CoolPad is bringing low cost and high quality smartphones to the US Market.


6256 Greenwich Dr, Suite 550

San Diego, CA 92122 USA


Mon – Sun 9am to 9pm CST

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65 Replies to “Coolpad”

  1. Hi I’m not dumb just broke. I’m going to call the customer service number tomorrow to find out which sd card I need for my Coolpad phone. If you would like to assist my mind and relieve my wallet please buy me a Symetium phone it’s the best in the world. My address is. Thank you. ( Or is it…..relieve my mind and assist my wallet…….perhaps it’s both). Thank you again for being a great company.

  2. I lost my Cool pad Arise and I cannot find away to report–I have called on the Contact service numbers–1866–594-3644 and all I get is prompters that never say to report loss phone—-Never get to speak to a Human Being–then I tried 877-606-5753—took 3days of calling before I spoke to an agent ==that only told me to call the 1st number—I have become a frustrated customer—Please help me to resolve this issue . Thank You in advance–

  3. I have purchased coolpad note 3 (black) form Amazon India on 03-10-2016…and i received my phone on 13-10-2016…with in 4 and half month my phones sound system stop working ….i did not get any sound form my phone and no audio or video files sound are coming from the phone …and the phone getting very hot….after fully charged even if the phone is in idle stage (not using the phone ) after one hour it shows only 88-90 % charged…i have shown my phone in the service center at Barasat (based in Kolkata-India), they told problems in the mother board and it will took more than one month….is it possible to wait for more than one month for a new phone which is in its warranty period…..with in one week products are coming any parts of india …so why they serving customer so…late…

  4. Something is going wrong with my husband phone trying to reset it and can’t tried calling customer services and I keep getting the same thing the run around

  5. I would like to know how can I put money on my phone went the minute run out also do the minute turn over went I get my free monthy minute places let me know about this information thank you by

  6. I call you for five days now and talked with 18 people that has switch me to 23 other people and I still haven’t talk with any one person from customer service yet . All I need is to please have my phone service cut off because some one stole my hand bag the # to the phone is 980-307-4066 . so if you could please have some one email me a phone # so I can call and talk with a real person I would be very ,very , pleased. I have been trying to contact some one since June 19 ,2016.


  7. Why is this company unreachable and has the wrong phone number? this is not a Verizon phone My phone wont turn on charge nothing

  8. My free government phone coolpad reboots it self back to factory setting . all I have is emergency call, why they trick people to get there social and date of birth and addressed

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