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Corrlinks is the government service for prison inmates’s email. The system allows loved ones to correspond with their incarcerated loved ones.

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  1. Try to set up account been do it over 5 months it want take my username,or password so what can I do you can reach at this

  2. I can’t remember my code for Corrlinks and I have request it’s been about 6 yrs. since I signed up can you please help me


  3. Corrlinks the identification code I received is not valid. I just received it a day ago and it not allowing me to login. please contact me through email @hotmail or phone 908 the identification code received is with email [email protected] thank u hope this problem can be solved.

  4. I just received through code to accept my friend and i logged into corrlinks and it will not give me a chance to accept him what is up withthat. I need help cuz i’ve been waiting for this code for 6 months plz help so i can ccept him and get in contact with him and thanks

  5. For some reason corrlinks won’t allow me to accept email requests. I’ve had a few people send them but I can’t accept them. I purchased the app for $6.00 and it seems to be no better because I thought it was supposed to make things easier by sending notifications, allowing me to login without passwords and other things. However, I can’t even accept emails to get notifications. I need help and I can’t find a phone number to call and speak to a customer service rep. Hopefully someone responds to this message but I won’t hold my breath.

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