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Corrlinks is the government service for prison inmates’s email. The system allows loved ones to correspond with their incarcerated loved ones.

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  1. Hello my name is Kelly nious and a friend of mine his name is Jamal herring is trying to get in contact with me thru Corrlinks. I have registered my email address but still nothing. Do I need to add money? I really need to speak with him so what shall I do please advise we have been trying to get in contact with each other for weeks.

  2. My lady has been in 4 in half years on a 5 yr sentence and i will say this real talk so true that i am 100% very grateful and so thankfull for corrilinks not 1 problem in all the 4yrs and i can say i sent a great no. of messages the comunication has let me be there for my love thank u so much

  3. The identification code is not valid. Can you please send me a valid code? My email is @yahoo. I’m trying to correspond with Charles Johnson #



  4. Whenever I try to login or try to send a message it says unable to connect to server. It not sync as well. Please please HELP

  5. Who’s the owner of this business when we are having money issues a machine can not help us

    this is an insult to me love one. Im trying to pay by card ur robotic system will not accept my card. U need to set up a system to help people this Is unacceptable.

  6. I was with the understanding this was a fre e service for inmates and families to stay connected and now it is telling me it will cost me in order to get a premier account in order to email my son. What is up with this.

  7. I need help to login to corrlinks to accept the request that someone’s sending me I don’t understand why it keep kicking me out.

  8. I haven’t received an identification code and he requested my email twice. Please assist me. Thanks

  9. i put $20 on my account and it says i have no money i e-mailed corrlinks and it say i made no transaction and it came off my credid card can u some how find it and add it to my account please

  10. I have paid the six dollars for a year on March 28 and now getting notice that my free trail is over it has done been pay so please fix this problem where I can get my email easier ASAP thanks

  11. my husband removed me from corrlinks last week,but just put me back on his list

    i cant get on still,i dont know my identification number

    but i do know his imate number but wont let me get thru,my old email was,im unable to retreive messages anymore,my new email is,,please help me!?!

  12. Corrlinks:A request from my boyfriend from a federal prison was sent to me today I paid for a premier account and it didn’t even give me an option to except him or to b able to find him period ..iam unable to semd him any messages…iam very frustrated this us our only source of communication I would appreciate some acknowledged meant to my issues I’ve attempted many troubleshooting contacting the prison to make sure he is eligible n he is there’s nothing wrong with my phone I’ve downloaded the app to my phone and tablet same outcome..#PleaseFix

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