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  1. My daughter spent almost 60 dollars on a game. I would like a refund because it was an accident. There needs to be some sort of password. Please contact me

  2. Hi I’m VERY upset. I had been playing mermaid world for a couple weeks now and made a lot of progress. Earlier today when I tried to play it the $20,000 that I had was reduced to $2000. Also I had 49 pearl I now only have 4. The last two realms i purchased are missing as well. This includes the crystal one as well as the ice one. The mermaids I had in each of them as we’ll as all of the decorations I found are gone with them. I had a lot of mermaids that took a long time to get. I’m really mad because all of the trinkets and corals and sea urchins took me a lot of time to collect. This was the only game I’ve been playing and im ready to delete and tell my friends to delete it as well. I really hope someone can get back to me and fix this horrible mistake. This is a really bad start to my new year. I already tried logging into the Game Center and that didn’t work. And all my favorite mermaids are gone such as the sea foam mermaid and the new inky mermaid I had just received and waited 18 hours for her to finish being summoned. This is ridiculous.

  3. Hi There

    My daughter has made an unauthorized purchase on mermaid world.

    My bill is $109.99. I don’t have the funds for that, I’m a single parent.

    Please help me by refunding my money as soon as possible.

    I eagerly await your response.

    Jodi Copping

  4. My nephew was playing on my ipod, I recieve a bill from you, I cannot find the game etc, plus its a large amount of money, I would like to get a refund please, please contact me A.S.A.P.

    Thanks, Natasha Kilmore

  5. my 7 year old daughter has made an unauthorised purchase for a large amount of money which i can’t afford please can you contact me A.S.A.P. vicky.

  6. My 9 yr old daughter made an unauthorized in-app purchase a day ago for a significant dollar amount. I’m requesting to have this charge reversed or refunded as I cannot afford it. Your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated. I also left you a voice mail message and I’d like a call back soon.

  7. My daughter got a hold of my acer android and apparently ordered something I would like a refund please this transaction has but my account in the negative status so immediate action would be nice

  8. yes I was charged from you all is a website for $24.99 from my bank card which my bank statement saying that you all had to be charged me on this month on the 3rd saying it was made on the 2nd and I would love my refund back….I did not allow are approve this charge

  9. I had never before used items that were worth 16,730 $ that i never used in challenges or boosts and no one is fixing this. I would never use such expensive items and i am not being acknowledged.

  10. I made a purchase for the starting kit in covet fashion, and not even i haven’t recieved them, but the game closes automatically each time i start to load it. Please solve the problem, or refund.

  11. Can You please Help Me find My PRO File I Set Up My PRO File Name To GellyGel I want all my money I had plus my purchases it made me start from scratch and that is very discouraging . I also have my picture uploaded to my profile to .

  12. I was playing Covet Fashion when I received a phone call on my land line. I set my cellphone down. My two year old grand daughter got my phone and made an unauthorized purchase of $99.99 for a trunk of Diamonds. I put in a claim through Google play (#608706) which when I checked on it says, “You do not have access to request #608706. It may have been solved or deleted.” I checked my covet account and it didn’t get solved so I have to assume that it was deleted. PLEASE, contact me regarding this matter.

  13. My letter is regarding the game, Covet Fashion. A lot of players of all races are shocked, angry and hurt that instead of choosing to help create some diversity in Covet Fashion’s Top Looks, Covet has chosen to ignore Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and has instead created events such as Downton Abbey (a TV show with an all white cast), Swiss, and Porcelain Doll (depicted with a white face), including an Egyptian tour event which used a white, blonde model in the Event Photo. There is nothing wrong with these events, per se, except that it is blatantly disregarding Covet’s players of color who have been asking for more diversity in the game. Please pass this on to your game creators who seem to either be purposely creating these events to upset players or who are genuinely blind to this issue. Please do not reply with your usual corporate rhetoric about how Covet and Crowdstar have nothing to do with the events and it’s all up to the voters. You know good and well that voters vote and players post largely because of what your event photos and descriptions call for!

    Maggie Millward

  14. I let my daughter play Covet fashion on my cell phone and she put my cell phone down to tend to her son. Well her daughter who is 3 got the cell phone and made a purchase for 49.99 & obviously I didn’t authorize it. Well now I am having a hard time getting my refund back. I’m ready to go take this to the better business Bureau. This is total BS.

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