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Senator Shelby is ranking member of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee and ranking member of the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Subcommittee. In addition, he is a senior member of the full Appropriations Committee and the Special Committee on Aging.

Senator Richard Shelby
State: Alabama
Party: Republican

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12 Replies to “Contact Senator Richard Shelby”

  1. Dear Senator Shelby: Thank you for your vote “No” in the United State Senate on the “Continuing Appropriations and Debt Limit Suspension – Passage”. You, Senator Sessions and my Congressman Mo Brooks increased already my high level of pride to be a citizen of great State of Alabama. I hope Senator McConnell’s “Ohio River Earmark’s” $2B will be adequate for him for selling out.

  2. Senator Shelby, everywhere you look you read something about Obama going to take over America, supposedly has millions of weapons stashed at different places and billions of rounds of Ammunition, yet you People in Washington don’t seem to be worried, I have noticed that every Appoint that he makes to his Cabinet is Muslim or a Sympathizer, I am worried, when they start collecting Guns there will be a lot of killing, will ya’ll in Washington notice that?

    If I had the Authority I would have the 182 Airborne to drop into Washington in the middle of the night and we would take our Country back.

  3. Senator Shelby:

    I am outraged you plan to vote for Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense. That is among the most boneheaded things I have ever heard. Hagel’s words and actions indicate he favors Iran and is hostile to Israel. Is there any doubt by anyone with a brain that Israel is an ally and Iran is an enemy? You will never receive another vote from my family if this is an example of your critical thinking skills.

  4. I saw in the Tuscaloosa News that you will be voting for Hagel for Secretary of Defense. I am adamantly opposed to this. We need someone who is does not have such a series of past questionable comments made regarding Israel and other important issues regarding the defense of our nation.

    I hope you will reconsider your vote.

    Linda Spiller

    14496 Hatter Road

    Gordo, AL 35466

  5. Senator Shelby we have some the worse DHR worker in the state of Alabama in the Birmingham district. they really need to be investigated bad. these worker have the orse attitude and they tamper with your mail, don`t return phone calls. they do this because the get away with it. I am sending u a copy of the letter that i sent my worker and her supervisor. if their gonna do the job right they need to be fired and held accountable for their action. Vincent Davis

  6. senateor shelby; thank you for responding to my email. however, you made no mention of the subject that i comented on. i sent you an offer to fix this economic mess, without raising taxes or cutting existing programs. a $9 trillion dollar peoples bailout plan. i even told you how to raise the money! you tell me, if removing 9 million famlies from the public assistance rolls for 4 years would’nt help the government! i’ve done all the math, i know what can be achieved with $9 trillion dollars at 5% apr! 1; i can furnish those famlies with the following benefits. monthly income, family ira account, 100% health care coverage, pre-paid legal services. total cost $3,500.00/ month. for 9 million famlies, thats $31,500,000,000. monthly. that still leaves you with $6 billion dollars! if you placed $12,000,000.00 into an account for the improvement of education for that school at 5% apr, it would produce an addisional $600,000.00/ year indefinately.and you do this for 300 schools each month. starting with the worst producing in the nation. that comes to $3,600,000,000.00/ month. still you have $2,400,000,000.00 in the budget. we establish 14 functional businesses, to produce products not to be sold, but to be given away as aid to other developing nations, so our government doesent have to give them money! talk to me about the details of this plan!

  7. richard shelby, i have always voted for you, but if you continue to keep assault weapons legal, i will do everything in my power to have you defeated from now on. my family has always been hunters, it’s not that i am concerned with. NOBODY but the armed forces or the police needs an assault weapon. it’s not meant for defense of our homes or for hunting. it’s only for mass destruction. please reconsider.

    vivian ash

    mobile, al

  8. Mr shelby I am outraged at the handling of the Benghazi murders what is congress doing to get to the truth of these murders and the cover up do you all intend to have H Clinton back from her wine tasting trip to tell what she knows? And what does it matter that the Leader of the CIA has been caught in an affair is he going to be there to confess what he knows? I for one want to know the answer to these questions . What did the president know? when did he know it? Who gave the order to stand down? Are these people guilty of treason? And why has it taken so long for you and your fellow congressmen to let us know ? Do something now or don’t look for my vote ever again i fed up with the way our country is being sold to the highest bidder.

  9. Senator Shelby:

    STOP the bankrolling of Obama-linked Planned Parenthood and other abortion venues with our tax dollars.

    Most Americans abhor funding CAPITAL MURDER!

    We the people…

    Lee Blakemore

  10. When are you dimwits going to do something about getting us a fair tax system? We are so

    tired of all the fighting going on up there. Ya,ll are awful, everyone of you. We have to pay you for this crap and there is no telling wuat your pension will be while us peons

    have to worry whether we will even have social security. Retire and give us a break.

  11. The Capital Verse

    There be limits to profits

    beyond which they be not earned

    but the devil’s own earmark

    Unfettered exuberance

    be the sure sign

    wealth better fear poverty

    If you be not affected

    by the consequences of your actions

    because your wealth shield you

    you will not escape forever

    your adverse effect

    on others

    When they find you out

    they may see through you

    then look you up, vote you out

  12. Dear Senator Shelby,

    It has recently come to my attention that the Senate has approved a National Defense Authorization Act. This is disconcerting to me as a citizen of this country. If ever there had been a time when this type of action should have been a necessity it would have been directly after 9/11 when our country was in immediate peril of terrorist activity. Apparently our government feels that middle eastern nations such as Iraq are finally stable enough for troop withdrawal, we have seen no immediate threat to our soil in over a decade so what would prompt our government to threaten the civil rights of its residents with the potential of arrest without Miranda rights, lack of access to an attorney or indefinite imprisonment. By passing this bill you would open Pandora’s box to a rash of innocent citizens being incarcerated based on hearsay and, dare I say, false accusations from individuals who simply do not like a certain person and choose this extreme route to remove them from society. My fiancee spent 14 years in the military protecting this country and ensuring that we wake up each morning with our civil rights still intact. It would be shameful to see all that he fought for be wiped away with the passage of this bill and I must question the sanity of the Senate to do so. I cannot, in good faith, place my confidence in you as a representative of the state of Alabama where I was born and raised knowing that you are one of the 97 who voted yes to this Act. I look forward to re-elections while we are still a DEMOCRATIC nation so that I might place in office an individual who truely represents my mindset.

    Tracy Jones

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