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Craigslist Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
1381 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394
Fax Number: 1-415-504-6394
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  1. I keep posting ads well within the rules and regulations of Craigslist and they keep getting flagged. Why is this happening? Now I cant post anything

  2. first time I put an ad on for ONE ad and they debited my account for 45.00 3 times, that online said was declined, so I put my personal card on and it accepted it and deducted ANOTHER 45.00 so, basically they took 180.00 for one small ad!!!!! I am beyond craped…then I try to go online and send them an email, twice now at the very end it erased my entire email to them…then I try again and it just takes me back to the previous then I find a phone number to call…nothing just a bunch of BS and no way to leave a message so, here I am just beyond craped and being the first time AND LAST I will post with cl…just want them to know what crap poor support they have, lousy phone support, lousy online support and with all the money they rake in they should be Stellar with online and phone support…this is the last time you will steal from me.

  3. I keep getting blocked from Craigs list for no reason. Three times in less than a month. No reason or explication for the action taken. Hello! Is anybody out there!!

  4. I was getting blocked on craigslist a deal and Cars about parts all the time and this is killing my sales what in the world can I do because I will have to shut down or go to eBay or something could you help me with this please. And we just buried a daughter but before Christmas she was 23g i’m never able to get back to the website to buy the parts because I’m always block

  5. Being spammed is not enough, by email, now if you just list a phone number in the contact listing you get BOGUS texts messages from spammers like centrecapital899@gmail, and and numerous others… SO what does CL doing about spammers now contacting you by phone texts, and selling your phone number to other spam agencies???

  6. I have attempted to reply to 5 ads on craiglist to purchasing goods. The e-mails are sent and yet no response from sellers.Please have sellers add their phone numbers to ad.

  7. When I try to flag an add that has been posted multiple times in multiple cities, is miscatagorized, or for any other legitimate reason, C/list merely “hides” the posting and does nothing to remove it. What good is the flagging feature if it can’t be utilized?

  8. I already have an account with craigslist, but have changed my email address. There is no way of changing the email address, and I cant post my add for my car without changing it. “HOW DO I DO THIS”

  9. Up til now I would rate CL with 5 stars; however I’ve never had a problem before~ Now I do and have for quite some time~ After writing several HELP requests, still no rectification to the problem~ Let me try again. . . . . . .

    I let a friend borrow my computer and since she did, her e;mail address on CL is the default e;mail address~ Hence, when I reply on any given ad, a message comes up that it won’t accept my address and to revert back to her address and password~ How do I take her off as a default and put me back on, as it should be??? Thank you for your consideration in this matter~


  10. Hello Craigslist,

    I’m very much fond of your service and how easy you make things accessible! But as of recently, the issue I have with your site is that my post keeps being flagged down for removal. I’m not entirely sure why this is the case. I’ve followed all guidelines to a decimal, but yet my post is being deleted. I’m now starting to suspect it may be someone with a grudge against the world who flags my postings down for deletion. If my suspicion has any truth to it — a new standard should be implemented in how the flagging button works. The post should be viewed first by an employee at craigslist to see if It actually does need to be deleted.

    It’s a bit frustrating to have my post deleted every time I make a new one.

  11. POSTING COMPLAINTS, AND COMMENTING, DOES NOT DO ANY GOOD HERE. I have posted them, but they never seem to get published. WEB master asleep at the switch.

  12. I am probably the 1 millionth customer complaining of the same community harrassement by users, for Illegal flagging, and removal of my sale ads. I am thinking that CL has become a communist site for do gooders, and mean people that are not held accountable for ILLEGAL FLAGGING. I try to sell tools, and furniture, and get flagged 30 minutes to 1 day from time of initial postings. I abide by all of the Terms of USE, and am doing nothing illegally. SO I try and call CL, but get the automated response telling me to talk to the discussion boards, which is useless because they don’t have the ability to stop it. So How is this NOT HARRASSMENT of USERS???

    I doubt anyone from CL would respond, but I am never using their site again, and am posting ON FACEBOOK what a COMMUNIST site this has BECOME…

  13. I keep posting a valid ad on CL and it keeps getting flagged, maybe not right away, maybe later that day and then I repost it just to get flagged again. I reword it and still it gets flagged at some point. So I make up a bunch of ads and when I get flagged I repost again. To some this will be considered spam but what choice do I have if my ad keeps getting flagged. Only CL employees should be able to flag an ad.

  14. I have to admit after reading the above complaints, I now come to the conclusion no one is deleting our ads. It”s being done by customer service. I too had the same complaint when I posted several ads in different locations, I thought someone was flagging me too, but I made a complaint to customer service I never got a respond. Now I realize it’s craigslist customer service that is actually deleting our advertisement. I think they are doing this to get you to pay for your advertisement, just as the mob will do when they want to put the squeeze on someone. Craigslist advertise for free ads but after time has gone by they feel you need to pay them to stay on their site. I think the appropriate thing to have done is contacted the people and just let them know instead of flagging your ad. I would not want to pay for my ad because my competition is very high and a lot of times my ad gets bump to the lower end of the advertisemnt.

  15. I have been using cr for years but the last month my account was droped because of mulipul ads which I did not put on,someone put commercal car ads on my site and cr locked my ac.please correct this as soon as possible thanks.

  16. I have been using craigs list for quite a while now with little trouble and good results. all of a sudden my ad for selling puppies keeps getting flagged. my wife also just made an account due to this and is having the same problems. I am doing nothing different than what I always did. unfortunately I am now looking for another ad site to go on because you cannot get an answer by phone.

  17. i need immediate help–I have posted an classic truck on a very legitimate ad and it gets flagged the minute I open it up. I want help you keep ignoring me. a friend told me you told her who was flagging her ad last summer. my husband is 74 and needs to sell this truck. please please please help me

  18. I have seen same posts over and over over again. Craigslists does not delete them. They only delete the real adds. My posts been kept flaged and deleted for no reason. It sucks. They have no good customer service what so ever. I do not like to use their service anymore.

  19. I am appalled and disgusted that Craigs list would permit a picture of two men having sex in their ads . The ad was to show a way for someone to make money fast. If any ads are removed within an hour , this is the one that should be removed. Children view Craigs List ads also. Please Craigs list, show some decency for everyones sake. . Remember you are accountable to God for your actions in this matter.

  20. I’m an older woman who has had nothing but bad experiences on Craigs List recently.Im an older woman who’s posted items for sale in the past and never had a problem.If we were looking for a dog or cat we had good luck.But lately it’s a nightmare.Recently my husband and I were looking for a Large Breed Dog and some crazy woman I don’t even know went all nuts on me, sent me harassing emails calling me names etc..Craigslist has gone down hill, I’ll never use it again.Thiers too many people on it that flag you for no reason, my posts are always appropriate.People seem to browse the post just to find someone to harass.Its awful when your doing nothing wrong, minding your own business, sitting on your couch watching TV on a Sat. Night and some person you don’t even know starts emailing you calling you all kinds of nasty names because she took issue with something she didn’t like in your post.These people need to get a life and leave people alone.Craigs List has turned into a nightmare and should be shut down.They make rules but don’t enforce them and anyone following the rules, minding their own business and going about their lives gets harrassed.

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