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Senator Elect Roy Blunt from Missouri was elected on November 2, 2010. Senator Blunt has been endorsed by the Missouri Farm Bureau, National Right to Life, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business.

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State: Missouri

Party: Republican

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20 Replies to “Contact Senator Roy Blunt”

  1. $750,000.00 for a soccer field for the terrorists. This is insanity. We are cutting the budget for our veterans and then we will spend this for the very people who are wanting to kill them. STOP THIS STOP THIS. This nation is on its way to hell. When a woman can get up on the senate floor and proclaim that having premarital sex over twice a day should be honored. We are in trouble. This is promoting sex through our government agencies. I am horrified. Christians, like Sarah Palin, are called everything except something decent and not one Democrat has the decency to say a word. Yet this Fluck woman gets the red carpet. WE are in enormous trouble in the US. A people who do not have a moral conscience will destroy itself and that is just what we are doing. Is this what Obama wants for his daughters; to have sex at least twice a day during their college years? The idea that the president would call such a woman and honor her tells us exactly where his morals are. In the gutter. Of course he has had sex with other men so I guess a woman just having sex with a man over 2 times a day is not so bad

  2. The second amendment was put there for a reason. So the people can protect themselves. Banning guns is about the stupidest thing this govt is trying to do – the top of the list of a long list of irresponsible legislation and behavior . Banning does not stop anything , not alcohol and not violence. This is proven by the fact that cities with a CCW program have lower homicide rates and those with gun bans have a higher rate. An armed society is a polite society. I am amazed at how many ignorant people are in favor of gun control, it does nothing but create victim zones.

  3. Your position on gun control is simply wrong Eliminate assault rifles clips for more than 10 bullets and allow all background checks 90% of our citizens adiot this position You are really off base on this position

  4. As a former smoker, who quit 21 years ago after smoking for 40 years, I remember when the government outlawed advertising by cigarette companies. At the time I fumed about government interference and control. Now, I believe it was a good idea and I regret not seeing that 50 years ago, or even 60 years ago, so that I might never have smoked.

    I now believe the government should do something more important…. ending the advertising by fast-food companies, like Wendys, McDonalds and other large chain restaurants. During the day, we are assaulted by hundreds of ads for hamburgers, large plates of fattening foods, drinks, french fries, desserts, everything that people should not eat. Studies have shown how effective these ads are; when the eyes see food that delicious and appetizing, it is natural that we want to eat those burgers, shrimp and fries. It is clear that the American population is overweight, obese and it has an effect on our collective health. But instead of restricting food ads, the Congress passes Obamacare, to put a band-aid on a sore. Obamacare only admits what we already know, that America is essentially an unhealthy nation.

    Accordingly, I ask that you prepare legislation that will end food advertising by 2015. That gives these companies almost two years to prepare for that end. As people stop being inundated with food ads that promote poor eating habits, perhaps we will become healthier, slimmer, more fit, less in need of expensive health care acts. Also, like the tobacco companies, the food industry will save millions on advertising, something they probably would relish. That means more money for investors and stock holders.


    Ted May

  5. I urge you and the NRA to act NOW to ban assault weapons in hand of individuals, ban clips with more than 10 rounds and make records check mandatory for gun sellers and buyers. I want my freedom back to go to the movies, the mall and SCHOOL!

  6. Shame on you for opposing the Disability Treaty. What a humiliation for Bob Dole. America should do all it can to support our veterans.

  7. Would like to share a common story of JP Morgan Chase squashing job creation and the American dream. I have ran a very successful chronic pain business for 15 years. The last 5 have been difficult once the rug was pulled from the world economy. I lost appx. 40% income so had to make rash decision to persue medical inventions I’ve had for a while. Well five years later and Washington University just wrapped up my first clinical in exchange for equity. We are now looking at partnership with manufacturer and Washington U. Test market with St Louis Cardinals and many others soon underway. Product nu-HANDS restores and prevents respective stress injuries of wrist and hands. Production and many jobs are on the near horizon as well as investors. But JP Morgan and other politicians don’t seem to care I’m losing my home to these bandits. Forced to file chapter 13 with Ed Karfeld. This whole experience has left me sick and saddened as to what America has become. I will be part of the solution in America but no one wants to hear my story. Please help us. The beaten middle class engine that pays all the bills. Thank you.

  8. Please repeal HR347 AND SB 1794 America is the “Land of the free and the home of

    the brave” We must fight to keep the America we can be proud of. I hope you will

    stand up to the corrpt administration we now have.

    Claire Mc Caskill has an ad on this site,it states she is fighting the extreme right

    and the secret money. That is the pot calling the kettle black.

    You can tell what the EXTREME Left is doing because they project what they do on

    to the right.

  9. I need a congressman or represantative for my daughter .Ine to adhere toed a compassiionate listener to adhere to our needs. Most of all I need help changing a missouri law that says If a being is 18 or older. can make his/her discions if they areincompetent. Imean not sound mind or judgement, the state can not make that call.This should be up to aloved one. Or someone who cares. I’ve been a victim of the state. It’s not fun. Please help me get guardianship over my daughter.

  10. Save Social Security! Why are the rich folks in Washington even mentioning eliminating this program? Americans rely on Social Security because we’ve paid into it our entire adult lives. Social Security is not a privilege, it is a right. Do you know how catastrophic this would be to all Americans? Do you even care? Without their monthly Social Security checks, most seniors would immediately become homeless. That is right, homeless. Those of us who have savings accounts know the money will not last long after retirement without monthly Social Security checks. Are we suppose to work until we drop? Is that the plan? Is retirement only suppose to be for the rich people such as yourself? We do not have millions of dollars put away like you Senators and Congressmen do. We were not born into rich families. THE ONLY PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT ELIMINATING SOCIAL SECURITY ARE THE MILLIONAIRES IN WASHINGTON WHO DON’T NEED IT. If you vote to weaken this program, you will be voted out.

  11. Dear Sen.,

    PLEASE keep doing what you are doing as you are helping President Obama get re-elected as he should be. Should companies deny lung cancer treatment to smokers, or diabetics treatment because the company hates obese people?? NO! But keep it up you are doing a great service to all of us, as we want the president to be re-elected.

  12. Dear Senator Blunt

    What will President Obama do when the U.S. Catholic Bishops close all the hospitals, schools,and agencies that help the poor ? Adoption agencies have already been closed. Who will help the poor then? Who will educate the children? Who will take care of the sick and infirm? The bishops have said that they will close the hospital if forced to perform abortions. The U.S. Bishops are united . Does the Obama administration consider that?

    Thank you for your strong stance for pro-life issues.

    We need more like you in Congress.

    God bless america.

    God bless you

  13. Senator Blunt

    I strongly oppose forcing Catholics against our conscience to fund contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. I will appreciate your support in opposition to this law. Thank you

  14. I think John Boehner should run for President rather than Romney who is too rich and out of touch with Joe Sixpack and Gingrich who is a power crazy madman. Sometime, look up the History of Benito Mussolini and you will see that both he and Gingrich were Teachers with a Vision of Grandeur. America needs someone with the common touch and that would be John Boehner

  15. Dear Senator Blunt,

    I have heard some disturbing news about WHY the Republican party is backing Romney so strongly. He has made so many LARGE donations to the party, it would seem he is trying to BUY his way into the White House, and it is working. Most of my voting life, I have supported the Republicans, but this is one time when I cannot do that. It breaks my heart to realize that our government seems to become more corrupt every day. Since I am only a lone old widow woman, I can’t do anything but pray that the Lord will straighten all this mess out. It would appear that only He has the power to do so. The American people have lost all power, even at the voting polls. If the Lord wills I live long enough to vote is this upcoming election, I can assure I will NOT vote for Romney.

    Thank you for letting me vent my concerns.

  16. I am writing on behalf of F968 (otherwise known as PIPA). This bill not only infringes on the first amendment, but the defining line of democracy itself. Reciently,our once independent country has made a mockery of democracy. This is a sickening thought considering the amount of blood-shed our forefathers spilled to deem the U.S. a free nation.

    I understand that there are certain concerns that would cause a decision such as PIPA to arise. I myself am on the fence about what is freely displayed on the internet. However, I feel that it is against the Bill of Rights to persecute all free websites, especially informative sites such as Wikipedia. If the nation was truely concerned with censoring media, they should start with networks that use subliminal messages to demonstrate how American children are taught to interact with one-another. T.V. networks such as Nickelodeon or Disney channel and record labels that promote kids versions of adult-content pop lyrics are among the most damaging for children’s self-esteem.

    It is proven by many psychologists that deviance is nurtured during the formative years. With this in mind, shouldn’t the focal point of this bill high-light what is being fed to our children rather than focusing on which musician is upset upon reading the latest blog about them on an independent website?

    It is my opinion that the U.S. is one step away from becomming a fascist nation, which (throughout the past 2 centuries) the U.S. has spent trillions of tax-payers dollars “fighting” against. Who are we to dictate other countries about Forign policy if we are not strong enough to first look into the mirror ourselves?

    So please take into consideration when faced with this bill next week, Senator Blunt, that our country was founded on free elections and free speech. If you allow the government to take one away, what’s stopping them from taking away the other?

  17. Mr Blunt:

    How does it feel to be totally impotent before Obama? Obama is walking all over the Republican politicians in Congress. The best any of your talking heads can muster from McConnell and Boehner is that they are “outraged” over what he is doing. You people continue to do your best to help Obama get re-elected. Obama gets on television and cuts you down, or he flys off to some political rally and cuts you down, and what is the response from Republicans? You set in a corner picking your nose and complain over the horrible things Obama is saying about the ridiculous gridlock Republicans create. Try playing the Democrats game, they focus on emotions, you present facts. You don’t stand a chance, people don’t want to get confused with facts. Wise up.

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