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12 Replies to “Cooks Illustrated”

  1. The customer service for this magazine, sucks!! i did no authorize a renewal, and they have sent me 4 reminders with threats! I have tried email, and phone to no avail! I’m totally disgusted with their service. I would not renew due to the fact the magazine was not what interested me.

  2. I am TRYING to reach a live person as my gift subscription to a teenage boy has been cancelled due to lack of payment???? I sent in payment w/ credit card info…SO now I am scared as to where THAT info has landed and am reluctant to do the same w/out talking to someone. I want to rectify this manner.


  3. I need more info on this subscription rate. I do not remember subscribing to this magazine. I noticed that it was taken from my banking account.

  4. Do not appreciate being told that I authorized you to send me six more issues of cook’s country magazine when I am sure this is not the case. I have not done this with any script I have purchased. I am upset that your statement

    that states that if you don’t receive payment within 21 days, my script will be placed on hold and my credit status will be in jeopardy.

    I had planned to renew but with your interloper scammer attitude, I would not accept if it were free! I would say cancel script, but of course there is no script to cancel. My old account #0107887143 should be used to take me out of your system completely.

  5. Please remove Sandra M or Sandra or Sandy Elliott from your mailing list and all correspondence at these two addresses.


    Permanently remove all mailings to:

    I am emailing you due to the fact Sandra/I am receiving correspondence from you.

    This PO Box is my business address and currently Sandra’s mail is going to me and should not be going to her home address.

    Thank you,

    Catherine A. Schramka Heidemann

    Owner & Daily Money Manager

    CASH In Balance, LLC

  6. As a faithful supporter of America’s Test Kitchen and a strong advocate of the staff’s expertise, I am so disappointed to see this sleazy, cheesy, marketing strategy requiring us to upgrade our membership in order to continue using the site. Not a smart decision…

    I cancel my membership since I can’t access it anyway unless I pay an additional fee each month.

  7. My bank statement just showed a charge for renewal of $24.95 for account#0069010817/1# I did not authorize a renewal and want this susbscription to expire.

  8. I did not order the renewal on this magazine.

    I do not appreciate receiving an invoice stating

    it automatically renewed six months ago and

    I am just now finding out about it. Not very good

    business sense. Since I did not agree to this renewal

    I ask that you cancel effective the six month ago.


  9. My name is Nelson Rodríguez from Alturas de Flamboyán CC-20 Calle 17, Bayamon, Puerto Rico 00959. I dont know why you are sending to me some invoice from your Billing Center. I didnt bye anything to you. I received in the past month a Magazine and i didnt open it and was returned by the post office. I did not order to subscribe on this magazine. After that, you are sending me some invoice that was returned to you, because i did not bye any subscription. The Third Urgent Notice Invoice i receive and never open was returned to you. I am interesting that you tell the department of billing Center that i do not appreciate receiving any more invoice. Thanks

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