Cox Communications


Cox Communications provides cable television service, high speed internet, home security and telephone service to customers in the United States.

Cox Cable Phone Numbers by State

Arizona Customer Service Number: 1-866-867-2629

Arkansas Customer Service Number: 1-888-952-3278

Central Florida Customer Service: 1-888-269-9693

Cleveland Ohio: 1-216-535-3500

Connecticut: 1-877-206-4210

Acadiana Louisiana: 1-888-215-8474

Baton Rouge Louisiana: 1-800-457-8974

Gulf Coast: 1-850-478-0200

Hampton Roads Virginia: 1-757-224-1111

Idaho: 1-208-726-4561

Kansas: 1-888-952-3278

Las Vegas: 1-702-383-4000

Mid Georgia: 1-478-784-8000

New Orleans: 1-504-304-8444

Northern Virginia: 1-703-378-8422

Fredericksburg Virginia: 1-540-373-6343

Oklahoma City: 1-405-600-8282

Omaha Nebraska: 1-402-933-3000

Orange County and Palos Verdes California: 1-800-234-3993

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59 Replies to “Cox Communications”

  1. So happy with the awesome cable man who came out to help install my computer.

    He was so nice and everything was perfect!!

    words escape me- so glad he came and fixed the problem!

  2. I can top everyone’s complaints. Our cable service, including internet and phone, went out during the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl. My friends and I are staring at a Temporarily Off Air screen and COX they has no idea when we’ll be back up. The customer service rep didn’t understand the big deal; turns out he doesn’t watch football.

  3. Trying to get help via the official phone number twice today….BOTH times they could not help but would (I PROMISE) call you back…THEY LIED

  4. So for some reason my bedroom tv has no service but my other three TV’s do? I’ve been on hold for going on 5 hours now! I’m pretty sure that they are closed now. I want to know why my tv has not worked in three days! My screen says “Your digital cable service has been disconnected. Please call your cable operator for assistance. 1-800-699-8151” An answer to my simple question or an answer to my call period would be nice! Other people have lives aside from your “busy” schedules. I also noticed no one on this page has had a single good thing to say about you. Maybe it’s time I switched back to Direct tv. Thank you for wasting my time and not helping me at all.

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