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Craigslist Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
1381 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122
Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-566-6394
Fax Number: 1-415-504-6394
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  1. I need help with this issue also. How do I unblock my account? Postings are not inappropriate….. Someone is flagging me and my account is blocked …

  2. there is a rental scam so renters be ware there is an ad posted by a revern peter charles renting houses the link for the email is it sound like a good deal but truelly a scam and someone from craiglist need to put a stop to it his emails state that he and his family moved to africa on a missonary transfer through his church and only requires the deposit for the keys and papers for the house and that the deposit is a refundable in case you dont like the house so i replied to his email to send the keys and papers and ill send the 1100 rent and deposit and googled his name and found that there are alot of people who were scamed by this person and our emails matched word for word to the last dot please people be careful just cause they might sem true they are not his name in his letters is reveren Peter Charles

  3. I posted a vehicle for sale under owner, and all I get are sales calls and SPAM from car dealers wanting to sell my car for me. THE ADS CLEARLY STATE NO SOLICITATION, but cL has turned into a big scammers paradise.

  4. ****Fraud Alert

    A-Z Scrap Metal Removal


    Ripped Off

    Unprofessional and emotionally out of control

    Took boiler and other heavy metal. Never came back with $.

  5. Craigslist keeps flagging my ads within 10mins of posting can someone help me out this really sucks what’s the deal

  6. I have placed an ad to sale my puppies for the last two days, have followed all the rules……..yet the ad has been flagged and deleted within minutes or at the most hours. I really do not understand why and no way to contact anyone to find out anything. You are a very popular web site, but you need to make yourself available to the public, if we need to get in touch with a person and not a website. It is very disgusting and it seems I am not the only one that this is happening to and not the only one disgusted with the whole system. If you do change things and become accessible to people with real people, you may find yourself out of business.

  7. My posting keep getting deleted a couple of minutes after I post them.

    I’ve been posting stuff on craigslist for a longtime and I rely on the site.

    Please help me.

  8. your software has a problem with the inset map on some postings.

    It seems to default to a local map inset that has nothing in common with the contact person/address

    requiring you to leave the craigslist site/page, go to a map providers site/page in order to locate actual location

    example: the map inset box on post “ID 4549603078” is an example it appears in dozens of postings from all over the geographic area

  9. Why is it people can post expicit photos on craigslist but not a respectable posting. I see pics of private parts never get flagged. I post a personal ad and it was flagged within seconds not once but 5 times until I got blocked. I rewrote my posting all 5 times still got flagged. But the eat my p_ _ _ _ post is still up there and the I want to f_ _ _ tonight post are still up there. Even when craigslist clearly states no graphic images. I am so confused and there is no way to contact craigslist. Shaking my head what a stupid site craigslist has become!!!

  10. I don’t understand i tried to submit my trucks listing on craigslist several times . I am getting flagged and not allowed to submit? can you make possible for me to submit listinghs

  11. Someone has made an account with my name and phone number, with that being said I don’t know what the email/handle or password is! How do I get it deleted

  12. Why do I keep getting flagged for this ad under Rooms to Share???

    Part-time roommate ONLY 2-3 days a week Someone who travels or just needs a pad 2-3 times a week Starting in September

    Nice One bedroom in Midtown West View, elevator, sunny, plants Centrally located

    I am looking to share with someone who is quiet and friendly, as I am

    I am respectable and considerate Easy to get along with

    Transportation everywhere Subways, buses and walkable to many places Central Park and Theatre District nearby

  13. I have no isues with Craigs List, but with a bussiness that posted and cannot be trusted. I had contacted a pet breeder and there bussiness. I had contacted them and had made an appointment to drive an hour to go see a puppy after a lengthly phone conversation with the owner. My Yorkie had just passed away and I had told her how upset I was and wanted to come and see the puppy that was listed on Craigs List. We apreed that I would be there Wensday afternoon. I was so excited and I had showed my family and friends the little pupppy’s picture. I had even bought a playpen for her and all kind of other stuff. Only to get a message when I got home that she had sold the puppy to someone else. She did not even call to say that someone else was interested and to give me a chance to come earlier. When I called her she was rude and said I did not give her a deposit, which she never ask for. I told her that I could have done that if she had ask. And that the way that Dog Dynasty Kennel did bussiness was not write.She hung up on me.I cannnot believe you alow them to post on Craigs List and would like to worn other to beware and not to do bussiness with them. They are out of Metropolis, Il.

  14. I needed help with a problem and you can’t talk to a real person, someone is trying to sell a car and put my number down,and tech support won’ts to charge me 36.00 dollars to fix problem I didn’t even cause.If Craigs List fix this problem then I don’t need uses this site or till anybody about it.

  15. Someone CONTINUALY & ALMOST IMMEDIATELY “Flags” my Posts, it is as if they are sitting at their computer and specifically “LOOKING” and then :FLAGGING” my CL Post, again almost IMEDIATELY. HOW CAN I GET ASSISTANCE form CL TO STOP the WHACKO whom is doing this. PLEASE ADVISE WITH HELP, Thanks for Reading This and HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP .

  16. There is something wrong with the apartment listings on Craigslist. It no longer lists apts. under the date (on the first page); you have to go into the ad to find out what date the apt. was listed. Worse than that is that the order of dates is random. I.e., the first listing may state “listed 2 hours ago,” but the second my state “listed 2 months ago” and so one. In fact, sometimes the newest listings are at the bottom of the page instead of the top. I have clicked the box that says “newest” to set the listings by the most recent listing, but that seem not to work.

    My other issue is that when I do email craigslist about a problem I only get back a standard response asking me to choose an issue (didn’t I do this when I first emailed Craigslist?). I feel like I’m running circles. I do wish Craigslist would get back to each customer individually or take calls.

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