.

    I want to tell you, that my son, Vakhtang Dzidzishvili, former officer of Constitutional Security Department of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the owner of Vakhtang Gorgasali order and active participator of 2008 Russian-Georgian War, was able to save secret documents and armament of Constitutional Security Department’s Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Branch. He also reconnoitered occupied Senaki Military Base and gave important information to Georgian government with great risk for life. He did everything in accordance to his personal initiative.

    He bought 14 tons of sequestred nuts with his partner by open forced auction in Zugdidi, on January 15th 2011. These sequestred nuts had been kept in Ingiri nut factory since October 2009. My son and his partner got information about this auction from the Web Site of the National Beaureau of Enforcement. One of the former owners of these nuts took part in this auction, but he lost the auction, because he had stopped rising price during the trade. After the auction the former owners of those nuts tried to return back those sold nuts by blackmailing and threatening my son and his partner.

    During the one of the following meeting, one of the former owners of the nuts brought with him gangsters and my son phoned police for help.

    Fresh nuts from the seized nuts were taken to Zugdidi nut factory and sold off by my son and his partner. The payment was made by the bank.

    In august 2011, the General Inspectorate of Ministry of Justice (the prosecutor Zaza Karkusashvili, investigators: Solomon Gibishvili and Givi Mzhavanadze) arrested my son together with other persons in Zugdidi and drove them to Tbilisi. The arrested people are accused in swindle. This accusation is absurd, of course. The real reason, why the people were arrested was only one: they wanted to confiscate whole money which my son and his partner got legally for the nuts.

    The investigation was carried out hastilly and biased.

    The General Inspectorate of Ministry of Justice which function is to control prosecutors’ and law-defenders’ activity, itself violates the law. The Prosecutor and the Investigators of Ministry of Justice tried to get false testimonies from the accuseds and witnesses by blackmailing and threatening them in order to strengthen their beforehand elaborated wrong version. Four persons were arrested, among them was my son.

    My son neither considers himself guilty, nor gives false testimony against innocent persons.

    Three of the arrested persons admitted the non-existent crime and gave false evidences against my son. Instead of this, Prosecutor Karkusashvili promised them to release from prison.

    The criminal case is based solely on false testimonies. There aren’t any real facts and evidences that convict my son.

    Nevertheless, I’m not sure that the court will make a fair, correct verdict, because as you know, the judiciary in Georgia isn’t independent.

    Prosecutor Zaza Karkusashvili threatens, that my son will be punished excellently for resisting prosecution.

    I’ve addressed all responsible instances and persons, as well as the Minister of Justice, the Chief Prosecutor, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chief of the Parliament, the Public Defender and the President of Georgia with statements, but in vain.

    All my applications were sent to the guilty prosecutor Karkusashvili without any fair action.

    The prosecutor Karkusashvili says with great irony, that writing of complaints is only waste of time, because all my applications will be sent to him.

    Dear Mr John McCain, you are my last hope. Please use your great reputation and personally notify the President of Georgia and the Minister of Justice about this outrageous illegality and help me to save my innocent son from chasing by corrupt officials.

    Yours sincerely

    Ketevan Dzidzishvili

  12. Dear Senator.

    My favorite person for years.

    Perhaps you can explain to me how the Government can get away with the following.

    My wife worked 10 years for the State of Arizona. She had a retirement program that deducted X number of dollars from her paycheck. This after taking out income tax. Sadly she passed away July 18, 2011 and her retirement was sent to me as beneficiary. The Gov’t deducted 20 % (percent) for income tax. A total of over $8000.00. Now comes tax time in Arizona and I must claim the amount as income. Ergo, I will have to pay income tax on that. This money is banked under my name and will go to our son when I pass away. I am 79 years of age now. My son, in turn, will have to declare same as income. The amount will be taxable. This makes a total of 4 times the retirement will be taxed as income. Ain’t that a gas?

    I call it highway robbery. How can you all get away with this?

    I am outraged and disappointed at this rip-off. In truth, I am already disappointed in our government and this is gasoline on the coals. Give us poor people a break for God’s sake.

  13. would you explain how comgress can charge retires 13 pay mo instead of the normal 12mo and charge the retires incom tax on 13mo. inmy case I lost $1500.00 for that 13mo.

  14. This is going to be short and from the heart.

    As a Viet Nam Vet, I am totally disappointed in you Mr. McCain ( to me right now, you don’t deserve the title of Senator ). You must retire before you lose it completely.

    I respected you as a V.N.V, but that’s it.You are like the rest of the Republican, trying to bring America down, so that you can get your man in office.

  15. Hi there old man i saw you putting down the Precedent. Just wondering how much money are making from the war machine. Bush signed off on this. YOU must be going absent minded, to be polite.

  16. I work low-income jobs even though I have a BA from Emerson College which is a good school. I’m not sure how to get ahead. I work as a caregiver and also a nanny. I spent the past year not working and job-hunting the whole time. I only got one job in a whole year. i sued one company for discriminating against me based on age. I asked for a very small sum of money so that’s what I got. I should have asked for more money.

    I started several Masters’ programs. They were all too hard for me except the U of Phx program in Management. I could’ve done that one but I quit because I didn’t think I even wanted to be a manager. I should have stuck with it since it would have been easy enough for me to do. U of Phx is an easy school. The rest of them are hard.

    I used to make jewelry. I’m planning on going back to it and selling it at swap meets.

    My request of you is two things: 1) caregivers make $10-$15 an hour. It is demanding work and very low-paying. You should work to get caregivers better money.

    2) How should I get ahead? I doubt I can come up with the $500 to pay U of Phx back in order to enroll there again. I need to have plan for getting ahead. Can you help me?

  17. Dear Senator McCain,

    As most Americans I am disturbed that Mr Hagel and Mr Obama, have taken things into their own hand regarding Mr Bergdahl.

    It seems that the constitution is not part of their vocabulary.

    They are a two man show.I fear having such men running this country and I think we need to do a house cleaning .Obama has to go and so does Hagel and anyone else that believes their a supper power and its no longer “We the people but “We Obama and Hagel. ” Im sure you share my concerns.I call for an impeachment of President Obama.Nixon was impeached for much less!

    Sincerely, Lynn Perry

  18. Save our childrens from all ways of killing , our childrens killed by all weapons including chemicals :

    We are looking for Obama care against chemical weapons at Syria : A global call

    Asad terrorest crossing Obama red line again and again

    Doctors of Kafr-Zeita are demanding the UN committees to visit the town to investigate about the toxic gases casualties .. Injuries will be sent directly to the Syrian/ Turkish borders for treatment and proving the incident In addition they demand the National Syrian Coalition to submit a complain to the Security Council and the UN against the using of Chemical Weapons and all the prohibited weapons against the Syrian people in Kafr-Zeita and all Syria

    Injurys are now at turky

    ?.????? ??? ????? ????????

  19. To Senator Mccain

    I am retired Veteran. My question do not scrap the A10 but sent them to our Eastern European allies. They were designed to destroy Russian tanks. They are perfecr for the Easstern European terrain. Russian tanks do not want to see A10s flying low and destroying them. Iraq troops were terrified of the A10s. They are flying tanks that do the jobs. They were made in Conn by Hamilton Standard. They were designed by pilots and engineers at Bradley military airport. They were our Cold Warair warriors against the Russians. Let them put fear back into the hearts the Russians ground forces.


    Joe Sloan, retired blue beret

  20. I would like to put in my two cents on the VA medical. As a disabled veteran who depends

    on the VA for all my medical needs there are some concerns. All of my care has been very good

    the only complaint that I have is the time I have to wait. September 26rh I had a triple bypass.

    The care I got was second to none, but I needed it right away, and had to wait for two months.

    I do understand that that the VA is really tasked, and are in some locations overloaded, but from what

    is coming out is that 59% of the VA budget goes to administration. If this is true I would think

    this could maybe one way to be able to hire more medical staff, and make it easier to get rid of

    administration that don’t do there job or do things to make things look better than are. The loss of veterans

    life do to these type of practices is criminal, and administration doing these practices should be

    charged as criminals.

  21. Dear senator , we the people has been delegate to the second plan for the politicians , today when we open the tv or any news paper the all administration is focus on foreigners , I lived in Arizona state , ,Coolidge city , this year I don’t have any health plan to cover the expenses for my lent , so I can read or write because the AARP is asking me to pay a lot of copay that I can’t afford ,so i can’t read or write , last year I had U.H.C. that provide me my needs according with my income , I’m married and we are living under poverty conditions ,the area I live doesn’t have any insurance that can provide my health needs , I ask you my senator who can help us at least to spend the last years of our life decently without fear of not to have what we need basically , I never ever a chance to see in our area one politician looking for what is going on , a lot of things is wrong and I do believe that it’s just a matter of care , I know that it ‘s a lot of work to be done , but my letter to you is to help you to do a better job , the health insurance issues now is a mess Dear senator please take a look and check ,. att Carlos

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