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Marco Rubio is the elected Republican Junior Senator from Florida. Senator Rubio was elected on November 2, 2010.

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  1. There should no approval to a cosmetic strike on Syria. If action is approved it should be to reduce Mr.Assad’s army’s capabilities i.e.: Destroy his air power, command and control centers and if identified the army units that carried out the gas attack. This swill give him a lesson on International Convention infractions and also send a message to North Korea and Iran about Nuclear arms development.

    A political action is unwarranted as it will have no meaning and spend monies and ammunitions that may not be available in future as Congress brings expenditures under control in the next budget.

    Finally if you look at history the only action Arab countries respect is your or their rulers exercise of power.

  2. I would like to make a comment about the US National Deficit. My friend and I have been trying to pay off the National Deficit for more than two years. We found 58 depositories of Confederate States of America Gold. I would like to come to Washington, D.C. to explain this to Congress but I can not get an appointment. The CSA Gold is more than enough to bail this country out of debt if only someone would listen. God Bless America.

  3. My financially waivered medications from Bay Pines VAMC have just been assessed payments without cause or reason. For 20 years I have been receiving paid medications as a disabled veteran. The statement says pay $680.00 in 2 weeks or be charged interest.

  4. In May when China’s largest meat producer purchased the United States’ biggest pork company, Smithfield Foods for a price of almost $5 billion (making it the biggest acquisition of an American company by a Chinese one) Shuanghui International would control approximately one-quarter of the American pork market.

    I oppose this kind of hostile acquisition.

  5. Under a policy dubbed “prosecutorial discretion,” the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency directed federal immigration officials to take up certain immigration cases and ignore others.

    What good is a bill that won’t be enforced???

    Clean up the scandals and corruption in Washington!!

  6. The House is voting on a bill (H.R. 2668) to give citizens the same exact relief as Obama gave Big Business: a one-year delay of the mandate. This bill must pass. If delaying one part of the law is good, delaying all parts of the law is good.

    Vote YES on H.R. 2668. Delay the individual mandate!

  7. As your constituent, I urge you to oppose any effort to weaken or eliminate the Senate filibuster. The Senate filibuster is a vital component of our constitutional republic that protects minority rights

    I also urge you to filibuster and vote against at every opportunity the confirmation of Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board nominees Richard Griffin, Sharon Block, and Mark Pearce. These nominees continue to issue NLRB decisions in defiance of a federal court ruling that the Board lacks a quorum because President Obama’s “recess” appointments were unconstitutional.

  8. Evolutionary Global Warming is not Manmade Global Warming. The clean air act causes: a cruel, evil, & wicked EPA with Totalitarian Regulations, that puts people out of work and kill’s our economy.


  9. Our dishonest biased media has caused the biggest election fraud ever perpetrated on the people of a country.

    Prohibit lies and distortion issued from any news media.


  10. Sen. Marco Rubio FL,

    Killing our economy and putting people out of work, with the clean air act is wrong. Receding Glaciers and global warning, have been happening before the time of Columbus. Volcanoes like Krakatoa and Mt. St. Helens have caused more air pollution than mankind totally. Totalitarianism is the result of excessive regulation and excessive legislation. Please redirect the EPA to something positive on our economy.


  11. The national media have doubled down on their efforts to shield the Obama administration from any controversy that might damage the fate of his radical agenda.

    It’s hard to remain optimistic about America’s future when our own government and the so-called “impartial” media collaboratively conceal corruption within their ranks. But I’m not ready to give up hope, and I don’t think you should be either.

  12. Senate Gang of 8 Amnesty Legislation Passes

    On Thursday, the Senate voted to pass the Gang of 8’s amnesty bill, 68-32. The legislation is symbolic of what’s wrong with Washington : A thousand-plus page bill, special backroom deals to buy votes and empty promises that won’t be fulfilled. I am confident my colleagues in the House will see the Senate’s legislation for what it really is—amnesty now, border security never. We must protect America first by securing the border.

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