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  1. I was utterly surprised to have received a credit and collections department notice for a subscription that I DID NOT even submit for any renewal. If this is a tactic to get me to send in the monies for yet another year subscription it won’t work. And if it is an actual credit and collections department letter for a renewal, I will connect with the Better Business Bureau and WILL file a complaint. This is ridiculous and low level for a magazine to go to in attempt to gain a subscription renewal. Instead you have managed to annoy me to the point of never purchasing another Country Living magazine. I will also let everyone I know, your ridiculous hounding and to advise them to NOT subscribe to your magazine.

  2. I have subscribed to Country Living magazine for many years. I suffered a stroke several months ago and have not worked since. I lost my job, including my health benefits which meant what little money I possessed had to be spent on absolute essentials. I could not justify spending money on a magazine subscription renewal, no matter how much I loved your magazine. So when I received my first bill I politely wrote back, explaining my situation and said that I could not renew at this time. My letter went unanswered except for another bill with an attached “important notice.” This notice had a somewhat threatening undertone to it and made me feel that you could have cared less about my situation. You just wanted your money. I wrote back a second time, a little less politely I might add. Still no response except for a third “important notice” demanding payment. Now I felt harassed. I was told that I needed to “restore your good standing” and pay up immediately. I cannot tell you how frustrated and angry I am. I will not be renewing my subscription now or ever again. You have shown me no compassion or consideration and that you are motivated by one thing and one thing only – money. I don’t have it and in this case neither will you.

  3. After reading all the recent comments, I see that nasty collection letters are your forte! I’ve been a subscriber for years even gifting subscripyions to my mom and I didn’t understand the rudness and I believe I was a two year subcription owner and it has only been one year. I won’t ever renew and you can send all the nasty mail you want.

  4. I also just received a Credit and Collections bill on something I didn’t ask for. They said because they automatically renew your subscription without asking. Will not be ordering this magazine anymore.

  5. I, like Robert at the top, received a notice from your collections department. I did not renew the subscription. If I do choose to renew a subscription, I send the check along with the renewal….not a request for later billing. If you are a company that automatically renews, hoping people won’t remember and just send you the renewal fee, I didn’t fall for it. My policy has always been to send a check when the subscription request is sent. I chose NOT to renew several magazines that I never have time to read. I sent your last attempt to make me believe I had renewed back with a note explaining that you were free to stop sending me the magazine because I didn’t want it. It seems I now have to Google your number to make a call to tell you this again. I’m glad I did though, because I see that you have tried this same ruse on others.

  6. I just received a credit and collections department notice for a subscription that I DID NOT even re-submit for any renewal. If this is a tactic to get me to send in the monies for yet another year subscription —

    or – if it is an actual credit and collections department letter —

    I have every intention of connecting the Better Business Bureau and at least filing a

    complaint. This is beyond absurd. Pretty crappy antics and low level for a magazine to go to in attempt to gain a subscription renewal. Instead — you have managed to aggrivate me to the point of never having another Country Living magazine and to also let everyone that I ever come in contact with – know of my adventure and to advise them to run as quickly as they can in the opposite direction.

  7. I renewed my subscription for country living and sent a check for payment with the promise that I would receive a free toile tote bag. when are you going to send my bag?

  8. FINAL NOTICE — I should hope so! My husband and I cannot recall our ever requesting to renew our subscription to Country Living. Today we received your invoice dated 6/6/13 for a one year subscription. We DO NOT want another one year subscription of Country Living. It certainly is not that we do not like this marvelous magazine but I find that we are now both so busy (both are now retired) that I do not have time to sit and read the magazine. The last few issues of Country Living went to recycling without being completely read. Please notify your Subscription Services Department and have them remove our name from your subscription list. As I noted before, we DO NOT want another subscription. Then, please cancel the Invoice for the one year subscription we DO NOT want. Thank you for your assistance in this matter

  9. I want to CANCEL this magazine. For the first thing I did not subscribe to this magazine and I feel that when I receive something I didn’t ask for and can’t find a way to cancel it, then the company has some very under-handed way of doing business and I don’t ever want to do business with them. Will someone please tell me how to cancel this most unwanted thing!


  10. Looks to me like you need to get better organized when it comes to subscriptions being renewed. I already receive a copy of Country Living and I am now receiving two. One comes under my first name and the other under Mrs. Seems as though when it is the same address, you would realize that it is a renewal. I would like to have this corrected and attached to the end of the present renewal plus credit for the extras already sent.

  11. in the first place I enjoy the magazine.but i am getting 2 magazins every month which i dont appricate. one pr. is to run out in oct 2014 the other pr. runsout in

    dec. 2014 please cancil one of them and add the time on to the next one thank you

  12. Claire R. on Lake Dr. in St. Francis. Your CL magazine arrived in my mail. Please contact CL & get your address corrected. Lovely magazine but I’m not really interested in the subject matter & do not wish to keep what isn’t mine. Thank you!

  13. Be careful when entering Country Living’ contests/sweepstakes. They ‘sneak in’ subscriptions. I already subscribe to the magazine, but entering their $25,000 sweepstakes will immediately generate another CL subscription. I went to the ‘customer service’ website, but there were NO options to correct this situation. I will just ignore that ‘bill’ when it arrives.

  14. I received country living magazine and Good Housekeeping magazine as a gift from a friend. However I already subscribe to both. I would like to talk with someone to just extend my already subscription for an additional year on both magazines. Sandra Fulford, Bloomington, IN. 47401

  15. I would like to cancel my recent subscription to Country Living Magazine. Somehow through entering a sweepstakes I signed up for this even though I did check “no” to the box. I already have a subscription and do not need another one.

  16. I received an issue of Country living but did not subscribe to it. I called and was told that it had been paid for but they would not let me know who paid for it. I don’t understand why. If someone is giving me a gift I would like to thank the person. If by some way Country living has been able to use my credit card # I will change it so they can no longer have it. This has happened to me once before and the only way to deal with people who get your credit card # is to have it changed.

  17. I had the same problem. I signed up for the sweepstakes and they started sending me magazines. I have emailed them and they still continue to send me their magazines, now two different ones. This should not be allowed. I will never enter anything that has to do with magazines because they do this without my permission. Never check on any box.

  18. have been a subscriber for many years to Country Living, I love the magazine,in fact it is the only one i order. Sometimes you get an offer from a magazine. If you don’t want it, write them & keep a copy, or phone & let them know. I have had a couple of occasions thru the years and all I had to do was reach customer service. People get too upset over something minor and tend to take it out on the customer service person. They are there doing their job just like you do when your at work. Kindness goes a very long way.Why don’t people try using it.

  19. Just called to cancel a subscription that I did not order and found out it was ordered when I entered HGTV contest. Please everyone be careful when you enter these contest and mark no to everything offered if you do not want these magazines shipped to you without your consent. Thanks

  20. I am one who really enjoys Country Living magazine. I look forward to it coming each month. Hope you print this cause I don’t understand why all the comments ahead of me are hate disturbed comments. The only other magazine I like better is Country Sampler.

    There is alot of love and kindness in country people.

  21. I just called the number (phone number 1-800-888-0128 opiont 2) to be removed from their list. Who knows if it will really work. I was told I signed up for it thru DIY.

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