Cricket Wireless Customer Service

Cricket Wireless Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Cricket is a low cost provider of 4G LTE mobile phone services. Their competitors include Straight Talk, Tracphone, Boost Mobile and Metro.

What is Cricket’s Customer Service Hours?

Mon-Sat: 7 am to Midnight ET
Sun: 10 am to 10 pm ET

How do I contact Cricket Customer Service from my mobile phone?

Dial 611 from your Cricket phone.

Does Cricket have chat for customer service help?

Yes, just click chat on the right side of their website contact page, here

What is Crickets Phone Number for Customer Support?

1-800-274-2538 or 611 from your Cricket Mobile Phone

Cricket Wireless Customer Service
Phone Number for Cricket Mobile

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  1. Cannot login to Cricket account
    Message is: login/password not correct.

    Have reset both, same message. This has gone on for most if the week.

    VERY frustrating. . . . . can you set these or reset to:

    Thank you

  2. this phone co,mpany is horrible you get no reception any where you go you call customer service and they give you no results switching company today point of a cell phone is to use it wherever you need to and when you do talk to someone you can hardly understand what they are saying from some broken English.

    1. I totally agree. Until this summer we have had excellent service with Cricket but the past month service has been all but non-existent. Today we have been without service since 3:00 pm and it is now 8:30 Have illness in the home and need to have available phone. Seriously thinking about changing companies.

  3. I went to return a htc phone to Brightstar RLS

    1950 USG Drive

    Libertyville, IL 60048 mr antony cleveland give me a receipt with a serial number current date— driving from chicago city on 10/31/2013 and my phone are lost any cricket customer service cant tell me where is it.this company is very very sucks now i gona fill a legal claim to try recovery my money, because the 30 days period for clear a return and refund process has reached.

  4. I played a bill 4 someone on 6-18-13 53$ and that person had phone turned off .I never got back my money in my to my bank account what happen the new bill was due 6-24-13.

  5. i have called the customer service line for 4 days now.(1800-cricket). no matter what option i make i get the same recording..”There are no agents available to take your call”. Does anyone have another number that they use to get through?

  6. Yea and they change your service. Unlimited is 50.00 before u knw it you have no minutes I call several times the non English speaking idiot says I changed my plan. Y would I when I paid the fifty for unlimited. Cricket is a joke phones overheat or u can’t connect to Internet. DON’T BOTHER WITH THEM YOU’LL JUST LOOSE YOUR MONEY AND NOBODY WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH CAN EXPLAIN ANYTHING

  7. My experience with Cricket is similiar to a lot of other customers. I was over charged on my bill, when trying to reach someone to talk with to rectify the problem, I got the run around with the automated system and I never spoke to a live person. If this company can do this to a million customers with impunity it just adds to the wealth gap between coporate america and the rest of us/

  8. I hate cricket, i hate how i can never speak to someone in america they all have to be from craping butt crap egypt and they dont understand me and just pass me along to different people like finally i got someone who spoke ok english and he was the 25th person they passed me to and he said he didnt know what i was talking about and they kept asking me over and over and over and over again “did you try turning it off and back on?” NO crap THATS WHY I AM CALLING YOU BECAUSE THAT WONT WORK! THEY ARE DICKS. they reset my phone when they didnt need to and ruined everything on my phone . every person i spoke to (without my permission) reset my phone using there computer, so it was reset 25 times that day and so my phone is permanently craped up. thanks a lot. my phone didnt work for 3 weeks after they did that and never re-emburced me for the time i paid for that they made it so my phone was basically shut off. it was great!

  9. bought a phone through cricket’s webpage, from my account. Went to update it and the idiots at a cricket store couldn’t do it so I called an wasted 15 minutes on their machine-based system which, in the end, said “sorry it seems we could not resolve this issue, please call us later” and hanged up! I hope cricket goes out of business. So then I find your website, called the 866 number, talked to an illiterate who can’t speak English and yes, they will update my phone but…I have 2 lines and I want only one updated. They said no problem but we will charge you the new plan for BOTH lines even though you only use 1 line with the updated phone…Totally not fair so I tried to cancel the 2nd line…good luck with that…impossible…so I said fine, charge me the new more expensive plan for both phones even though only one will be using it…As I said I hope Cricket goes bankrupt and their owners go to prison for a billion years. Whomever reads this…do not give your business to cricket. I will cancel my service with them as soon as I fined someone else. DON’T BE STUPID LIKE ME, DON’T SWTICH TO CRICKET, let them die…they are immoral illiterate crooks. Where the hell is FBI? What are they investigating? Attorney Generals…how can you let these crooks do this to us?



  11. I switched to Cricket several months ago simply to receive a lifeline credit. I an eligible and have inquired several times, but as of yet, have still not had the discount applied. And don’t even get me started on the lack of customer service.

  12. i tried calling customer service and it keeps saying that i have a bridgepay request so i am not authorized to talk to a representative. What kind of crap is that. First of all i don’t have a bpay request, i paid my bill in full on the 1st and second of all who gives a crap. I should be able to talk to a damn human regardless of my phone status. Ugh. I am ready to be done with cricket.

  13. I think that its bull crap that u pay ur monies and when you to talk to a live person. Come on cricket get it together we people pay to much monies and you can’t talk to anyone

  14. Cricket Wireless Customer Service Review 2012/2013

    If you ever read this I want you to know that your understanding of networks, backups and how things work in the phone business royally suck. Your well rounded understanding of nothing is why you have nothing and obtained no results. Not only was I given FREE high end phones and FREE high end accessories, my content manager and I at the TV station I work were looking to take what happened to me and make a full blown news story of it so obviously we did our homework which lead us to find out in less than 5 minutes that Cricket has no backup servers for their mybackup service a (paid feature). Here is how it works: Cricket and just about every other carrier out there contract with a company called “asurion data backup.” I made asurion the same offer I made Cricket “fix things with reasonable compensation or I am going to crucify you in the media”!! Two different companies, as expected I came out on top both times. So hopefully if anyone else reads this and you have issues with data backup I just gave you the name of the company that handles Crickets data backup. I would post Crickets Corporate “internal” information but I entered into a contract when I offered Cricket the privilege to buy out “cheap” with high end phones, high end accessories (a lot of accessories) and FREE service for the time we agreed to or crucify them in the media (I had a contact lined up to give Cricket local and National coverage). I hope the data backup information I provided helps someone!! Happy holidays all!!

  15. Today i called the 800 274 # from a different phone and i pushed the # that asked if i were a new customer. The operator was on the line waiting

  16. 1-866-384-4425 took me directly to customer service with no wait (that’s a first) and I was able to get my issue resolved fairly quickly. I wish their call center was staffed with people who have English as their first language. I had to repeat myself several time for the girl to understand my issue. It’s so annoying to have to repeat yourself just to get a very simple issue resolved.

  17. Customer servicefrom Cricket is basically non-existant and a joke because all phone numbers are referred to *611. Had I have know the type of company they wereI would have never purchased 4 android phones from them. I will never refer them to anyone for cell phones.

  18. Customer servicefrom Cricket is basically non-existant and a joke because all phone numbers are referred to *611. Had I have know the type of company they wereI would have never purchased 4 android phones from them. I will never refer them to anyone for cell phones.

  19. Tried to cancel service after being a great, ontime paying customer for 2 years. Spent 3 phone calls of 15-20 minutes each of being on hold and getting pushed into a never ending phone tree. Couldn’t cancel…tried to cancel auto payment online, system would not let me do it. Went to the store and cancelled on the day of the last day of service that i had paid through. They cancelled, but charged my credit card anyway. Called customer service, waited for 15 minutes to talk to someone and they said they could not find my account, by phone number or credit card charge number….totally incompetent at customer service. I am having the charge reversed through my credit card company, since Cricket’s customer service is so poor.

  20. I purchased a cricket phone at walmart and tried to get it activated online, was informed that they would not accept the serial number i entered. Called the 1-800-cricket number and entered the searial number and it wouldn’t be accepted. Went to a locat criket dealer and he wouldn’/couldn’t activate because he just has a franchise and is not part of the company. I will return it to walmart and never purchase anything again from cricket.

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