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  1. Thank you for responding to my earlier comment, Sir,

    I am Texas blood… El Paso born. Just temporarily stuck here in north Georgia.

    Obama is bringing Muslims across the border disguised as Mexican. Then they are funneled to safe-houses in US where they are armed and prepared for the onslaught. At that time Obama will abolish the US Constitution and establish the Koran as the law-of the-land. Then he will establish himself as the Dictator- For-Life and establish the USA as the most powerful Muslim country on Earth and use or arsenal to either control or destroy the rest of the Earth at his whim. He is able to control people to do his bidding of deception and manipulation without question because he is Satan… (The real thing!)I just gathered the existing public information as it exists and asked God to assimilate it for me… That is what I got back. I wear the armor of God and pray that our People, under God, can win this battle when it comes. We must to retrieve our country for our children!!!

    Thank You for your Service to our country and tell me anything I can do to help you. I am praying for us all.


    Jimmy Benka

  2. Mr. Cruz, thank you for your support of the American people in opposition to Obama care. You are catching hell from your party. To hell with them. Continue the good fight. We need more people like you in politics. I know it is hard to be honest in politics these days. Please do your best. I am sending you a check to show you my support in this valiant undertaking. Stay the course! Your new best friend, Mike Fontenot.

  3. My thoughts…

    The people in the Middle East have been fighting since time began. I don’t think our involvement in ran, Iraq or Afghanistan has made a serious or lasting impact on how the region gets along or conducts business. There, my suggestion would be that we somehow fortify the ability to protect the oil but, otherwise, leave the area entirely. Let them blow themselves up, which they won’t completely. We save lives of our young soldiers; we save the dollars at the VA for treatment and we let them sacrifice their youth rather than ours.

    My understanding is the financial aid cannot be stopped so Syria (Middle East) as it serves as a discount for them to purchase arms from our country. Seems a bit misguided but, be that as it may, it appears to take precedence over safety. I think we stop the aid.

    Unless the ‘targeted’ strike consists of directing drones to circle Assad’s head, I think we let whatever result take place then the US comes and cleans up. I feel we will make at least as much money for the clean-up effort (increase jobs) than we do from the sales of arms. The war industry won’t like but… oh well. The US would than become the hero rather than the infidel. It would certainly emphasize the positive cash flow rather than the negative, keep our kids alive and dump the burden where it belongs. That area would welcome US dollars and they won’t shoot at us while we’re there.

  4. Question on the validity of the Medicaid recoupment program. When people are audited by this department they ask for information about the dates of service they list for a patient. After that is sent to them, they often get back within a week and state that they estimate that they overpaid the provider by $13000, which is due within the following 30 days. There is no appeal. They say that any appeal must start after the whole amount of money has been paid. Is this legal? If you do not pay that amount they take it from your Medicaid payables until every penny is paid. Even in a court of law there is an appeal process before you have to pay the price of your crime. But this is worse as they people in that organization report that appealing to CMS in Washington, D.C. will do no good as CMS has promised to backup every claim that the state requires from the provider. Thank you for your willingness to spend the time in researching this and responding.

  5. Mr. Cruz,

    I’m still really looking forward to the coming elections. So far the DO NOTHING Republican Party has managed to offend and incense minorities, tax payers, voters, women, students, people with tremendously high student loans, federal employees, home owners, people looking for a job, immigrants (legal and illegal), people who want health care and cannot afford it, environmentalists, researchers and let me see if I missed anyone….oh yes, unions, teachers, police, firefighters, low wage earners…and there are many more. We will see how many Republican state and federal legislators are left standing afterwards. I guess ‘none’ would be too many to ask for, but ‘we the people’ can always hope!

  6. GOP: Defund Obamacare or Risk a Government Shutdown:

    “The federal government is funded through September 30. A continuing resolution will have to be passed to prevent a government shutdown after that time. Since a continuing resolution would likely contain funding for Obamacare, the Republicans are saying they would simply not support such a resolution, thus triggering a government shutdown.”

    If you and your Republican friends do this, you will all be toast come your next election! The people out here are sick of your obstructionist policies!

    For Whom the Bell Tolls, a poem:

    (No man is an island) by John Donne

    No man is an island,

    Entire of itself.

    Each is a piece of the continent,

    A part of the main.

    If a clod be washed away by the sea,

    Europe is the less.

    As well as if a promontory were.

    As well as if a manor of thine own

    Or of thine friend’s were.

    Each man’s death diminishes me,

    For I am involved in mankind.

    Therefore, send not to know

    For whom the bell tolls,


    Enjoy it now, the havoc you are wreaking on the American people, because you will be replaced in your next election. If not that one, it is only a matter of time. Good riddance to bad garbage!

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