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Craigslist Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
1381 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394
Fax Number: 1-415-504-6394
Email Address:

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  1. I place an ad on craigslist for free scrap metal removal in the free section of modesto craigslist and it is deleted everytime from people that post for the same thing this is very unfortanute and I dont know how to fix it. What can I do to stop this from happining I live off of the proceeds of callers that want there metal removed.

  2. Hope everything is going well. 360 repairs off 31st St. in Temple TX has 82 ads on craigslist. A large majority of their post are to make other businesses look bad with lies and aggressive photos even adding expicit photos pics to company logos for their gain. Slandering other repair company’s in town. Bad business. Im just saying they don’t even remove what they have sold also not really selling anything but service. When I look under cellphones for sale I expect to see cellphones for sale. You know what I mean? I am a business owner myself. Im sure you understand ads like what 360 Repairs has posted defeats the purpose of Craigslist. Bad business. Please help Craigslist to be a better place. I could only add a few post ids below because your field cant withstand the amount of over posted ads this 360 repair company has added. All I am asking is look at them and make the right decision.Thank you for your time and consideration. Best regards

  3. For the first time in years I posted several ads and they are not showing up. I tried to change my e-mail address and there is nowhere to change it.

  4. Plz help,I’ve posted with craigslist for the last 4 years and no problems.this month almost everything posted is flagged.I repost and flagged.I don’t think it’s a person,more like a problem with the computer.plz help.I make what little money through craigslist and now I’m bummed out.thx

  5. I have been using Craigslist for years and have appreciated the service. Now I can not get into my account at all. I don’t know if I was blocked or for what reason. I can’t find any way to contact a human to help with the situation. What can I do to be able to use my account again. If I did something wrong shouldn’t I at least know what I did?

  6. For some reason, my access to craigslist was blocked. I have done business with you for many years and never had a problem. I am in the process of locating a new rental home and need the information from the site. Please help?

  7. having trouble in CL on whither which ad is real or not. iam getting harassed after I answerd an add I thought it was real. do you people bother to check the adds first .

  8. There is a scam being perpetrated on Craigslist by a person with the email address of This person is advertising properties for rent that he does not own and that are not for rent, have never been for rent, and will never be for rent. CRAIGSLIST needs to take this posting down immediately. I have reported this to AOL, to the FTC, and to the local police department.


  10. cant get some one to take my area code bristol tn. 37620 say not right area code been posting for a long time i know my postoll code

  11. I have posted an ad in the general section several times for an IBM typewriter.

    When I search for this ad by name in my area (Ventura county) it does not show!

    Why? In near by areas there are several ads for similar machines but, none in

    Ventura county. Can you inform me please.

    Thank you.

  12. petty good win u can’t talk to someone about this on the phone have to tape an wait for someone to got back with me .c.sever don’t want pick up the phone I can’t belever have mant on the e-mail to frend 4 2 day. I try send picter to one my bud and it tell me this y so lone to fix it? my bud is on.d.s.l. hard line I;m on satalight an both of us livein wasington state

  13. there is someone posting derogatory statements about me and my services under the same posts headline or has gained access to my posting account I believe this is harassment and want to know what can be done about the issue Ive flagged the posts but they don’t seem to be being removed I believe this is affecting the responses I usually receive and is affecting me financially

  14. I just posted 3 ads and all have been flagged and I don’t understand why. You can’t get an answer over the phone and I believe there is no reason for this to have happened. Can anybody help me?


    I’ ve Really had it with this dam CL bull ….Someone is TARGETING ME and Flagging all my posts I have had this happen before and I think it’s the same Crazy person…

    Do I have to report CL to the better Business bureau for being harassed

    By getting FLAGGED and losing all my ads?

    Shannon Miller


  16. I am ready to pull my hair out. We have a very nice 5th wheel we are trying to sell. We live in MA but have it on site in NH. There are many from Canada who might be a better market and I have tried to put an ad to Sherbrook but I get stymied when I try to add the zip code for the town in NH where the camper is actually located. I have tried numerous ways to contact CL, but it goes nowhere fast. I have spent over 45 minutes trying to place this ad but it continues to reject the zip code for the town and I can’t get past it. I have seen other people in MA who have posted to Canada but I can’t get it to work. Time if of the essence because our season is half over and I want to get the ad up. Why won’t it work and why can’t I contact CL. It won’t even let me fill out a form to contact CL.

  17. A while back was looking to share a room in Phoenix. I never before met so many creepy people than were advertising on Craigslist. Several people were very misleading on many topics. I am VERY LEERY of looking for roommates on this site. I am living by myself and am so glad that I did not move in with one of these individuals. Seriously BUYER BEWARE.

  18. Craigslist ( USA Corporate Office Headquarters

    1381 9th Ave.

    San Francisco, CA 94122

    Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394

    Email Address:

    Dear Sir/Madam,Webmaster or anyone reading this comment who has an answer:

    I desperately need help! I post homeless dogs for a rescue, have been doing it for years. But starting last week, Criags List, not flaggers, has been removing my posts. Within minutes of my posting and without any email from Craigs List saying I have been flagged, the posts are simply deleted.

    There is no answer for this problem on; your email address, above, does not work and the email I sent you is returned as “undeliverable”; there is no option through your phone number, above, to speak with a live person. I even opened a new account with another email address and password, and again, within minutes, the posting was deleted.

    If I go to your Corporate HQ on 9th Ave., that lovely little house, will someone answer the door when I knock?

    Here are the dogs that have been deleted and desperately need adopters:

    Please address this issue. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


    Bonnie Steiger

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