Contact Senator Mary Landrieu


Senator Mary Landrieu
State: Louisiana
Party: Democrat

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2 Replies to “Contact Senator Mary Landrieu”

  1. I agree so much. I think we come to the point there’s more people pulling the wagon then pulling it. My family lives on a budget. Dave Ramsey’s might what they need in Washington instead of lawyers.

  2. Dear Senator Mary Landrieu.

    I attempted to leave you a voice mail but your voice mail box is full.

    I respectfully request that you revisit FOX News programming to listen to their and our concerns regarding government SPENDING.

    I have for many years explained to my children and grand children that you cannot spend what you don’t have.

    We do not yet have a budget. Three years and counting.

    I consider myself a person with an open mind and I assure you that I listen to BOTH sides of an issue.

    You need to please revisit your opinion of FOX News. They absolutely give another side of the issue.

    Since the opinion of the general populous is that nothing gets done in DC, it might now be time to do the job as was intended.

    People go to Washington to do good, when they get there, they do well.

    By design, serving the public was supposed to be a LIMITED tenure, not a thirty year stay.

    WE NEED TO STOP SPENDING WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE! I have worked in a performance-based culture my whole life. If you didn’t produce, you didn’t get paid…period. Might be a novel idea for the folks in Washington.

    Thank you for listening.

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