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Craigslist The premier classified and forum site on the internet. Over 500 cities and 50 countries. Craigs List Customer service is online only.

Craigslist Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
1381 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394
Fax Number: 1-415-504-6394
Email Address:

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  1. Will you guys please take my phone number and my name of your page I don’t have no gas protector But some of them my name and their gas detector on the phone I think you guys got the wrong number to put on that will you please take my number of people keep calling me for gas protectors and I don’t have one And they said they get it from you got it from you guys My name is Timothy McGee my phone number is will you please take it off of your gas detectors




  3. I am trying to renew my add in free listing under valdia ga for apartment /town house my id . it keeps asking me for postal code . I though this was zip but put in and still give me red edit under code . What is it you want ?

  4. i have had an account with craigslist for approx. 4 yrs. or more. i have wrote my adds how i seem them to fit my product and my wants and needs. i have purchased a lot of items from craigslist and i have sold a lot of items on craigslist. but today i am being flagged for my grammar and how i spell (add or ad) not to mention i am being questioned for the items i have sold in the past year. i think this flagging by our piers has went to far. someone from craigslist needs to read the forum on how many adds have been flagged and why. for instance flagging for listing a house boat in boats,and the flagger said it should have been listed in real estate. personally i live close to a large city about 1hr away thats where i chose to place my add because of the exposure and i get ridiculed for not listing in a city that is 45 mins away. please fix this matter or you will lose alot of people that think craigslist is the greatest thing.

  5. FU*K CRAIGSLIST!!! I’M SICK OF BEING TARGETED!!! I’ve tried being compliant with my ads for sale and keep getting flagged. I’M DONE!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  6. I am being threatened and harassed by a “potential buyer” on craigslist. He is threatening to flag my post. His phone number is 770- and he said his name is Craig. Should I call the police?


  8. Why does Craigslist only allow the illegal trade of marijuana, yet will remove any posting by legal and licensed medical collectives?

  9. I can’t believe you would post a position that is soliciting sex. How disgraceful. With all the rapes and child abduction in the world, that someone wouldnt look into this.

  10. I have been e-mailing regarding spam postings under jobs and nothing is being done about it. Craigslist needs to block the e-mails attached to these postings.

    It’s funny how you can’t get customer support over the phone. But, then what can you expect from a state that is only focused on their bodies, color of their hair and tanning.

    I am going to file a complaint with the BBB regarding the site.

  11. All my ads keep getting flagged & deleted. I’m trying to sell some vehicles & never had this problem before. It’s aggravating that people can just flag & delete my stuff. Can u tell me why or what & if Craigslist can control this.

  12. I placed an add for a FREE nice wood desk. The add was flagged and deleted within ten minutes of being posted. It was all proper and of all things..FREE… i have used cl for over 4 years and had no such problems. Today i had four regular adds flagged and deleted within an hour of posting them. All in proper categories and well written but immediately removed from craig’s list. Yesterday i had five adds immediately flagged and removed and again all proper in every way. I suspect this random flagging and removal is being done by people not affiliated with cl in any way. This should be stopped. Random flagging of adds should be done away with and only cl employees should be able to delete an one else.. Craig, if you read my email, please step up to the plate and stop allowing crazy people to police cl and allow only your employees to do such things. Thank you for your time and your consideration. I enjoy craig’s list and want to continue enjoying it, but how can i when i can no longer post an add???

  13. ru sleeping @ the switch?? I’m sorry but I’m upset that my attempts @ getting someone to respond have gone unanswered. What kind of way is this to run a business?!! I owned and operated a very sucessful electronics business for 40 YEARS and NOT by ignoring the needs of my customers, mind you. Is it going to take an act of congress to get the decency of a response as to why my ads aren’t showing up?

    I’ve been posting for years w/no problems. Why is there one now?

  14. my very first time, trying 2 purchase an item but cant get vie email pls hv people put phome #s for peopl without email pls advise

  15. my very first time, trying 2 purchase an item but cant get vie email pls hv people put phome #s for peopl without email pls advise

  16. I have Been trying to post and ad and Damed if I can find it Craicgslist is really starting to suck ass bigtime, my ad gets flaged and yet all these other jerks have nudie and jerk pics wimp pics all sorts of vile ass crap !!! wow go figure

  17. I am so sick of posting on craigslist just to have it flagged and removed. They had better get some customer service people to actually read what people are flagging and decide for themselves if it needs to be removed. I AM SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are just craped off because they can’t sell or rehome a pet cheaper then I can ….. this just might be flagged as well.

  18. Why can’t I continue to POST COMMENTS ON Craiglist here in Oregon, without that little “insert phone number for Secret Code Verification” window coming up ALL THE TIME ?

    I have already gotten TWO separate “secret codes” sent to me, and NOW ALL I CONTINUE TO

    GET IS “That phone number is already associated with an account

    To prevent abuse, a phone number may only be assigned to a new account once every 90 days.”


    SOMEBODY, PLEASE TELL ME (since phone numbers at Craigslist don’t work WHATSOEVER FOR THIS TYPE OF “ISSUE”.


  19. LAST CHANCE TO RESPOND TO MY MANY UNANSWERED E-MAILS BEFORE PROCEEDING W/CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST YOU FROM MY LEGAL COUNCIL!! You have blocked my IP adress w/o representation and I’ve already perused your common answers to why blocks are initiatedand found no misdoings on my part, whatsoever, further, should you ignore this final warning, charges will be brought against you, both jointly and severallly, including interdiction of the FTC and FCC. Good Day.

  20. I’m trying to reach customer service on Craigslist…..I have posted a Wedding Dress For Sale on Craigslist.

    Someone contacted me via my cell-phone, saying he is going to purchase the dress & send a Cashiers check.

    So, when he sent the check, it was for $2,455.00. I only requested $175 50.00 for shipping.

    He is asking I deposit the check, take out my portion & then he will instruct me what to do with the rest of the money & where to mail the ‘dress’ too. I just can’t believe someone could do this & think its okay. I;m sure this is a crime. This is I’m sure fraud.

  21. A very large portion of Craigslist are spammers, phishers, predatory fraudulent ads and discussion forums that cater to the people of color who cry about the quantity and quality of the freebees they get from Government and the fact that they live in a white world where black lives never mattered and should never matter. Same with women’s lib jerkbags and all the LQBQ, girl who likes girlss and brownies who disregard the immigration laws (and are ignorant of all law in general) to come to this country and suck the tit. All of this trash feel entitled to everything they’ll never deserve to have because of the way they are. Read the Bible, God has destroyed these kind of people since the beginning of time because they are without God. Craigslist is a meeting place for the filthy, mostly, which are mentioned above. Typical California entity. We are just as bad for allowing them to stay here and continue to ruin our nation by simply living their lives. We meaning People of God.

  22. I was scammed someone that would not do anything but text over the phone… I should have known right away. what some scammers are doing is finding post and coping them and claiming they have things and then you send the money and you are scammed and never get the product that you buy. do not send any money via western Union- because they can say they are in the state that you are sending the money to but they could be somewhere else. I believe this is what happend to me bought something told them I would only send half the money until I got the product then when I did not get it the next day. they came up with a story as to why I should send them the other money. they claimed to be christian. People are unbelievable I will never use this site agian and will also tell everyone that I know to not use it either need to have some kind of tracking on people so that they get prosecuted when they scam people. I can see how people can make a living off of doing this to people.

  23. To whom it may concern,

    Someone posted my cell number on Craig list for an appt in Jackson heights. I red flagged it and still getting calls one every 10 minutes. My cell number is private thank you. Post number is please someone contact me. To help get this off Craig’s list. Thank you Debra

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