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Senator Elect Richard Blumenthal shook off the Vietnam Lying Scandal to become the Junior Senator from Connecticut.

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  1. Dear Senator Blumenthal;

    Around midnight Central Daylight Time, I awakened to find I could no longer sleep. I turned on the television and there I watched as Sen. Leiberman, then you, spoke about the Sandy Hook Elementary School events of Dec. 14, 2012.

    The time for speeches is over; the time for action is now.

    I am a retired elementary school teacher. Most of my 31 years of teaching were spent teaching primary children. Like most Americans, I will forever be haunted by the horror of what happened.

    As a teacher, we trained for Lockdown drills, and during those drills, I could not help but try to figure out how I could protect my young students if a shooter came to my classroom door. I fantasized about blockading the door, huddling with them in a corner, or even hiding them in storage cabinets if worse came to worse. These fantasies were not part of the training; they were part of a teacher’s determination to do whatever it takes to protect his or her students.

    Thankfully, I am retired. I did not have to face a classroom full of vulnerable children this week but thousands of other teachers did. On behalf of teachers and students across America and especially in memory of those who died at Sandy Hook, we do not need speeches we need legislation.

    We need action NOW. We need legislation NOW. Not after the New Year, not next month or next year. We need action now to ban assault weapons.

    Please introduce The Sandy Hook Elementary School Assault Weapons Ban.

    Please move forward on this now.

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