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Corrlinks is the government service for prison inmates’s email. The system allows loved ones to correspond with their incarcerated loved ones.

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  1. My honey has called me twice this past week to say I’m back on, 5 times it says I’m removed. The guy says you’re the only one. I say I can’t be. Now I see I’m not. Please fix your technology before it hurts good relationships. I’m not a lier and this is really upsetting . To be added and you blockheads can’t get it right. 5 Times in one week. I should be corresponding with my loved one. Not corresponding with you. PLEASE fix it. Thanks

  2. I have tried to enter my code a number of times, it is not working. I desperatly need help please. I hope this can be fixed immidiately. Thank you.

  3. Corrlinks the identification code I received is not valid. I just received it a day ago and it not allowing me to login. please contact me through email @hotmail or phone 908 the identification code received is with email thank u hope this problem can be solved.

  4. Good morning, I’ve been trying to email my loved one all morning. Is there a way you can tell me if his email address is still active or is something wrong with the system?

  5. I keep getting a message that says cannot save message and I’m not trying to save a message. It pops up constantly and it is driving me crazy. Help please

  6. Why can i not put money on my account it will mot let me put in my cc info what the hell is going on and it would be nice when you have a problem and could call someone to help but not with these people they try to make it hard for someone to do things people just get sick of it and give up

  7. I bought a prepaid credit card to open an account. I submitted the information and I got a message my address didn’t match my card number. I called the card people, they set me up with a zip code for the card. I submitted the information again, got the same message. I have checked my card balance, monies have been deducted twice totaling $21.20. I only wish to have $10 on my account. Please refund $10.60 to my card and activate my account with a $10 balance. Thank you.

  8. I have my corrlinks account and have sent emails to my man he gets mine and I have gotten one of his and he called and said he sent more but im not getting themall mine go threw but have only gotten the 1st one he has sent me what’s wrong? Plzzz help!

  9. I’m trying to add an inmate using his Minnesota OID number he’s had for 39-1/2 years maybe originally assigned by South Dakota, but the system won’t let me add his name & number, so I can send him messages. Phoning the prison doesn’t help. Please help me connect, so I can begin to send him weekly messages via CorrLinks. Thank you!

    I successfully used CorrLinks for some months, with another inmate who’s been released.

    Also, the system says copies are available for 60 days, but of this other inmate’s messages, only two weeks’ messages are available — 18 of 100. How do I copy others?

  10. U charge me twice 6.60 u need to put my 6.60 back on my debit card cause I got charge twice n can’t send my mail to my husban ………….. my phone number is

  11. Every time I login to my mobile premiere account it says sync error requires a premiere corrslink account. I have one it expires January 2014. I am not reciving any of my emails.

  12. How do i make my inmate active on my account b/c there name is on my subscribed inmates but when i try to send a message it wont let me

  13. How do i make my inmate active on my account b/c there name is on my subscribed inmates but when i try to send a message it wont let me

  14. The identification code I received is not valid for log in. I just received information 3 days ago. Please contact me via email or phone 860- the identification code received is with email address

  15. I cannot edit my information to recieve the premier account. Can you please help me with this situation…gladly appreciate it.

  16. I got charged for the premium account n its not letting me use it how do I get refunded or how can this be fixed

  17. How do I add another inmate to my email list? The support web page suggests I log in

    and click account management. Where is this on the web page?? Then I am to click manage

    my account, select FBOP as the agency, type identification code(what is this??) and

    type go. What else do I need to do??

  18. I accidently hit the block inmate request button.I do not want to block inmates mail.My email adress is you Liz

  19. I’m trying to log into my mobile account it say I have to many devices on this account I only have this one pls help

  20. I paid for the and got a new and im trying to login but its telling me im logged in on to many devices what should I do

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