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Senator Scott Brown has led the fight in Massachusetts against wasteful government spending and higher taxes. He is a free-market advocate who believes our strength as a nation flows from its people. He believes in a culture of family, patriotism and freedom. At his September 12 announcement of candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Senator Brown articulated a core set of beliefs that guide his thinking.

Senator Scott Brown
State: Massachusetts
Party: Republican

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33 Replies to “Contact Senator Scott Brown”

  1. Dear Senator,

    I am a Vietnam Era Vet, who has a service connected disability which was diagnosed in 1980. I had a C&P exam in Dec 2011 and was told by the examiner that my disability was treated while I was on active duty. It’s six months later and i HAVEN’T RECEIVED A RATING YET, the V.A. told me that they were waiting for the4 exam to be scripted and then they will rate it. The process of the system needs to be overhauled, it is going backwards not forward. I need my benefits as well as my family now not later. Do you hear the crys of the Veterans that the V.A. claims system has failed. We are crying for help. PLEASE HELP US

  2. Dear Senator,

    Contacting you again regarding my mother’s pending VA case file to re-establish her Aid & Attendance which was cancelled when my father passed away in October 2011 and her receiving his Service connected disability. We have passed the initial 168 day (5.6 month) waiting period I called the VA today and was told we are in Phase 2 of a 4 part phase which I did not know when this process started and we are now on a 211 day (7 month) waiting period are you kidding me? Is this how all spouse’s of deceased Veterans are treated? Let me rephrase that YOU should be outraged that this is the “norm” and not an exception of how Spouse’s are treated. Now a little about my Mother in June she will be celebrating her 75 birthday, she was diagnosed with dementia in 2009 which if you aren’t aware does only get worse. She is legally blind due to 3.5 Cataract in both eyes. The normal surgery is out of the question because of her dementia, and putting her under is also out of the question because of the risk of death. She also has an amputation on her right foot which will never fully heal because of her on going health issues which can also not be addressed due to her dementia. The doctor’s have tried trust me. I can only hope that your wife is not treated this poorly if she surpasses you.

  3. I applied for an increase in my VA Disability compensation on January 8,2011 and as of this date (April 2, 2012) I haven’t heard a thing from the VA. Can someone please check on the status of my claim?

  4. Senator Brown; I am a disabled Veteran who has filed for Unemployment benefits in Massachusetts and a VA increase in Disability payments. I have worked for several state agencies over the passed decade. I left my last place of employment on 1/27/12 for medical reasons. As of yet, I have not received 1 unemployment benefit payment; nor have I received any notification that my VA claim has been reviewed. Could someone explain to me why?


  5. whyisn’t the public being made aware that the number one dollar volume expot from the united states is gasolene,diesel and other refined petroleum products?

  6. Dear Senator!!! Join SEn. Saunders of Vermont in his attempts to force chairman Gensler of the CFTC to adhear to the established LAW and stop the Manipulation by Banks(JPMORGAN,HSBC,Goldman.etc )ofthe OIL,GOLD,SILVER MARKETS For their own profit at the loss to the average investor while using our money for their propietary trading. I am a REPUBLICAN,so I urge tou to show all politically Americans that you are on their side against an illegal operation, because that is what these people are committing. J.H. Framington Mass.

  7. Senator Brown, I am writing you in hope that you will join Senator Kerry in defeating the windfall tax that as a disabled firefighter, now 65 years old and starting to collect social security, I am only receving $325 per month due to the wind fall taking over $4oo per month from my SS. As an independent voter who is in contant with many retired fire, police and teachers who all feel our SS is not an ENTITLEMENT but something we have paid into for years. Being retired on a disabilty I cannot work and make the the amount of money I need to, to get my full SS. I hope you will take some time to really talk to people who are suffering because of this foolish Bill. Helping to get this bill thrown out, will get my vote and that of many state workers ,teachers, firefighters,and police. Not doing anything will not help getting our votes.

  8. Dear Scott Brown, you claim to make yours the “People’s Seat”; however, you are anything but a supporter of middle class objectives. Today I am writing in response to your support of the Blunt Amendment which would permit employers and insurance companies to refuse coverage based on ‘moral objections’. I’ll tell you, I morally object to tax paid representatives who serve only special interests. In this case, insurance companies.

    I am not in favor of the Obama Care, or the Affordable Care Act; I am actually in favor of a single payer system that is not run by insurance companies or by the government which is controlled by insurance companies. I morally object to my health care needs being decides by special interests.

  9. Dear Sir

    Just letting you know i will be voting for you in the up comming election, and also my wife.

    Plese fight hard to beat this woman. we don’t need another dem in this state. we already have to many.

    keep up the work.


  10. Dear Senator Scott Brown:

    I am a hard working single mother of two young children who is being taken advantage of by both a mortgage company and the investors of the mortgage of my home. Due to the brutal murder of my oldest son, I lost one of my source of income in order to take care of my othrher two minor children who are still traumatized by the death of their brother. This led me into financial hardship. I am in need of someone who will hear me out and come to my assistance as soon as possible.

    My young children and I are being prssured to give up the keys to our home for over 20 years to the investors. We live in Mattapan Massachusetts. Please have someone in your Massachusetts office come to our aid, in the name of Jesus Christ!

  11. Dear Senator,

    I am the Program Director for the Braintree AARP. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at the Braintree DAV Hall at 688 Liberty St.

    I would love to have the Senator speak to our members who number close to 90 Senior Citizens. That date would be this September or October, just in time for the November Election. Please e-mail me or

  12. If the Ntional Republican committee and you really want to positively grab the publics attention then comment on rhe prices of gasoline and home heating oil You may not have any affect but you sure would have everybody paying heed.

  13. Senator Brown, where do I start? I have always cast my ballots over the years for those that seem to get it right regardless of their party affiliation. This country has been USED by both Dem”s & Rep’s for their parties and personal agenda for decades. Each and every one of you seem to rapidly forget that you were elected to do what’s best for the people, your constituents regardless whether it fits YOUR personal beliefs or not. You’re all there to serve the people. For 26 tears in law enforcement I took an oath much like your oath and on many occasions enforced a law without because that what law enforcement does. Not what I personally thought about the law. Your fearless leaders, Boehner & McConnell are a complete disgrace as are many others in both the Dem. & GOP ranks. In closing, one final point for you and others to ponder. What is it about ILLEGAL that everybody misses with illegal aliens in our country. Those who are found should be sent back to their country of origin along with their children. Changes the laws because simply being born here is not enough. Those born to illegals here are themselves illegal. Go back home, come here the LEGAL way and take the path to earning citizenship. No amnesty, earn your place the way our for fathers did. If we simply hand them something (citizenship) it loses its true meaning.

  14. Senator Brown I believe you will be loosing your chance to be re-elected if you continue to be against raising taxes on the very wealthy so they pay their fair share. I believe the democrats will definitely use Romney as a good example. 20 mil 14% paid in taxes. His explanation his investments are held in a blind trust???? excuse me but defining that is keeping us lower class people in the blind. Your excuse is that the very wealthy create jobs with that extra money you & I know that’s bull,they have had the tax break since 2004 and all that happened was unemployment went up,up,up. So you excuse don’t hold water. Im 75 yrs old and I like your attempt to be partisan but that one issue will knock you out in Nov.

  15. Veto, SOPA,PIPA,I shall Call you and other Government officials, in regards to the PEOPLES RIGHTS. UNDERSTAND….CALL ME Sincerly Kevin A. Wentworth I !

  16. “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” Benjamin Franklin

    Senator Brown,

    We expect that you hold to your oath of office and stand to defend the Constitutional civil liberties of the  US citizens in MA . In this case, WE THE PEOPLE demand that you vote NO on censoring the internet and NO to the SOPA/ PIPA bill. And we expect that you use your influence in every way to help your fellow Congressmen understand that this is a violation of our Constitutional freedom of speech and civil liberties!! 

    I will say that I am completely horrified that you voted yeah on the NDAA which was an act of treason and that stripped us of our bill of rights. All eyes are on you and it is time you start holding to your oath of office to support and defend our treasured Constitution against all enemies domestic!

    Thank you,

    This is the oath you took, Senator Brown:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

  17. The Constitution. America’s instructions. The code at which law and order in these great states of America run by. The code that our founding fathers founded this great nation by, does not even seem to pass through the thoughts of our elected officials in this year of 2012. I am a freshman at Milford High School in Massachusetts. I am currently writing to you during my Sports & Entertainment Marketing class. I currently can not do the reseach on the final project due for this term because wikipedia is protesting the bill that could be passed to essencialy stop free internet. (Our class actuly just called your office and one of your secretarys awnsered) That bill that the goverment should not even consiter actuly is getting the chance to pass in congress. It is one hundred ten percent un-american. Not hundreds. Not thousands. Millions of people will be outraged by that bill. Not to be a downer, but there will be riots. Blood. Death. I can only HOPE that the elders in Massachusetts elected you for a good reason. And I hope you make the right choice.


    Mr. C’s Sports & Entertainment Marketing class @ Milford High School

  18. Good luck finding a new career. Your the canary in the republic cave.Your all done. Why is it that none of you Republicans think for themselves. Your like a herd of animals running off of the cliff.

  19. Dear Senator,

    What could have possibly been going through your mind today to show up IN YOUR UBIQUITOUS ATTENTION GRABBING BARN JACKET at the funeral services for Jon Davies the Worcester Fire Fighter who, last week, lost his life in the line of duty? You showed a total lack of respect for Jon’s family and friends, the Worcester Fire Department and all other Firefighters that came to pay their repects, and the entire City of Worcester who are now mourning the loss of yet another hero. Did You learn nothing about appropriate attire during your years as a model? What you did was insensitive and demeaning to an otherwise beautiful and solemn occasion. SHAME ON YOU!

  20. Scott,

    Please read John Stoessel’s piece in the12/14 Washington Examiner. It talks about a newly formed group called the Jobs Creators Alliance formed by CEOs who feel vilified by the current OWS/Class Warfare being engaged in by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and the Media.

    One of its members is Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples, among others.

    He specifically ‘calls out’ the negative impact of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that Elizabeth Warren wanted to lead…how it created 300 jobs in government and negatively impacted job growth in the private sector.

    Great stuff for a professionally done campaign. Other CEOs might also lend their support.

    Please consider as well, getting groups of middle class people who are employed in Financial Services to thank Sen. Brown for protecting their jobs when others tried to paint the entire industry with a broad brush.

    Also, please refer to your opponent in all quotes as “Mrs. Warren and the Occupy Wall Street crowd.”

    Please don’t be passive about this. Take her to task at every opportunity for grandstanding at the expense of local jobs and families.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I’m going to be very honest, I need help. Can you or do you know of someone that can get me the therapy I need. A little over two and a half years ago I contracted a rare syndrome called Guillain-Barr. It left me completely paralyzed and on life support. With intense therapy I was able to get to the point of walking 130 feet with a walker. Low and behold my insurance company stated that I peaked and no longer would support me in my recovery. I have since been sitting in a wheel chair and have gotten to point where I can’t even stand. I am a 59 year old man that was strong as a horse up until the day I became ill. I am confined to a nursing/rehab facility and was forced to go on Medicaid. With all the waste and fraud that I see and hear about it’s too bad the people that really need the help can’t get it. I currently receive one an a half hours a week of restorative therapy which in by far not enough. I think if I could receive one hour a day of restorative therapy not even skilled therapy that I would slowly recover. I am begging for your support.

    Thank You


  22. Dear Senator Scott Brown,

    Have you heard or read about Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book entitled Harbinger? You can find him on You Tube. I watched one of his interviews with Pat Robertson last night, dated Feb. 2013. You absolutely NEED to hear this. He speaks about the New World Trade Center and how it’s commemoration involved the book of Isaiah 9:10. The Pat Robertson interview lasts 18minutes and some seconds, but Jonathan speaks of how it is bringing the Lord’s anger on our country. The use of Isaiah 9:10 refers to the tower of Babal in Genesis 11:4. The Shemitah (pronounced shmeetza) in ancient Hebrew speaks of all the 7-year periods from 3,000 years ago the present. According to God’s timeline we are now entering the new time period in Elul 29, which is September in Hebrew. Rabbi Cahn explains it in clear detail! In a nutshell, I think after you watch this You Tube video, you will agree 100% why this subject is so important. Se3n Tom Daschle and Sen. John Edwards quoted Isaiah 9:10 right after 9/11, not even understanding the ramifications of what they were doing! And it showed Obama signing these 8 words on the beam which was to be the top spire of the New Trade Center: “We will rebuild, we will come back stronger.” I believe with ALL my heart as does Rabbi Cahn that this spire needs to come down if we are to escape God’s judgement for this country. Shemitah, by the way, means to release or let fall. It explains why the sycamore that was destroyed was replaced by a conifer type which they all felt was to be a stronger tree, the same as what happened at the Tower of Babal. Now the tree has been dying, and there is nothing to stop it, along with the other small trees near it. But the rest of the area is still green! Make no mistake, this country’s economy I believe now rests on at the very least taking this spire down now and making an atonement to our Lord for the elected officials involved ignorance. So what if it is not then the tallest structure in the U.S.! At least we might then gain favor back with our Creator! God Bless this Nation and Israel and all who are poor in spirit.

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