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    I will be calling, no phone number on bill…..

  3. Could you tell me why my subscription ended in November 2017 when my mailing label states that the magazine subscription runs until November 2018

  4. I received a one year gift subscription in December 2012. I recently received a notice from the credit and collections department that my subscription was being suspended for non-payment. I was furious – I didn’t order this magazine in the first place; and I am certainly not going to pay for something I don’t truly want or need.

    I phoned the 800 number and spoke with a very nice gentleman, explained the situation, and my subscription is cancelled effective immediately. He did note that the notice I received was solely from Country Living Credit & Collections Department, and had not been turned over to a collection agency.

    While I do not like the tactic they are using to procure subscriptions, the gentleman was very nice and provided exceptional customer service.

  5. I too have received a credit and collections letter from CountryLiving Magazine. This seems to be a tactic that magazines are using now. I will never now, or in the future buy a subscription to this magazine again. I did not submit a renewal notice to this company for renewal, as I did not care for the magazine.


  6. Your customer service employee, Scott, ext.3695, is awesome. I’ve been a Country Living customer for years. I was unhappy to receive notice that my subscription had been renewed as part of the Country Living Continuous Service Program. Last year, when I renewed, I wrote that I did not want to be on the automatice renewal program, and was upset when my payment due now notice was received. Scott handled my complaint in a very professional manner. He offered me a rate adjustment, and I renewed on the spot. Scott offers great customer service for Country Living.

  7. I also LOVE Country Living Magazine. Ideas are abound and articles are kept short and to the point. Each issue has a great a little something for everyone. I called because I extended my subscription through my child’s school and since have been getting 2 magazines instead of an extension of my subscription. Customer service was very nice and said that they would take care of that mix up. They are all trying to do the right thing, just give them the chance to do it.

  8. I’ve been a Country Living subscriber for many years and still enjoy the magazine enough to purchase a gift subscription for my friend. She has not received it yet and I’m wondering when she will begin to.

  9. Thank you for this info. I too have received letters saying I owed them money. I have sent letters stating that I no longer want to receive the magazine, yet they continue to send invoices saying I must remit $21.97 for a magazine or my account will “NOT BE RESTORED TO GOOD STANDING”. I have enjoyed this magazine since 1983, but this tactic is an insult to it’s readers. I do not want another subscription, and I am NOT sending any money that I do not owe. Nice try Country Living.

  10. I just went on your website to get a telephone number for your CL office in Harlan, IA. I was inquiring about a renewal notice we had just received in the mail; I had to try and communicate with a machine! This is not an acceptable customer service option or solution for answering your devoted customers questions! My current CL subscription runs until 4-2015. My question is: Why am I getting numerous notices of subscription renewals with demands for payment? After reading the numerous comments and horror stories above; this will be my last subscription of your magazine, that I thoroughly enjoy each month! I do not WANT to receive notices that my payments have not been made and a collection agency has been contacted DEMANDING those payments, that do not even exist!

    I have been a faithful, loyal CL subscriber for many, many years; this will come to an end in April, 2015!

  11. I had trouble with NOT wanting my own subscription renewed but wanting my gift subscription for my daughter renewed. Talk about very trying. First they sent me awful letters saying I owed on both (even though I never renewed mine), then put my payment for the gift subscription onto the one I had never asked to be renewed then threating with a collection’s letter on the gift subscription. No where on their site was a telephone number to call. I searched online and found this helpful site. I called CL and they assured me they never had problems with subscriptions. well, I told her to look at the complaints on here. 🙂 Hopefully, my daughter continues to get her magazine—instead of me—and that I don’t get anymore strong worded collection letters. I may have to not renew hers next year.

  12. I paid for a subscription and I have only received one issue. I actually like the magazine and woul like to receive it but when I tried to request help online it doesn’t reconize my account number. This company needs better management.

  13. I will not be renewing my subscription for your magazine again. I counted “50” advertisement pages, mainly for Prescription drugs. There are ONLY 124 pages in the entire publication. And about just as many full page photos, some of cooked dishes. Your publication NO LONGER INTERESTS me. I do NOT care for stats and facts on drugs that I do NOT use. Sorry that ads that have already been paid for do NOT qualify as interesting articles and subjects for PAID SUBSCRIBERS to a COUNTRY ORIENTED MAGAZINE. It would not surprise me in the least if many more of your PAID SUBSCRIBERS CANCEL their subscriptions.

  14. I just ordered Country Living through the mail and requested to be billed. I received an email stating they had received my order and to please pay through email. Every time I clicked on it I would be taken to their website to order the Parents magazine, so I did not do it. This week I received an invoice for Country Living and it gave the website to pay for it. When I paid for it, it thanked me for ordering a subscription to Parents magazine! I am so angry and feel they do this on purpose. Now I owe for Country Living too. I sent an email to them and requested they reimburse me. this really ticks me off~

  15. I am so happy to read those other letters from persons who have also received payment due letters. I thought I was losing my mind!!! I too have had serious health issues lately and have cut out many extras, including magazine renewals. What a surprise to receive this bill in the mail with a payment due date. I also do not intend to pay this unordered order…

  16. I am only writing here in hopes that others will avoid the same issue. I have been receiving “collection notices” for several months. I have been keeping magazine subscription payment receipts for years because of other issues and finally decided to go check my file and sure enough I have the check number for the subscription year. Now that the renewal is coming up I am receiving “collection” notices. My advice. Do not get a subscription to this magazine and do not fall for these phony invoices.

  17. Add my wife and I to the list.

    We received the same letter statine ” subscription suspended for non-payment”. It goes on to say we agreed to bill me later, A review of our file shows that you have failed to respond to our numerous requests for payment. We did not send in any renewal request stating we would like to bill me later. We did not ignore requests We did not send in because we also having been subscribers just did not want to subscribe any more. Last year you double up on December and January. I always enjoyed October and December the most. Also the new size is not as easy to handle, read and store. My wife has almost decided she wants to continue but we are hesitant to the point of not due to the tactics that we and apparently many others have been subjected to. Sorry to end many years of subscriptions on a sour note.

  18. I received an invoice today from Country Living thanking me for “choosing to be part of our Continuous Service Program.” I never “chose” to be a part of your continuous service program – I was never given a choice! First of all, my subscription doesn’t end until March 2015. When that happens you may send me an offer that I will consider. If you send me an invoice you can count on my cancellation. I, too, am considering contacting the Better Business Bureau.

  19. I just got off the phone with the customer service dept., I had to find the number online,and thankfully got good, quick results. I have also been very annoyed with the very pushy “reminders” to pay my mother’s gift subscription. It is just now October and it is paid up through March 2014, but the bills have been coming since early summer. At least the girl I spoke to said she would make the bills stop. We’ll see. Hope so.


  21. Country Living just sent invoice to me too for which I have not requested renewal. To add further insult their bogus invoice was for 219% higher then what is available elsewhere.

  22. I have made at least two calls to Country Living Magazine regarding my subscription. They were quite polite and assured me the problem would be taken care of. These calls were in addition to letters and notes sent back with the billing statement. Months later the problem still exist. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? They billed me for MY subscription and a GIFT subscription which I plainly stated I did not want to do another gift. This continued for several months even after I sent payment. I told them to just add the additional year to my subscription. For the last several months I have gotten the same magazine (twice a month)even after phone calls. Address form on the face of the magazine states subscription expires Feb. 15. So on this date (9-23-2013)I get a bill for 19.26! GO FIGURE! PLEASE get this mess straightened out. I am really disturbed after reading numerous negative comments about your billing system. Reading material is find–your customer service & billing departments STINKS.

  23. I also received a letter for demand payment , when I have the cancelled check in front of me.. I will not be renewing when the year is up for rudeness and threats.

  24. I paid for a 2 year subscription in January 2010 for $20 good through 2/1/12. Then on 1/28/12 I paid for another 2 year subscription for $20 good through 2/1/14. Yet the magazine showed the subscription was good through June 2014. Then we start getting letters from the Subscription Services Dept how they have sent us numerous bills & they must insist that we send paper immediately. I called Customer Service & they said the $20 was for a ONE year subscription – WRONG. But they immediately extended it through June 2014. I think this is just a ploy to get more money out of you. I really enjoy the magazine but these tactics make me sick. And from reading other comments it appears I’m not the only one that this happens to.

  25. I too received a surprising notice that my subscription was on it’s way. All I did was look up pictures of country porches on line. Signed up for what they said was a email newsletter. I called them to tell them I did not order the magazine. She was very rude. I told her to cancel it. She said I would receive the first magazine. Which, I said you have time to cancel it. I will not pay for it.

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