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Senator Lisa Murkowski is the first Alaskan born Senator to serve the state and only the sixth United States Senator from Alaska. The state?s senior senator, Lisa Murkowski is a third generation Alaskan, born in Ketchikan and raised in towns across the state: Wrangell, Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Since joining the Senate in 2002, Senator Murkowski has already made many strides on issues facing Alaskans. As she advocates for legislation on the Senate floor, her passion for improving the state of health care, education, energy, veterans? affairs and infrastructure development in Alaska is unquestionable.

Senator Lisa Murkowski
State: Alaska
Party: Republican

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28 Replies to “Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski”

  1. Senator, Lisa Murkowski

    As Pliers of Republican Strength

    Please Vote to stop Funding for Obama Care

    You all voted against the original bill, your constituents

    Oppose this bill, stand up and fight for us.

    “Cloture” plan is nothing more than a “Bait and Switch” Surrendering to Harry Reid

    If you support this new bill you are nothing more than a Flaccid Phallus symbols.

    Example: the school yard bully just bloodied your nose, you respond with select verbiage, OK. This is much more than a school yard scuffle; first you employ basic military protocol. Objective, Strategy, Tactics and an Exit Plan. Your objective is flawed; your forces are not committed, your strategy should be to fall back and regroup; your tactic is to rejoin the fight, but not with words; you attack with a baseball bat, you have not achieved your goal as of yet, but you now have the support of the support of the American people. The battle is still not won but your objectives are in reach. This battle cannot be won by last minute vote’s, forced by what the party feels to be ultimatums, then you vote on some washed down, pork laden compromised bill. If the almighty GOP wishes to survive you folks need to wake up, this may be your last chance, Senior republican who are opposing Ted Cruze are making a huge mistake, those of you who are feeling left out, so be it; get over yourselves. Ted Cruze is carrying the torch of the American people and has created momentum needed to do battle with the left, it won’t be easy and it’s going to require you to draw first blood, but in doing so you can regain the respect of the American people. By the way, that respect has been lost by you and it has happened during your tenure. You can do the right thing and stop this absurd Health Care Bill or just fade away into history as one of the do nothing Republicans.

    Best Regard’s

    Mark Chaffin

  2. Do you know of a Social Security attorney that will handle overpayments in Anchorage Alaska.

    I am told to get an attorney but I can not locate one in Anchorage. Do you know of one that is available?

    Please let me know ASAP

    I am all for lowering the debt, getting rid of excess and buget cuts to curtail waste, in all areas of our government.

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