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  1. I have been trying to put money on my account for 5 days ! I need help! Customer service? Call me ! I keep putting my name in and address ! I have been using your service with out a problem, now I want to put more money on my account. And it will not work!

  2. I paid the 6 dollars plus 6 dollars for unlimited and it says I don’t have any funds to message my son.. This is some bull****. You have no problems taking my money but can’t give me what I paid for that is fucking bull**** and than there is no phone number for customer service..

  3. The $6 is a yearly fee just to have that app and then you have also have to add $10 or more to the account in order to exchange emails

  4. Im havin a issue too. They keep sayin my address on my card doenst match thiers.which ive used the same card the whole time ugh so now no emails

  5. Corrlinks is in desprate need of proffesional people to resolve there basic issues with there services.. I caution anyone that uses there Services

  6. My name is Charmaine Sutton and I added $6 to buy account to contact my son back and forth, however you took the money out of my Bank account and you have not added the $6 to my account… this is been over two weeks ago and I would like to know what the problem is that I cannot email my son will you please fix the problem or return my money to my account

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