Cricket Wireless Customer Service


Cricket Wireless Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

Cricket is a low cost provider of 4G LTE mobile phone services. Their competitors include Straight Talk, Tracphone, Boost Mobile and Metro.

Cricket Wireless Corporate Office

Cricket Wireless LLC
575 Morosgo Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

What is Cricket’s Customer Service Hours?

Mon-Sat: 7 am to Midnight ET
Sun: 10 am to 10 pm ET

How do I contact Cricket Customer Service from my mobile phone?

Dial 611 from your Cricket phone.

Does Cricket have chat for customer service help?

Yes, just click chat on the right side of their website contact page, here

What is Crickets Phone Number for Customer Support?

1-800-274-2538 or 611 from your Cricket Mobile Phone

Cricket Wireless Customer Service
Phone Number for Cricket Mobile

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218 Replies to “Cricket Wireless Customer Service”

  1. Try calling Cricket and speaking with someone about your service….In my case they’ve given out my number to companies soliciting business and I’m receiving text’s at all hours. Check cashing places, win prizes, vacations….and trying to speak with someone to get them to stop is impossible. Its complete garbage so think long and hard before choosing this absolutely horrible cell phone company!

  2. All cell phone companies have their problems. I have had Sprint, At&t, Cellular One, etc. and Cricket has the best prices with no hidden charges. As long as you treat the customer service representatives nicely, they will treat you the sane also.

  3. well..all i have to say is that..actually you dont have to depend all the problems that you have with cricket representative,try to be independent sometimes.. we do have manuals in every phone that we have/bought.try to read it sometimes rather than dialing out and waiting for a technical representative to answer our call and basically its not there fault if youre having a problem with the service, always remember that they are just representative of cricket.trying to do there best and doing all there job to help us out.dont be so rude guys,they are human too and they deserve to be respected too.

  4. Oh my gosh. . . worst customer service in the world! And I do say world because I am sure their customer service is in a third world country. You couldn’t reach a human dialing *611 if your life depended on it. On a budget and trying to save money I chose them because they are inexpensive and have good plans without a contract. However in an effort not to lose my sanity and throw my phone against the wall, I am going to have to find another company where you can actually speak to a human being if you have a problem. When you do get a human, they usually aren’t trained to handle your problem properly or you can’t understand a lick of what they are saying! Is there any cellular company that operates their customer service from the United States?

  5. yes cricket may have problems, with the phones or some other services but i must admit that cricket has the cheaper plan/phone and services without hidden charges,. and not all customer service is sucks. some of them is very helpful, they really do there best to help you out with your problems technically and sometimes financially.. not all service is perfect guys.. go to tmobile/sprint/at&t and they will charge you w/o letting you know bec some of ther service has a hidden charges.. and only to find out that your bill next month is higher than you expected.

  6. cricket sukss i dropedd my fonee once ndd itt brokee i rather havee sprintt ndd pluss summ of thaa workerss aree rudee

    lovee skyler<3

  7. The same thing happen to me on the cannot be validated. I am 100 miles from the closest store. When I called 611 nothing happen. I called customer service and they said a tech. would call me back on my other phone. This never happen. I called customer service again and once I put my phone number in I was either cut off or asked for a code. Now I am screwed cuz I don’t have a phone and they are still charging me. I have had my phone for over 2 years and never had a problem like this..There is NO way to talk to them for service. Please update us on the solution others have had on the no validation bs.

  8. Cricket Wireless is the WORST service that I’ve ever had. It is almost impossible to reach a live person. What company doesn’t want to communicate with their customers? Oh, I know, the company that is trying to spend the least amount of money possible.

    Cricket IS NOT customer friendly.

  9. so many people post a complaint that the customer service is bad because they aren’t in America…why?

    not saying cricket is good or bad, but this is a stupid reason to not like a company.

    “Have you ever noticed when you call customer service, It’s never a american voice. they sound indian or something. which tells me that this company is probably not even headquartered in the U.S. ”

    what kind of stick is jammed in your arse?

  10. how do you find out anyone is counterphase ur cell.ex: when I use this #773 I hear other voice when Im talking?

  11. I just had my cricket zte replace becuase it didnt take a charge.and now this one is doing it

    and they say i have to bring it to a corporate store well were i live all the c

    orporate store are going to dealship store for some reason and won’t do anything about it

    Now i am stuck with this crap phone cus they are closing the corpora ite stores down.why do

    u have like that if u have no corporate store in or around platine illinois.i am going to a

    different phone company that haves corporation store in different town and not just one

  12. I hate cricket. The service is sufficient!!! But the CUSTOMER SERVICE is HORRIBLE!!! IT is so hard to get a live person on the phone and when you do, you never get anything accomplished due to the language barrier!!!! FED up with cricket. I called to change my phone number, the phone has not worked since. Cant call because the automated does not recognize either number my new one or my old on!!!

  13. I got sucked in to the whole no contract-cricket-is-cheaper thing but the customer service is horrible!!!! Have you ever noticed when you call customer service, It’s never a american voice. they sound indian or something. which tells me that this company is probably not even headquartered in the U.S.

  14. I actually like Cricket but never pay your bill at the southwest freeway(hwy 59) and fondren location – I paid my bill the gentleman took my payment and posted $1.22 toward my bill and ate the rest of my money and the manager says “sorry he dose not work here anymore so sorry its nothing I can do” and suggested I take my business to another carrier.

  15. I went to the Cricket store in Calumet City, Illinois, on Torrence Ave.May 7.2012 They are very,very rude.

    The woman that was suppose to be helping me was talking on her head phone to a personal call. Plus her friend was there with a Wal-Mart phone, finding out how to scam the Cricket company and using that phone. My reasonfor being there: I have a touch phone from them, I wanted to down size and not have the high bill nor the phone that I can’t work. This woman did not listen to me, she grabbed a flip phone, started putting the info in the internet. She never explained one thing to me, I was trying to ask her questions and she talked over me, to others. Finally she took my bank card charged me $50.00 . Then figured out she could not put my contacts in the new phone. Told me to have my son do it. I said, give me my old phone back. (we had been there already over and hour.)

    She went on line and supposedly cancelled my order. But when she gave me the receipt, they had charged me almost $18.00 For a service fee????What , what service? I walked out with the same phone I walked in with, but less money in my pocket. Plus I looked online at my banking and Cricket had taken my $50. My son had told me before not to get a Cricket. Guess I should have listened, plus should have looked on line to see that others are sick of that company…Guess I will contact the Better Business Bureau. I have tried the number that that store had given me for customer service. it turned out to be “that store”…Cricket is a rip off company.

  16. Ijust got there wireless port for my internet. it heats up within 5 min of use. took it back they said to bad so i got screwed out of 150 dollars THEY SUCK NRVER DO BUINESS WITH THEM. THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONE. YHEN SREW YOU. DO NOT GO TO PAYSON!!!!!!!!!

  17. I got a 25 dollar card and it suppose to last me 2 weeks. Well thats waht they say but it dont. It only last me a week. And all these 24 hrs cutomers support numbers dont work. Its cap.

  18. For whatever reason unknown to me, my cell phone stopped working. Tried to dial *611 or call 1-800-CRICKET but all I get is “your account could not be validated”. I’ve had the same phone and number for over 3 years! What is going on?!!! This is the only phone I have and now I can’t even get to customer service for help! Forget trying to find a dealer in the area I live, there are only retail dealers without any Customer Service. I used to rave about Cricket, now I am seriously thinking about switching to a new carrier that will not give the problems I’m experiencing! COME ON CRICKET & GET THINGS TOGETHER!!!! Another unsatisfied customer (apparently!!!)

  19. Ebooks like the ones sold at Borders and Barnes and Noble. Promote that you can get free 3G service to download new books anywhere on the go. This is true. Once you buy the ebook you no longer have anything to pay for other than the books you download. There is also a TV sold at Target that runs off of 3G saying the same thing. Ladies and gents… Cell phone companies are making you pay for 3G sevice when it`s actually free! Forget to pay your bill with a MyTouch Slide 3G? I have( ok I was a week late I didn`t forget). My ability to make and receive calls/and text was stripped from me but I still could use android market and get on the internet. At times like those google voice comes in handy! Free 3G for All!!!

    i came across this post and people should know free 3G i hooked my brothers phone up now he has free 3G and with free apps from the 4shared website like groove ip and google voice it means free phone too! 😉 stop paying those overpriced cell phone bills “these really are smart phones lol” use those old androids again for free it works great

  20. I paid 25 dollars a few weeks ago for my phone to get back everytime i tried to text it said “message could not be sent” and whenever i tried to call it said “your account has expired” How do i get my money bacl or how am i suppose to get it to let me text and call

  21. Yes Very Bad Customer service!!! When there was Pocket there was friendly live people and they would fix the problem right away. Paul Posner should have never sold out. Something must be done. At there”Meetings” they do bring up customer service there. They tell the reps NOT to take so much time with customers. If your not buying they want you out. All the stores go off quota. They give each a quota in plans, phones, accseories, broadband and perpaid phones. When someone goes in the store thats the gaol to sale, sale, sale. They try everything for the customer to walk out with something. The reps are told to throw all the “problems” to the manager. This people are so scandles. They reps are just doing what they are told. Its everone else sitting up in the office on San Perdo Rd controling the stringd. They let go all Of Pockets call centers off they bought Pocket out. Why? They say its cheaper to pay people in forgien regions.

  22. I am soooooo mad I let myself go back to a cricket phone from my TMobile service..Word of advise DO NOT GET CRICKET SERVICE..TMobile has a great plan on Simple Mobile $40 a month no extra fees, my phone works EVERYWHERE and when I mean everywhere, I just came back from a trip outta state and it NEVER went out of service..

  23. I guess they dont care they have our money. I cant wait for anew company to come and take their bix.They have horrible service…a live person is a joke..their manager and owners r idiots for not carrying abt those who pay their salaries…too bad as nothing last fotever I want to thsnk them for helping me lose my job because I cant get online and no l live support

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