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  1. Does someone know the email address to Costco’s corporate office? 01/10/13

    Does someone know the email address to Costco’s corporate office?

  2. Costco Membership Downgraded 2013

    We recd my 2% Costco rebate check and they noticed I downgraded our Mdshp from the Exec ($110.) level) to the $55., level – my reason is that now have to shop Sams Club to get the items Costco doesn’t carry any longer. Hey, guess what? Wew save $ at Sams that outweighs any 2% from Costco.

  3. Costco Membership Executive Review 2013

    I am an executive member at Costco. I appreciate the opportunity of being a member and I also have car insurance through Costco. Generally, I am satisfied with the service; however, I have experienced multiple mistreatment by Costco employees, cashiers, photo dept., or even the parking help, and baggers at the cashier registers. Last week, I had a bagger ignoring to move other empty shopping carts to pay for my products; in the end, she appeared angry, and she grabbed an electronic box and a pastry, and she dropped it back on my cart after I Paid the cashier. I would not want any other person dropping my property, which I had already paid for, that appeared to be angry and taking out on a customer. I informed the supervisor, and I told him that I was sure that they had cameras and they could review it for credibility. And, on 11/26/12, a male cashier appeared upset and he would not answer my question, because he was so busy talking with the customer after my turn, and when I asked him again, he snapped at me, and he still would not answer my question about the coupons on three sale items, and I was ridiculed by him, and he was discussing with the other customer his version and I got pressure from that other customer in addition to the rude cashier. I asked cashier to call a supervisor, and while delaying and continuing to discuss with other customer, the manager approached the cashier, and I told him that I wanted to cancel what that cashier did and if I would pay to another cashier who would treat me with the respect that I gave Costo generally. The manager was very polite and he rang up every item, i.e., television, blood pressure monitor, Ensure, Medical Disposable Gloves, etc…almost $400.00 in one visit alone, but, I usually buy everthing at Costco, from food, supplies, gasoline, car insurance, etc…. So, how can Costco not counsel their employees after someone files a complaint, would puzzle me because we are the people who shop at their warehouse. So, furthermore, I recommend that Costco take more serious its customers and counsel its employees to leave their prejudice beliefs, their anger, and other personal problems outside of Costco Warehouse, because if some of their employees are experiencing those above excuses and they expect the customers to feel sorry for them, we are not sympathetic of cruelty behavior, since we are Americans first, and we are of different cultures people who have jobs, and we work hard, and we have our own personal problems, so we do not accept any type of ABUSE, DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, OR ENVY because we are not working rather, we are shopping, and Costco employees should be grateful that they have jobs, when there are many other people who do not have jobs and they deserve better, than employees who are at Costco for the wrong reasons complaining because they are at work, resenting the job.

  4. Costco Customer Service Review for South Carolina Charleston

    Generally, I’m pleased with the items I’m able to purchase at our local Costco in Charleston, SC but in the last six months the quality of some of the produce being sold, particularly fruit (at full price too) is very disappointing. It is overripe or rotten, smells and has visible mold. Pretty disappointing from a company that prides itself on quality.

    I also wish they would sell more reduced and low sodium items for people with dietary restrictions.

  5. Costco Customer Question about Stocking Items

    Can Someone at COSTCO please explain why COSTCO stopped selling item number 164803 (Arcan Professional-Quality Aluminum Floor Jack — 3-Ton). Many people are looking for this item on-line and wondering why COSTCO stopped selling it. I have requested this item several times from the branch managers in Lewisville, TX. They said many people had asked for this item, but it does not show in the warehouse, so they cannot place an order for this item. There are many items COSTCO bring only one time or twice and then stop selling them. For instance: “Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT” is one of the items that COSTCO stopped bringing. When we approached the manager and ask for this item, he said it wasn’t selling good, so COSTCO stopped stocking it. When for the first time we purchased a box of “Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT” in COSTCO a full pallet of this item was on the store floor. My children loved it after trying the “Organic MASHUPS SQUEEZABLE FRUIT”. Few days later we went back to COSTCO to purchase more boxes of this item and they were sold out. So if this item wasn’t sold well why a whole pallet was sold out within less than 5 days? We love COSTCO. Their prices are great. I hope someone from COSTCO would read my comment and hopefully start selling the items again. You may googol the first item (Arcan Professional-Quality Aluminum Floor Jack — 3-Ton) and you will see how many people are saying they bought it from the COSTCO and it is a great jack. COSTCO has started bringing Arcan Professional 3.5 Tons Floor Jack, but it is not the Aluminum version of it which makes it very heavy.

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